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Full text of "General catalogue of the State Normal School, Westfield, Mass., 1839-1889 .."

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$(mrb  of  Visitors,  1889. 
HON.   M.   B.  WHITNEY.  A.   P.  STONE,   LL.D. 

Secretary  of  Board  of  Education. 


8&rig|)t  &  Cotter  printing  CompHtw,  State  printers, 






of  Visitors,  1889. 
HON.   M.   B.  WHITNEY.  A.   P.  STONE,   LL.D. 

Secretary  of  Board  of  Education* 


Winfyt  #  f  otter  printing  Company  £tate  printers, 








SEPTEMBER,  1889. 





FRANK  W.   SMITH,   A.M. 


A.   C.   LONGDEN,   A.M. 










In  the  general  catalogue  of  1857  there  was  published  a  catalogue  of 
the  students  of  the  school  when  it  was  located  at  Barre.  Circulars 
were  addressed  in  1889,  in  accord  with  the  names  and  residences  given 
in  this  catalogue.  During  a  period  of  nearly  fifty  years  so  many  had 
passed  on  or  had  so  changed  their  residence  that  very  scanty  replies 
were  received  to  the  circulars.  The  items  of  information  received  were 
entered  upon  our  records,  but  so  little  was  received  that  it  was 
deemed  best  in  the  present  issue  to  reproduce  the  Barre  catalogue  as 
it  appeared  in  1857.  Any  one  who  can  furnish  items  of  information 
respecting  any  one  named  in  this  catalogue  will  confer  a  favor  by 
addressing  the  same  to  Westfleld  Normal  School.  The  next  general 
catalogue  that  is  issued  it  is  hoped  will  contain  much  additional 




SAMUEL  C.  DAMON,    . 
JAMES  S.  RUSSELL,     . 
A.  R.  KENT, 
P.  K.  CLARKE,    . 
LYDIA  N.  MOSELY,     . 
PHILO  M.  SLOCUM,    . 

Sept.  4, 1839  — Feb.  10, 1842. 
Sept.  4,1844  — Sept.  3,1846. 
Sept.  3, 1846  — March,  1854. 
Aug.,  1854  — April,  1856. 
Aug.,  1856  — Aug.,  1877. 
Aug.,  1877  — Feb.,  1887. 
Feb.,  '  1887  —  * 


Sept.  4,1839  — 

1844  —  Sept., 




1845  —  Sept., 



1846  —  July, 



1848  —  July, 



1849  —  March, 



1850  —  July, 


Aug.  , 

1850  —  July, 



1851  —  Nov., 



1851  —  July, 



1852  —  Aug., 



1853  —  July, 



1853  —  July, 



1854  —  Dec., 



1855  —  Feb.. 



1856—  Sept.. 



1856  —  March, 



1857  —  July, 



1858  —  Aug., 


Sept.  , 

I860  —  Sept., 



1860  —  April, 


i  c/»  o     Cor^f- 

1  q/;q 


1864  —  Feb., 

1  Ow«'. 


*  Xow  t.Mrliln<_'  iii  the  school. 

ASSISTANTS  —  Concluded. 

(Nov.,     1861  --       1877. 
JOSEPH  G.  SCOTT  ......  1887_Feb  ^     ,889< 

ELLA  E.  CATLIN,        .....  1867  —  Sept.,    1872. 

S  Feb.,  1868  —  Sept.,    1875. 

ELVIRA  CARVER,         .....     \  ^  „„_.  ' 

LAURA  E.  PRENTICE,  .....  Sept.,  1870  —  Sept.,    1887. 

SARAH  F.  TOBIE,        .....  Sept.,  1870  —  Sept.,    1875. 

S.  ELLA  MOLE,  ......  Sept.,  1871  —  Sept.,    1875. 

LAURA  C.  HARDING,  .....  Sept.,  1872  —  * 

J.  SILAS  DILLER,         .....  Sept.,  1873  —  Sept.,    1877. 

ALFRED  C.  TRUE,       .....  Sept.,  1875  —  Sept.,    1882. 

N  ANNETTE  A.  STONE,         ....  Sept.,  1875  —  Sept.,    1879. 

ARTHUR  HINDS  .....        .  Sept.,  1877  —  Sept.,    1880. 

SARA  M.  KNEIL,         .....  Sept:,  1879  —  * 

WALTER  B.  BARROWS,        ....  Sept.,  1881  —  Sept.,    1882. 

ELMER  T.  MERRILL,  .....  Sept.,  1882  —  Sept.,    1883. 

FREDERICK  W.  STAEBNER,         .        .        .  Sept.,  1882  —  * 

FRANK  W.  SMITH,      .....  Sept.,  1883  —  * 

A.  C.  LONGDEN,          .....  Sept.,  1888  —  * 


ASA  BARR, Sept.,    1844  — Sept.,    1846. 

TRUMAN  CROSSETT, Sept.,    1846  —  March,  1852. 

GEOKGE  F.  MILLER, March,  1852  —  March,  1858. 

ASA  BARR, March,  1858 —  Sept.,    1860. 

JOSEPH  G.  SCOTT, Sept.,    1860  — Sept.,    1875. 

NANNETTE  A.  STONE,         ....  1875  — Sept.,    1879. 

LAURA  C.  HARDING,  .        .        .        .        .  Sept.,    1879  —  * 


Mrs.  A.  G.  (PAKSONS)  DICKINSON,  .        .  Sept.,    1864—  1877. 

NANNETTE  A.  STONE,         ....  Part  of -the  year  1875-1876. 

A.  MARIA  SPALTER,    .                .        .        .  Sept.,    1875  — Sept.,  1881. 

CLARA  WILSON, Sept.,    1881  — Sept.,  1883. 

AXNIE  R.  SLAFTER, Sept.,    1883  — Sept.,  1887. 

FANNY  H.  SMITH, Sept.,    1887  — Jan.,  1889. 

ANNIE  N.  SINCLAIR, Jan.,      1889—* 


PAUL  W.  ALLEN*  (now  M.  D.,  Barnstable, 

Mass.), Before  1844. 

JOHN  A.  MARTIN, March,  1849  —  July,      1849. 

D.  F.  BROWN, July,      1849  — July,      1851. 

JAMES  L.  MARTIN,      .        .        .        .        .  Aug.,     1852  —  March,  1857. 

*  Now  teaching  in  the  school. 

t  Recently  the  teachers  of  drawing  have  also  taught  penmanship. 

For  biographical  notices  of  teachers,  see    "Appendix"  to 
Semi-Centennial  and  Other  Exercises,  Westfield,   1889. 



BARRE,  MASS.,  1839-1844. 





SAMUEL  C.  DAMON,  now  seaman's  chaplain  at  Honolulu,  S.  I. 

N.  TILLINGHAST,*  afterwards  principal  of  State  Normal  School  at  Bridge- 
water,  Mass. 

EDWIN  E.  BLISS,  now  missionary  at  Marsovan,  Turkey,  Asia. 


JAMES  S.  RUSSELL,  now  teacher  in  Lowell  High  School. 

A.  R.  KENT.* 

PAUL  W.  ALLEN,  teacher  of  penmanship;  now  PAUL  W.  ALLEN,  M.D. , 
Barnstable,  Mass. 





ALLEN,  WILLIAM  W.,    . 

.     Essex, 

.     Essex. 


.     Oakham,    . 


ALLEN,  OKIN  M.,  . 

.     Barre, 


.     Rutland,    . 

.     Rutland. 

BILLINGS,  L.  F.,    . 

.     Hardwick, 


BALLOT,  JOSHUA  W.,     . 

.     Mendon,    . 

.     Slatersville,  R.  I. 


.     Brimfleld,  . 


BATES,  SMITH  G.,  . 

.     Mendon,    . 

.     Whitinsville. 


.     South  Brookfleld, 

.     South  Brooktield. 


South  Brookfield, 

BRUCE,  JOHN  A.,  . 


.     Windsor,  Conn. 

CLAPP,  S.  C., 

.     West  Brookfleld, 

.     New  York. 

CHAMBERLAIN,  E.  F.,     . 

.     West  Brooktield, 

.     Worcester. 


.     Greenwich, 

.     Ware. 

Co  nit,  FREDERICK  A.,    . 

.     Hardwick, 



.     Barre, 

.     Cumberland,  R.  I. 


.     Berkley,     . 


.     Northfleld, 

.     Athol. 

NOTE. —  Name8  followed  by  an  asterisk  are  of  persons  deceased. 




.     New  York. 

TJ                                                  "\7"TT»rf-<  ¥T         \Jf                                                 • 


.HOWARD,     VIRGIL    1V1.,      .             . 

HANCOCK,  JOHN,    .        .        . 

Barre,        ... 

.     California. 



.     Charlestown. 

HOLDEN,    RUFUS,     .            .           . 


.     Barre. 



.     Brimfleld. 

HARLOW,  GEORGE  H.,   .    .    . 


.     Worcester. 


Brimfield,       .    . 






Amherst,  . 

.     Worcester. 




West  Brookfleld, 

.     South  Boston. 

LINCOLN,  J.  W.,    . 

Brimfleld,  . 


Barre,        .  .     -, 




.     Ware. 



.     Gardner. 


Brimfleld,  . 

.     Brimfleld. 


Waltham,  . 

.     Waltham. 

IVlARSH     J.    F.   * 



Rutland,    . 

.     Stoughton. 

MEAD,  ELIAS,         .        . 

Rutland,    . 

.     Rutland. 



.     Boston. 



.     Boston. 

PARKS,  WILLARD  B.,*    . 

Holland,    . 

T*  F  T  V  IT  V  1?        C-r  VC\  I?  C1  V     \V       * 


_L  ijrrrjJi)    vTrjU.KVjr.rj     vv  •  $      •             • 



.     Illinois. 



Hubbardston,    . 

.     Marysville,  Iowa. 


South  Brookfleld, 




.     Boston. 

RICE,  JOHN  W.,     . 

Rutland,    . 

.     Barre. 



.     Marlborough. 



SAWYER,  GEORGE  A.,    . 


.     Maiden. 





.     Slatersville,  R.  I. 

SPOONER,  JOHN,     .        . 







.     Boston. 



.     St.  Louis,  Mo. 


Rutland,    . 

.     Rutland. 


Mendon,    . 

.     Woonsocket,   R.  I. 


Barre,         .         .  ' 

.     Worcester. 


Hubbardston,    . 


WILLARD,  JOSEPH  'W.  ,  . 


WALKER,  O.,  . 

Belchertown,     . 


Belchertown,     . 


WESTON,  JAMES  W.,*    . 



WHK.KI.K.n.     OH  \XOK- 



WILLARD,  EBENEZER  P.,  .  Lancaster, 

WHITNEY,  LA  FAYETTE,  .  Boston,      .        .        .    Woburn 

WOODS,  JUSTUS  O.,       .  .  Dana, 

WOODS,  ISAAC  F.,*        .  .  New  Braintree, 

WILD,  ROBERT  S.,         .  .  Wrentham,        .        .    Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

WALDO,  ROBERT  F.,      .  .  Wrentham, 

WOODS,  JOSEPH  L.,       .  .  Brookfleld,         .        .     Brirafield. 

WILLIAMS,  ALFRED,       .  .  Hubbardston,    .        .     Moline,  111. 

WILLIAMS,  NATHAN  E.,*  .  Hubbardston,    .        .  


AMEE,  CHARLOTTE  A.  ,* '  .        .        .   Boston. 


ALEXANDER,  MAHY,         . Erving. 

ASHLEY,  SARAH,       ........          Longmeadow. 

ASHLEY,  ANN  ELIZA, Longmeadow. 

BAKER,  ADELINE  A.,* Barre. 

BRIGGS,  HANNAH  B., South  Scituate. 

Mrs.  FBANCIS  JONES,  South  Boston. 

BRYANT,  MARTHA  A., .        .      Barre. 

Mrs.  EDWIN  WOODS,  Barre. 

BASSETT,  ELIZA  W.,        .        .  t Barre. 

Mrs.  EMORY  THAYEB,  Charleston,  8.  C. 


Mrs.  JOHN  L.  GAI.LOND,  Petersham. 

BURR,  ANGELINE, Bellingham. 

BACON,  OLIVE  L.,   . Leicester. 

Mrs.  AMOS  R.  HARLOW,  Marquette,  Mich. 

BACON,  MARIA,* Barre. 

BIGELOW,  JULIA  A.  D.,* Leicester. 

BRECK,  JANE  E Gardner. 

Mrs.  PAUL  W.  ALLEN,  Barnstable. 

BRUCE,  LOUISA  S., Hard  wick. 

Mrs.  CHESTER  R.  CHAFFEE,  Springfield. 

Mrs.  E.  A.  GOODNOW,  Worcester. 

CALDWELL,  MARY  J., Barre. 

Mrs.  GEORGE  KENDALL,  Clinton. 

CHAMBERLAIN,  HARRIET  N., West  Brookfleld. 

Mrs.  SAMUEL  N.  WHITE,  Westborough. 

CHAMBERLAIN,  SARAH  B., West  Brookfleld. 

Mrs.  L.  SAMPSON,  West  Brookfield. 

CLARK,  LOUISA, Hubbardston. 

Mis.  JOHN  M.  STOWE,  Walpole,  N.  H. 



Mrs.  JACOB  PUTNAM,  Warren. 

CUTLER,  ELIZABETH  L.,* Greenwich. 

CLIFFORD,  CILICIA, Hubbardston. 

Mrs.  HARRISON  WYMAN,  Hubbardston. 

DICKINSON,  HELEN  S., Holliston. 

Mrs.  HARDING  WOODS,  Barre. 


Mrs.  BRADLEY,  Minnesota. 

EMERSON,  MARY  J.,* Auburn. 

EDDY,  CAROLINE  S., Auburn. 

Mrs.  JOHN  WARREN,  Auburn. 

EDDY,  MARIA  R., Auburn. 

Mrs.  ISAAC  N.  HOBART,  Potsdam,  N.  T. 

FOSTER,  EMILY, Petersham. 

.    Mrs.  DAY, . 

FERRY,  SUSAN  E., Bernard ston. 

,  Hartford,  Conn. 

FAY,  MARTHA  A.,* Barre. 

FALES,  SARAH  R.,    .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .      Petersham. 

Mrs.  D.  BERKLEY  G-ODDARD,  Zumbrota,  Minn. 

FOSTER,  JULIA  A.,  . Swanzey. 


Mrs.  JONATHAN  PECK,  La  Salle,  111. 

GROSVENER,  MARY  B., Brookfleld. 

,  Barre. 

GRANGER,  RUTH, Springfield. 

,  Suffield,  Conn. 

GILBERT,  ELVIRA,    .        .        . Brookfield. 

,  West  Brookfield. 


,  Paxton. 

GUNN,  SARAH  B. North  Sunderland. 

HASTINGS,  MARY  J., Barre. 

Mrs.  WILLIAM  KILNER,  Templeton. 

HASTINGS,  SARAH, .      Petersham. 

Mrs.  SAMUEL  A.  Goss,  Worcester. 


Mrs.  CHAS.  BRIMBLECOM,  Barre. 

HAINES,  SERAPH  M., Greenwich. 

,  Greenwich. 

HOWE,  BETSEY, Gardner. 

Mrs.  HOSEA  BALLOU,  Gardner. 


HASTINGS,  LUCY  A., Barre. 

Mrs.  WYMAN  H.  BLAKELY,  Greenfield. 

HEALD,  PHILENA,* Hubbardston. 

Mrs.  LEWIS  F.  BALL, .. 


HASTINGS,  ROVENA,         .        .        . .        .      Barre. 

Mrs.  Kr.KN'K/.Kii  CIIKK.NY,  Greenfleld. 

JENKINS,  SARAH  B., ;       .        .        .      Barre. 

Mrs.  J.  HENRY  HILL,  Worcester. 

JAMESON,  RUTH Hardwick. 

Mrs.  OTIS  JACKSON,  Hardwick. 

KILNER,  CLARA  N.,         .        .-       .        .        .        .        .        .        .      Barre. 

Mrs.  ARTEMAS  HAWES,  Worcester. 

KILNER,  HARRIET  E.,  .        .        .  .        .        .        .      Barre. 

Mrs.  WILLIAM  COWLE,  Walpole,  N.  H. 

KING,  LOUISA  M.,* >        .        .Rutland. 

KING,  EUNICE, Barre. 

Mrs.  BRIGGS,  New  Salem.    . 

KEYKS,  SARAH  A., Warren. 

Mrs.  W.  BPTTERWORTH,  Warren. 


,  Warren. 


,  Gardner. 

MOORE,  NANCY  T.,         , Barre. 

Mrs.  HENRY  HERVEY,  Boston. 

MANDELL,  CAROLINE  A.,         ........      Barre. 

Mrs.  SETH  RICE,  Pana,  111. 

MAYNARD,  MARTHA  J., Rutland. 

Mrs.  WILLIAM  STONE,  Barre. 

MARSH,  ALICE  R., Hubbardston. 

Mrs.  WOOD,  Hubbardston. 

NEWMAN,  CHARLOTTE  M.,  .        .        .  .        .      Barre. 

Mrs.  H.  H.  BOODY,  Brunswick,  Me. 

NEWELL,  ELIZA, Troy,  N.  H. 

PAIGE,  MARTHA  A.,* Barre. 

POND,  ANN  M., Franklin. 

Mrs.  S.  ATWOOD,  Franklin. 

PUTNAM,  AMELIA, Rutland. 

Mrs.  JOHN  ESTABROOK,  Brandon,  Vt. 

PAIGE,  MARY  C.,     .        .        , Barre. 

Mrs.  A.  W.  LINCOLN,  Springfield. 

PAIGE,  EMELINE  M., Barre. 

Mrs.  WARREN  PAGE,  Barre. 

PERRY,  NANCY, •      .        .      Worcester. 

,  Missouri. 

PERRY,  HARRIET,* Worcester. 

PICKERING,  MARY  J., Bellingham. 

RUGGLES,  THEOLOTIA,     . Barre. 

Mrs.  G INERT  TWICHEI.L,  Brookllne. 

RICE,  CAROLINE  M.,        .        . Brookfield. 

Mrs.  FRKD.  BI.ANC HARD,  Brookfield. 
ROCKWOOD,  MARIA, Bellinifhain. 



Mrs.  HENRY  8.  MINER,  Barre. 

RICE,  C.  A.,    .        . Barre. 

Mrs.  WOODWARD,  Boston. 


Mrs.  ELBRIDGE  GARDNER,  Melrose. 

RICH,  RACHEL,         .        .        .        .        .•  *•   ;    "    .        .        .        .      Barre. 

RICE,  RACHEL, Troy,  N.  H. 


SANDERSON,  LUCIA  F .        .     Phillipston. 

SANDERSON,  MARY  C., Phillipston. 

Mrs.  CURTIS  POWERS,  Cambridge. 

SMITH,  FRANCES  S  , Barre. 

Mrs.  CONANT,  Boston. 

SPEAR,  ELIZABETH,  .        .        . Boston. 

Mrs.  PARKER  BANCROFT,  Portland,  Me. 

SHAW,  AMELIA,        .        .        .        ,        .        .        .        .        .  Warren. 

,  Warren. 


Mrs.  JUSTIN  M.  REYNOLDS,  Barre. 

WILLIAMS,  CAROLINE, Hubbardston. 

Mrs.  NATHAN  FELTON,  Hubbardston. 

WESTCOTT,  MARY  L., Barre. 


,  Worcester. 

WARD,  ELIZA  A., Warren. 

Mrs.  MARTIN  STOWELL,  Worcester. 



In  September,  1844,  the  school  was  re-opened  in  Westfleld.  Previous 
to  1855  no  formal  graduations  occurred,  and  no  diplomas  were  given. 
This  section  of  this  general  catalogue  contains  the  names  of  those 
who  entered  the  school  previous  to  1865,  and  the  date  of  their  admis- 
sion. Any  one  who  will  forward  any  items  of  information  respecting 
any  one  whose  name  is  found  in  this  section  of  this  catalogue  to  West- 
fleld Normal  School  will  confer  a  favor,  and  enable  those  who  prepare 
it  to  make  the  next  edition  of  the  catalogue  more  complete. 

ARTHUR,  CHARLES  T.,     .        .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,    .  .  .  1845 

AVERT,  ROLLIN,*     ....  Westfleld,  Mass.,    .  .  .  1845 

ATKINS,  THEODORE  L.,*  .       .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,    .  .  .  1846 

ALLEN,  CHARLES  F.,*      .        .        .  Worcester,  Mass., .  .  .  1846 

Taught  two  years  in  Westfield  and  Grafton,  Mans.;  studied  pharmacy; 
engaged  in  real-eetate  business;  organized  the  Temperance  House  (Friendly 
Inn)  in  Worcester,  Mass.  Married  Olive  E.  Dewey  of  Westfleld,  Mass.;  four 
children  living.  Died  Oct.  26, 1884. 

AYRES,  HIRAM,         ....     New  Braintree,  Mass.,    .        .     1848 
ATKINS,  HENRY  A.,          .        .        .     Plainfleld,  Mass.,    .    •     .        .     1849 

Taught  in  Millville,  Mass.,  three  years;  postmaster,  Plainfield,  Conn.,  twenty 
years;  superintendent  of  Sunday  school,  fourteen  years;  merchant.  88  Melrose 
Street,  Providence,  R.  I. 

ALLEN,  CHARLES  E.,        .  .  .  Princeton,  Mass.,    .        .  .  1850 

ALFORD,  GILES  H.,  .        .  .  .  Otis,  Mass.,     ....  1850 

AIKEN,  GEORGE  E.,          .  .  .  Derry,  N.  H.,.        .        .  .  1852 

ASHLEY,  MORRIS,*    .        .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,    .        .  .  1854 

BANCROFT,  WILLIAM  H.,  .  .  Granville,  Mass.,    .        .  .  1844 

BOWE,  RALPH,*         ....  West  Springfield,  Mass.,  .  1844 

BROOKS,  SAMUEL  H.,       .  .  .  Cheshire,  Conn.,     .        .  .  HJ44 

Taught  in  Cheshire,  Conn.,  three  winters;  superintendent  in  telegraph  office 
at  Harrisburg,  Penn.,  several  years.  Married  Mary  E.  Mather  of  Troy,  N.  Y.; 
four  children.  Brooks  Vale,  Conn. 

BAGG,  JAMES  N.,      ....     West  Springfield,  Mass.,         .     1845 

Taught  two  winters  before  entering  normal  school;  farming,  with  editorial 
work  for  "Springfield  Republican."  Married  Mary  S.  Loomis  of  New  York; 
three  children. 

BAXTER,  ARTEMAS  C.,  .        .     New  Ashford,  Mass.,      .        .     1846 

BARNARD,  RUSSELL,          .        .        .     North  Becket,  Mass.,      .        .     1847 
BERRY,  JOSEPH  E.,  .         .        .        .     Middleton,  Mass  ,  .         .        .     1847 


BONNEY,  CHARLES  W.,  .  .  .  Boston,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1847 
BOOTH,  WARRINGTON  R.,*  .  .  Preston,  Conn.,  .  .  .  1848 
BUTLER,  LINDEN  T.,*  .  .  Lanesborough  Mass. ,  .  .  1848 

BECKWITH,  MORRIS  B.,*  .        .        .     Great  Barrington,  Mass.,        .     1848 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  and  New  Jersey,  and  in  the  Royal  School  at  Sand- 
wich Islands  twenty  years;  after  leaving  the  normal  school,  went  to  Brown 
University.  Married  twice;  three  children.  Died  at  Honolulu  in  1887. 

BOARDMAN,  WILLIAM  L.  P.,    .        .     South  Reading,  Mass.,    .        .     1849 

Taught  in  Merrimack,  N.  H.,  one  term;  Westborough,  two  terms;  Waltham, 
two  terms;  Shrewsbury,  one  term;  Stoughton,  nine  months;  Canton,  four 
years;  Boston,  from  1854  to  1889,  as  usher,  sub-master  and  master  of  Brimmer 
School;  receive'!  "A.M."  from  Middlebury  College.  Married  Mary  G-.  May; 
one  son.  Mattapan,  Mass. 

BROWN,  THOMAS  B.,        .        .        .     South  Reading,  Mass.,    .        .  1849 

BACON,  THOMAS  M.,*       .        .        .     Franklin,  Mass.,      .        .        .  1849 

BOSWORTH,  HENRY  W.,  .        .        .     Otis,  Mass.,     ....  1849 

Married  M.  E.  Hall;  two  sons;  lawyer.    Springfield,  Mass. 

BIDWELL,  ADONIJAH  S.,*         .        .     Monterey,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1851 

BAILEY,  HORATIO,    ....     Rockport,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1851 

Taught  in  Gloucester,  Rockport,  Wenham,  Hamilton,  Canton,  Marshfield, 
five  years;  correspondent  of  "  Clinton  Courant,"  five  and  a  half  years.  Married 
S.  M.  Fuller.  Lancaster,  Mass. 

BLODGETT,  EDWARD  P.,*         .        .    Belchertown,  Mass.,       .        .     1851 

Taught  a  few  terms.    Went  West,  and  died  in  Nebraska  about  1859. 

BRECKENRIDGE,  JOHN,  .  .  .  Ware,  Mass.,  ....  1851 
BOSWORTH,  HOMER  L.,  .  .  .  Otis,  Mass.,  ....  1851 

Lived  abroad  several  years.  Married  Delia  Bosworth ;  two  daughters.  Spring- 
field, Mass. 

BOYD,  HENRY  J.,     .        .        .        .     Southampton,  Mass.,      .        .     1852 

Taught  in  Southampton,  Marshfield,  Hingham,  South  Deerfield  and  Chicopee 
Falls,  Mass.;  in  Pike  and  Eagle,  X.  Y. ;  in  all,  thirteen  years.  Married  twice; 
one  child.  Chicopee  Falls,  Mass. 

BOURNE,  JOHN  H.,  .        .        .        .     Marshfleld,  Mass.,  .        .        .     1852 

Taught  in  Brockton,  Stoughton,  Marshfield,  Kingston  and  Boston,  Mass.,  from 
four  to  five  years;  member  of  Phillips  Academy,  Andover,  Mass.,  one  term; 
studied  field  surveying;  school  committee,  twenty  years;  held  other  town 
offices.  Married  Sarah  T.  Walker;  three  children. 

BREWER,  GEORGE  H.,  .        .     Stockbridge,  Mass.,        .        .     1854 

BURBANK,  H.  HERBERT,  .        .        .     Lancaster,  Mass.,    .        .        .     1854 
Wilbraham,  Mass. 

BROWNSON,  DWIGHT  S.,          .        .  Russell,  Mass.,        .  .  .  1854 

BURBANK,  CALVIN  W Lancaster,  Mass.,    .  .  .  1854 

CAMPBELL,  SAMUEL  L.,    .        .        .  Chester,  Mass.,        .  .  .  1844 

COIT,  BENJAMIN  R.,         .        .        .  Norwich,  Mass.,      .  .  .  1845 

CLARK,  EDWARD  F.,         .        .        .  Westhampton,  Mass.,  .  .  1845 

CLAPP,  CHARLES  C.,         .        .        .  Westhampton,  Mass.,  .  .  1846 

COWLES,  SAMUEL  E.,       .        .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,    .  .  .  1846 

CORBIN,  GEORGE  A.,*               .        .  Holden,  Mass.,        .  .  .  1847 

COOK,  RODERICK,*    ....  Sheffield,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1847 


CLAPP,  ALMIN  B.,*  .        .        .        .     Southampton,  Mass.,      .        .     1848 
Teacher  in  Westfteld  State  Normal  School.    See  under  Teachers. 

CHAMBERLAIX,  JOSHUA  M.,      .        .     West  Brookfleld,  Mass  ,         .     1849 
CLAKK,  VAX  BUREV,*      .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,    .        .        .     1849 

Taught  in  Westfteld,  Mass.,  two  terms. 

CHILDS,  FRED  A.,    .        .  .  Worcester,  Mass.,  .  .  1849 

COOK,  ROBERT  D.,  .        .  .  .  New  Salem,  Mass.,  .  .  1850 

CHAPIX,  GEORGE Greenfield,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1851 

CHAKFEE,  GEORGE  L.,  .  .  Becket,  Mass.,         .  .  .  1851 

GUILDS,  FRAXCIS  L.,        .  .  .  Springfield,  Mass.,  .  .  1853 

COLEMAX,  WILLIAM  H.,   .  .  .  Cheshire,  Mass.,      .  .  .  1853 

CALDWELL,  Lucius  P.,    .  .  .  Rockport,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1854 

First  National  Bank,  Chicago,  111. 

DICKERMAX,  ELIAS,  ....     Hamden,  Conn.,      .        .        .  1844 

DEWEY,  OLIVER,      ....    Westfleld,  Mass.,    .        .        .  1845 

DAVIS,  SAMUEL  H.,*         .        .         .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .         .         .  1846 

DAVIS,  CHARLES  L.,*  .        .     Preston,  Conn.,       .        .         .  1847 

DEWEY,  ROLAXD  E.,*      .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1847 
Married  Frances  A.  Sherman  of  Westfield  (a  normal  scholar).    Died  in  1854. 

DEWEY,  EDWARD  M.,  .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1847 

Tulare,  Tulare  County,  California. 

DAY,  ADOXIRAM  J.,*       .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass 1848 

DEXTER,  SAMUEL  S.,       .        .        .     South  Orange,  Mass.,      .        .     1849 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  four  years,  and  in  New  York  one  year;  on  school 
committee  ten  years;  has  been  a  practicing  surveyor,  civil  engineer,  eic.,  for 
twenty-five  years;  has  studied  and  written  on  history  of  north-western  Massa- 
.         chusetta.    Married  Maria  C.  Dewey  of  Westtield,  Mass.;  four  children. 

DUXHAM,  CHARLES  A.,     .        .        .  Washington,  Mass.,        .        .  1853 

DYER,  SPENCER  O.,         .        .        .  Plainfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1854 

ELLIS,  WILLIAM,*     ....  Northfleld,  Mass.,   .         .        .  1845 

EAGER,  CHARLES  R.,  Lanesborotigh,  Mass.,     .         .  1848 

EASTOX,  DEXISOX  M.,      .        .        .     Lawville,  N.  Y 1849 

Arcola,  N.  J. 

EDWARDS,  CHARLES  L.,  .        .        .     Southampton,  Mass.,      .        .     1850 


EVERETT,  DAXIEL  S.,*     .        .        .     Northampton,  Mass.,      .        .     1850 
FULLER,  HEXRY,      ....     Southwick,  Mass.,  .        .        .     1844 

Westfield,  Mass. 

FISKK,  GEORGE  R.,  .        .        .        .     Milford,  Mass.,       .        .        .     1847 
FROTHIXGHAM,  JOHX  B.,*       .        .     Lynn,  Mass.,   ....     1847 

Died  in  1882. 

FEXX,  GEORGE  C.,*.        .        .        .     Otis,  Mass.,     ....     1847 

Taught  in  Otis,  New  Hartford,  West  Springfield,  Warren,  Ware,  Hardwick 
and  West  Brookfield,  Mass.;  school  committee  in  Ware  a  number  of  years; 
assistant  revenue  assessor  under  Congressman  Norcross.  March  28,  1883,  died 
suddenly  of  heart  disease. 

FEXX,  ISAAC  S.,        .        .        .        .     Otis,  Mass.,     ....     1847 


FLAGG,  JOSIAH  W.,          .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,    .        .        .     1848 
FAIRBANK,  JACOB  H.,       .        .        .     Ashburnham,  Mass.,       .        .     1849 

Taught  in  Ashburnham,  Mass.,  three  months;  in  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  four  years; 
merchant  and  farmer  in  Fitchburg,  Mass.  Married  Emma  M.  Person,  June  2, 
1858.  Fitchburg,  Mass. 

FAIRBANK,  FRANCIS  J.,    .        .        .     Ashburnham,  Mass.,       .        .     1854 

Taught  in  Ashburnham,  Mass.,  six  terms;  Ashley  Falls,  Mass.,  one  term; 
Lunenburg,  Mass.,  one  term ;  Gardner,  Mass.,  one  term ;  Templeton,  Mass., 
three  terms;  in  Professor  Hubbard's  Boys'  School,  Amherst,  Mass.,  Young 
Ladies'  School,  Jersey  City;  graduated  at  Amherst  College,  Mass.,  in  1862; 
attended  Princeton  and  Union  Theological  Seminary;  pastor  Congregational 
Church,  Westminster,  Vt.,  1864-1871 ;  active  pastor  in  Ayer  from  1872-74 ;  in 
Paxton,  from  1874-77;  in  West  Boylston,  from  1877-85;  in  Seymour,  Conn., 
from  1885-86;  and  in  Amherst,  1886-89.  Married  Abbie  Smith  Russell  in  1865. 
Amherst,  Mass. 

FARRINGTON,  ALBERT  J.,         .        .  West  Amesbury,  Mass., .  .  1849 

FOSTER,  LYMAN  B.,          .        .        .  Canterbury,  N.  H.,  .        .  .  1850 

FREEMAN,  Lucius  A.,               .        .  Monterey,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1852 

GIBBONS,  ORSON  F.,        .         .         .  East  Granville,  Mass.,     .  .  1845 

GAGE,  DENISON,       ....  Lynn,  Mass.,    ....  1845 

GATES,  ERASMUS  B.,        .         .        .  Wilbraham,  Mass., .        .  .  1844 

GRIGGS,  LYMAN  F.,          .         .         .  Brimfield,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1844 

GRIDLEY,  ANSEL,      ....  Southampton,  Mass.,       .  .  1846 

GIBBS,  REUBEN  B.,.        .        .         .  Blandford,  Mass.,    .         .  .  1847 

GATES,  CHARLES,      ....  Richmond,  Mass.,    .        .  .  1848 

GIBBONS,  EDWIN  C.,        .        .        .  East  Granville,  Mass.,    .  .  1850 

GRANGER,  NORMAN  W.,  .         .         .  New  Marlborough,  Mass.,       .  1850 

Taught  in  New  Marlborough,  Mass.,  five  terms.  Married  Delia  S.  Howe; 
four  children.  Southfield,  Mass. 

GREEXOUGH,  JAMES  C.,  .        .        .     Deerfleld,  Mass.,     .         .        .     1854 
See  under  Teachers. 

GREEN,  WILLIAM  B.,*  .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .         .     1854 

Teacher  in  Westfleld  State  Normal  School.     See  Teachers. 

HERRICK,  HENRY  D.,*     .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1844 

Taught  in  Russell,  Mass.;  had  three  children.    Killed  by  cars  in  1884. 

HALL,  AMOS  W.,      ....     Sandisfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  1844 

HAMMOND,  CORNELIUS  E.,*     .        .     Vernon,  Conn.,        .        .  .  1844 

Physician  in  Glastenbury,  Conn.,  and  fifteen  years  in  Portland,  Conn. 
Married  Mary  Louis;  three  children.  Died  October,  1888. 

HEYWOOD,  JOSEPH  H.,    .         .        .     Princeton,  Mass.,    . 

Taught  in  Princeton,  Westminster  and  Fitchburg,  Mass.;  in  all,  four  terms. 
Married  Maria  Sackett. 

HUBBARD,  NATHANIEL,     .         .        .  Bolton,  Conn.,         .        .         .     1845 

HERRICK,  GEORGE,  ....  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .         .     1845 

Painesville,  Ohio. 

HUTCHINS,  CHARLES,*      .        .        .  Bethel,  Vt 

Taught  in  Bethel,  Vt.,  Woburn,  Springfield,  Rockport  and  Boston,  Mass., 
Wilmington,  Del.,  and  Providence,  B.  I.;  in  all,  eighteen  years;  publisher  of 
"Missionary  Herald,"  and  business  agent  of  American  Board;  member  of 
Boston  School  Committee  twelve  years.  Married  twice;  six  children,  two 
living.  Killed  by  cars,  July  23,  1388. 


HOI.COMH,  OSBORN,  .  .  .  Granby,  Conn.,  .  .  .  1846 
HUHLBUT,  FRANKLIN  K  ,*  .  .  Sanclisfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1847 
HITCHCOCK,  HENRY  E.,  .  .  .  Brimfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1849 

Sturbrldge,  Max*. 

HOOKER,  E.  CORNELIUS,  .  .  East  Windsor,  Conn.,  .  .  1849 
HUNT,  OLIVER  D.,  .  .  .  .  Amherst,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1849 

Taught  in  West  Brooktield  and  Blackstone,  Mass.,  three  years.  Married 
II.  M.  Hamilton;  two  children. 

HAMILTON,  CLARKE,  .  .  .  Middlefleld,  Mass., .  .  .  1851 
HAMILTON,  GEORGE  W.,  .  .  Sonthwick,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1854 
HAMMOND,  ALBION  K.  P.,  .  .  Elliot,  Me.,  ....  1852 
HOLMAN,  NELSON  F.,  .  .  .  Royalston,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1852 
HARDY,  ASA  S.,  .  .  .  .  Shelburne,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1853 
HOLDER,  NATHAN  B.,  .  Berlin,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1853 

INGRAM,  FRANCIS  H.,  .  .  .  Amherst,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1846 
JOHNSON,  WARUEN,  .  .  .  West  Springfield,  Mass.,  .  1844 

JUDD,  BYRON, Otis,  Mass.,     ....     1844 

JONES,  HENRY,  ....  Ludlow,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1847 
JEFTS,  JAMES  M.  J.,  .  .  .  Ashby,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1848 
JOHNSON,  FRED  W.,  .  .  .  Pittsfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1850 
KENT,  HENRY  K.,  .  .  .  .  New  Ashford,  Mass.,  .  .  1846 
KILLAN,  ELIAS  C.,  .  .  .  .  Boxford,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1847 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  three  terms;  New  York,  three  terras;  Wisconsin, 
seven  terms;  Missouri,  twenty-four  terms;  served  in  Forty-third  Regiment  Wis- 
consin Volunteers,  1861 ;  attended  Easthampton  Seminary;  farmer.  Married 
Susan  Hitchcock;  sis  children.  Pickering,  Nodaway  County,  Mo. 

KNIGHT,  QUAUTUS  P.,  .  .  Norwich,  Mass.,      .        .  .  1848 

KEACH,  HORACE  A.,  .        .  .  Burrillville,  R.  I.,    .         .  .  1852 

LANGLEY,  JOSEPH  G.,  .         .  .  .  Hawley,  Mass.,        .        .  .  1844 

LINCOLN,  LORING  I).,  .  .  West  Brookfield,  Mass  ,  ,  1844 

LYMAN,  SAMUEL  T.,  .         .  .  Southampton,  Mass.,      .  .  1845 

LYMAN,  WILLIAM  E.,  Westhampton,  Mass.,     .  .  1846 

Taught  in  Westhampton,  Mass.,  two  years;  farmer  and  in  lumber  business. 
Married  Mary  E.  Orcutt;  three  children. 

LUDDEN,  ENOCH  H Westhampton,  Mass.,     .         .     1846 

Taught  in  Westhampton,  Mass.,  four  terms;  attended  Williston  Seminary, 
Easthumpton,  Mass.,  two  terms;  in  provision  and  meat  business  forty  years. 
Married  Elizabeth  Clark ;  two  children.  60  Pleasant  Street,  Easthampton,  Mass. 

LATHROP,  THOMAS  I.,  .  .  .  Hawley,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1846 
LOOMIS,  GROVE  H.,  .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1846 
Taught  in  Westfleld,  Granville  and  Springfield,  Mass. ;  in  all,  about  seven 

years;  ten  years  in  government  service;  photographer  in  Boston  fifteen  years. 

Married  Mary  I.  Wood.    Newtonville,  Mass. 

LYMAN,  CHARLES  W North  Wilbraham,  Mass.,  .  1849 

LEE,  GEORGE., North  Becket,  Mass.,      .  .  1849 

LOMBARD,  ORVILLE  E.,    .        .         .  Brimfleld,  Mass.,     .         .  .  1849 

LATHROP,  EDWIN,     ....  Hawley,  Mass.,        .        .  .  1849 

LAWTON,  BENJAMIN,        .        .        .  Stockbridge,  Mass.,        .  .  1850 


LANE,  HOSEA  F.,  .        .         .     Ashburnham,  Mass.,        .        .     1853 

Taught  in  Ashbnrnham,  Mass.,  five  years;  steadily  teaching  forty  weeks  in  a 
year,  for  thirty-eight  years;  principal  of  high  school  in  Templeton,  Mass.; 
privately  pursued  classical  course;  written  "History  of  Templeton,  Mass." 
Married  Elizabeth  E.  Fairbanks;  one  child  living.  Templeton,  Mass. 

MAUSH,  LEBBEUS  E.,  Leverett,  Mass.,       .        .         .     1844 

MILLER,  HENRY  M.,         .        .        .     West  Springfield,  Mass.,        .     1844 

Taught  in  Westfield,  West  Springfield,  Montague,  Whitinsville  and  Kings- 
ton, Mass.,  seven  winters;  dentist.  Married  twice;  five  children.  Westfield, 

MORLEY,  JAMES  H.,          .        .         .     West  Springfield,  Mass.,        .     1844 
MUNSON,  DANIEL,     ....     Chester,  Mass.,        .        .        .     1844 

Taught  two  terms,  then  went  into  business.  Married  Elizabeth  P.  Fowler; 
one  cbiid  living.  Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

MOSELEY,  HENRY  C.,  .         .     Westfield,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1844 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.;  editor,  attorney,  legislator,  probate  judge  and 
land  registrar.  Married  in  1856;  one  son.  Bloomington,  111. 

MERRITT,  CHARLES  A.,     .  .  .  Norwich,  Mass.,      .  .  .  1847 

MERRITT,  ELBRIDGE  W.,  .  .  Williamsburg,  Mass.,  .  .  1847 

MEAD,  SEYMOUR  L. ,        .  .  .  Lanesborough,  Mass.,  .  .  1848 

MILLARD,  ELISHA  D.,       .  .  .  Egremont,  Mass.,    .  .  .  1848 

MAUSH,  CALVIN  A.,*        .  .  .  Brimfield,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1847 

Taught  in  Spencer,  Ware,  North  Brookfield,  West  Brookfield,  Southbridge, 
Leicester,  Mass.  Married  Mrs.  J.  L.  Upham.  Died  July  30,  1858. 

MERRILL,  JAMES  H.,        .        .        .     Sandisfield,  Mass.,  .        .        .     1848 
MACK,  JOHN  W.,  .        .        .     Lenox,  Mass.,          .        .        .     1849 

Taught  in  Curtisville,  Mass.,  one  term ;  Dalton,  Mass.,  one  term ;  and  Lee, 
Mass.,  one  term.  Canon  City,  Col. 

MASSEY,  GEORGE  S.,        .  .  .  Richmond,  Mass.,    .         .        .  1854 

NORTON,  CICERO  V.  N.,*  .  .  Southampton,  Mass.,      .        .  1844 

NORTON,  EDWARD  H.,  .  .  Westhampton,  Mass.,      .        .  1845 

NOBLE,  HENRY  T.,  .        .  .  .  Otis,  Mass.,     ....  1848 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  two  years  and  in  Dixon,  111.,  two  years;  in  real  estate 
and  bank  business  from  1852  to  1861;  in  spring  of  1861  raised  a  company  of 
volunteers,  which  in  June  were  mustered  into  government  service;  in  the  war 
until  its  close;  manufacturer  in  Dixon.  Married  twice.  Dixon,  111. 

NICHOLS,  JOHN  A.,*         .         .        .     West  Amesbury,  Mass.,  .        .     1849 

Taught  various  grades  in  Massachusetts  to  1861 ;  Union  Free  School,  Mount 
Vernon,  from  1861  to  1864;  Union  Free  School,  Sing  Sing,  X.  Y.,  from  1864  to 
1866;  Yonkers,  N.  Y.,  from  1867  to  1881.  Died  at  Hammond,  La.,  Dec.  29,  1887. 

NICHOLS,  SAMUEL  H.,  .        .  South  Reading,  Mass.,    .        .  1850 

NEWMAN,  BURT,       ....  Great  Barrington,  Mass.,        .  1852 

NICKERSON,  Otis,  Mass.,     ....  1853 

NORCROSS,  OTIS  C.,          .        .        .  Upton,  Mass.,          .        .        .  1854 

NORTON,  GILSON  U.,       .        .        .  Southampton,  Mass.,      .        .  1846 

NORTON,  BENJAMIN  N.,  .        .        .  Southampton,  Mass  ,      .        . 

Taught  in  Southwick,  Mass.,  one  term;  Westfield,  Mass.,  one  term;  attended 
Sheldon  Academy;  connected  with  the  railroad  business  three  years;  now  a 
farmer.  Married  M.  L.  Norton ;  one  son  living. 



.     Westfleld,  Mass.,     . 
.     West  Springfield,  Mass., 
.     West  Springfield,  Mass., 
.     West  Springfield,  Mass., 

.     1844 
.     1844 
.     1845 
.     1844 

Taught  in  Blandford,  Russell  and  \Vestfield;  a  farmer.  Married  twice;  three 
children.  Bos  1308,  Springfield,  Mass. 

PARSONS,  LEMUEL,   ....  Hinsclale,  Mass.,      .  .  .  1846 

PAGE,  BRADFORD  B.,               .        .  Pittsfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1846 

POMEROY,  THOMAS  W.,  .        .        .  Northampton,  Mass.,  .  .  1846 

PARSONS,  B.  FRANK,        .        .         .  Goshen,  Mass.,        .  .  .  1848 

PEASE,  J.  BYRON,    ....  Springfield,  Mass.,  .  .  1849 

PERRIN,  GEORGE  K.,        .        .        .  Berlin,  Vt.,      .        .  .  .  1849 

PROCTOR,  OLIVER Townsend,  Mass.,   .  .  .  1849 

Taught  in  "Massachusetts,  Connecticut  and  New  York,  "  a  portion  "  of  thirty- 
five  years;  member  of  the  school  board  thirty  years.  Married  Kate  M.  Gris- 
wold  ;  four  children.  Townsend  Harbor,  Mass. 

PROUTY,  ALBERT  S.,  .  .  .  Brimfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1849 

PARKER,  WILLIAM  C.,  .  .  Buckland,  Mass,  .  .  .  1851 

PITCHER,  JAMES  D.,  .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1852 

PIERCE,  CHARLES  A.,  .  .  .  Royalston,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1852 

Married  Nancy  Shepard.    Westfield,  Mass. 

PECKHAM,  WILLIAM  F.,    .        .        .  Otis,  Mass.,     ....  1852 

POND,  FRANCIS  M.,          .        .        .  West  Medway,  Mass.,     .         .  1853 

PIERCE,  MARSEMUS  D.,*.        .        .  Peru,  Mass.,    ....  1844 

ROGERS,  WILLIAM 'Bernardston,  Mass.,        .         .  1844 

BOBBINS,  ALVIN  C.,         .        .         .  Blackstone,  Mass.,          .         .  1847 

Taught  in  Pawtucket,  Providence  and  "Woonsocket,  R.  I.,  for  thirty  years. 
Married  Mary  I.  Meggett;  four  children.  Saylesville,  R.  I. 

ROBERTS,  STEPHEN,          .        .         .     New  Durham,  N.  H.,       .        .     1847 
RUDE,  HORACE,        ....     Chester,  Mass.,        .        .        .     1848 

Springfield,  Mass. 

RHODES,  HIRAM  M.,         .        .        .     Stanhope,  N.  J.,      .        .        .     1848 

Newark,  N.  J. 

RICHARDSON,  CHARLES  A.,       .        .     Franklin,  Mass.,      .        .        .     1848 

Taught  in  Montague  winter  of  1849;  in  South  Maiden  and  Dedham  seven 
years;  in  John  P.  Jewett  &  Co.'s  bookstore,  Boston ;  editor  and  publisher  of 
"  Congregationalint."  Married  Mary  Jane  Phipps;  two  children  living.  Con- 
gregationalist  House,  Boston. 

ROWE,  JUDSON  A.,  .        .        .        .     Rockport,  Mass.,     .         .        .     1852 

Westfield,  Mass. 

RUSSELL,  GEORGE  E.,  .        .  Charlton,  Mass.,      .  .  .  1852 

ROSSKAU,  JAMES  P.,         .        .        .  Newbury port,  Mass.,  .  .  1853 

RICHARDSON,  GEORGE  E.,        .        .  Bernardston,  Mass.,  .  .  1844 

RUDE,  DANIEL,*       ....  Chester,  Mass.,        .  .  .  1851 

Died  in  San  Francisco,  April,  1887. 



.     Chester,  Mass., 

.     1844 

SEYMOUR,  JOHN,*    . 

.     Grauville,  Mass.,     . 

.     1844 

SEYMOUR,  HARVKY  E  ,    . 

.     East  Granville,  Mass.,     . 

.     1844 


.     East  Granville,  Mass.,     . 

.     1846 


.     East  Granville,  Mass.,     . 

.     1847 

Taught  in  Topsfield,  Mass.,  one  term;  in  the  mercantile  business,  Prairie  du 
Sao,  Wis.,  for  several  years;  farming,  nursery  and  small  fruit  business. 
Married  L.  D.  Meyers;  four  children  living.  Mazomanie,  Dane  Co.,  Wis. 

STILES,  HENRY  D.,  .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,    .        .        .     1844 

SHEPARD,  AMOS  C.,          .         .        .     Buckland,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1845 
SCOTT,  SYLVESTER,*        .        .        .     Ipswich,  Mass.,       .        .        .     1846 

See  under  Teachers. 

SLOCUM,  PHILO  M.,*        .        .        .     Tolland,  Mass.,        .        .         .     1848 
Died  in  1861.    See  under  Teachers. 

SIBLEY,  ANDREW  W.,       .        .  .  West  Springfield,  Mass.,  '.  1848 

STRATTON,  CHANDLER,     .        .  .  Sandisfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1848 

SHERMAN,  HENRY  C.,       .        .  .  South  Hadley,  Mass.,  .  .  1849 

STAPLES,  REV.  N.  AUGUSTUS,  .  Mendon,  Mass.,       .  .  .  1849 

SEARS,  EDWIN,          ....  Ashfielcl,  Mass.,       .  .  .  1850 

STOCKMAN,  JAMES,*         .        .  .  Rockport,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1850 

STOCKMAN,  LYMAN  B.,     .        .  .  Rockport,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1852 

SEARLE,  ALVIN  C.,  .        .        .  .  Southampton,  Mass.,  .  .  1850 

SARGENT,  WILLIAM,          .        .  .  Millville,  Mass.,       .  .  .  1851 

Taught  in  Blackstone  and  Uxbridge,  Mass.,  and  in  Rhode  Island  fourteen 
years.  Ill  with  cancer. 

SMITH,  ADDISON  G.,*  .        .     Berlin,  Mass.,          .        .         .     1852 

Taught  in  Westford  Academy,  Bolton  high  school,  Kingston  high  school, 
Upton  high  school  and  Shrewsbury  high  school,  Mass.;  in  all,  fifteen  years; 
attended  Phillip's  Academy;  graduated  at  Harvard  College,  class  of  1860.  Died 
Nov.  16,  1874. 

SMITH,  FRANCIS,       ....     North  Hadley,  Mass.,      .        .     1852 
SEARLE,  ICHABOD  H.,      .        .        .     Southampton,  Mass.,       .         .     1853 

Taught  at  Marshfield,  Mass.,  two  years;  Onondaga,  N.  Y.,  one  year;  after 
graduating  at  the  Westfleld  Normal,  continued  study  at  Williston  Seminary; 
graduated  at  Castleton  Medical  College,  Vermont,  1860;  studied  at  Long  Island 
Hospital  College,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.;  in  the  army  was  surgeon  of  the  New 
York  Volunteers;  physician  at  Syracuse,  N.  Y.  Married  Jane  Darrow, 
December,  1867. 

SANDERSON,  TURNER  J.,          .        .     Lunenburg,  Mass.,  .        .        .     1853 

Taught  at  Berlin,  Mass.,  three  terms;  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  two  terms;  and  in 
Philadelphia,  Penn.,  six  years ;  confectioner  at  Sudbury,  Mass.  Married  Eleanor 
E.  Dow.  Fitchburg,  Mass. 

SAWYER,  WILBUR  F.,  .        .     Harvard,  Mass.,      .        .        .     185* 

Taught  in  Harvard  one  term;  in  the  West  four  winters;  studied  at  Claverack 
two  terms;  in  business  in  the  West;  was  in  the  140th  Regiment  Illinois  Volun- 
teers; farmer  in  Harvard,  Mass.,  since  1869.  Married  in  March,  1870. 



.     Westfleld,  Mass.,     . 

.     1854 


.     Barre,  Mass.,  . 

.     1844 

TAPI.EY,  CHARLES  E.,      . 

.     Hadley,  Mass., 

.     1846 


.     Blackstone,  Mass., 

.     1846 


.     Norwich,  Mass., 

.     1847 

TAFT,  ALONZO  F.,   . 

.     Fitchburg,  Mass.,    . 

.     1852 

South  Charleston,  Ohio. 


.     Pittsfleld,  Mass  ,     . 

.     1852 


.     Brimfleld,  Mass.,     . 

.     1847 

Taught  In  Spencer  and  Brimtield,  Mass.,  and  in  Wisconsin.  Married  Harriet 
N.  Solander  in  1849.  Died  May  11, 1857. 

WILLARD,  EBENE/ER  P.,*  .  .  Harvard,  Mass.,       .         .  .  1844 

WOLCOTT,  JAMES  H.,       .  .  .  West  Springfield,  Mass.,  .  1844 

WOOI.WORTH,  JAMES,       .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1844 

WOOD,  GEORGE  F.,          .  .  .  Upton,  Mass.,          .        .  .  1847 

WRIGHT,  EBENEZER,        .  .  .  Norwich,  Mass.,      .        .  .  1848 

WHITNEY,  FRANCIS  A.,*.  .  .  Ashburnham,  Mass.,        .  .  1849 

Taught  in  Ashburnham,  Westminster  and  Sterling,  thirty  years;  principal  of 
grammar  nchool,  West  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  six  years;  farmer;  connected  prom- 
inently with  Farmers' and  Mechanics'  Club;  member  of  committee  of  super- 
vision of  schools  many  years;  assessor  and  selectman;  trustee  of  Cushing 
Academy,  Ashburnham,  Mass.  Married  twice;  four  children.  Died  of  heart 
disease  and  dropsy,  April  27,  1887. 

WHITNEY,  WALTER,*  .  .  .  Ashburnham,  Mass.,  .  .  1849 
WHITING,  JOSIAH,*  ....  New  Maryborough,  Mass.,  .  1850 

Taught  live  or  six  winters  and  one  summer  in  Massachusetts  and  Connecticut. 
Married  in  1852.  Died  at  Southh'eld,  Mass.,  July  22, 1561. 

WATSON,  EDMUND,  ....  East  Windsor,  Mass.,  .  .  1849 
WARD,  SAMUEL  H.,  .  .  .  Monson,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1850 
WILMARTH,  JEROME,  .  .  .  Milford,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1850 

Taught  in  Southampton,  South  Uxbridge,  Mass.,  Bucksport,  Me.,  and  in 
Springfield,  Mass.,  Commercial  School;  has  studied  at  Scholfield's  Commercial 
College,  Providence,  It.  I.,  and  at  the  Harvard  Medical  School,  where  he  grad- 
uated in  186*3;  practised  medicine  twenty-three  years.  Married  Abbie  F. 
Munyan;  three  children.  Box  928,  Milford,  Mass. 

WALKER,  GILBERT  E.,  .        .     Belchertown,  Mass.,        .         .     1851 

WARREN,  GEORGE  F.,  .        .     Ashby,  Mass..          .         .         .     1851 

WOOD,  WILLIAM  S.,        .        .        .     Worcester,  Mass., 

Taught  one  year  in  Rhode  Inland,  two  in  Massachusetts,  three  and  one-half  in 
Illinois,  and  twelve  and  one  half  in  Ohio;  superintendent  of  public  schools  in 
New  Albany,  Ind.;  superintendent  in  Seymour,  Ind.;  soldier  in  Union  army 
during  the  Rebellion.  New  Albany,  Ind. 

WHEELER,  WILLIAM  A  ,  .  .  .  Hardwick,  Mass.,    .  .  .     1853 

WILSON,  MILTON  A.,        .  .  .  Royalston,  Mass.,    .  .  .     1853 

WELD,  EZRA  B.,       .        .  .  .  Sturbridge,  Mass.,  .  .  .1854 

WRIGHT,  THEODORE  G, .  .  .  Norwich,  Mass.,     .  .  .     1854 



ARTHUR,  ELIZABETH  P. ,  .  .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1844 

ASHLEY,  HARRIET  C.,      .  .        .     Longmeadow,  Mass  ,  .  .  1844 

AVERT,  JANE  E.,*    .        .  .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1845 

See  under  Teachers. 

ABBE,  SAMANTHA  C.,                              South  Hadley,  Mass.,  .  .  1846 

Taught  in  'Springfield,  Ainherst,  Palmer,  Monson  and  Chicopee,  nine  years. 
Married  Eli  Warner;  three  children;  two  daughters  are  teaching  in  normal 
school,  St.  Cloud,  Minn. ;  eldest  a  graduate  of  the  Westfield  State  formal 
School,  and  the  youngest  a  graduate  of  the  Xormal  Art  School,  Boston,  Mass. 
Granby,  Mass. 

ALGER,  LOUISA  M.,.         .        .        .  Leyden,  N.  Y.,         .        .        .  1846 

ABBOTT,  FRANCES  O.,      .        .         .  Westfleld,  Mass 1847 

AYRES,  SARAH  J.,    ....  North  Brookfield,  Mass.,         .  1848 

AVERY,  ADALINE,     ....  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1848 

Attended  academy  at  Thetford,  Vt.  Married  Charles  W.  Shephard  in  1850; 
three  children.  Box  272,  Westfield,  Mass. 

AMES,  ZERUAH,         .        .        .         .     Becket,  Mass.,         .         .         .     1848 

AMSDEN,  LOUISA Worcester,  Mass.,  .         .        .     1849 

ALDRICH,  MERCY  M.,  .        .     Mendon,  Mass.,       .        .        .     1850 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  three  months,  and  in  Hopkinton,  Mass.,  three 
months.  Married  Joseph  S.  Clark  in  1851 ;  four  children.  South  Weymouth, 

ANDREWS,  CLARABEL,  .  .  .  Montague,  Mass.,    .        .        .  1850 

A«LFORD,  EUNICE  M.,  .  .  .  Otis,  Mass.,      ....  1850 

ALFORD,  MARY  C.,  ....  Otis,  Mass.,     ....  1851 

ABBOTT,  AUGUSTA  C.,  .  .  Northampton,  Mass.,      .        .  1851 

ADAMS,  MARY  C.,     .  .  .  .  Sandisfleld,  Mass.,  .        .        .  1851 

ADAMS,  LIZZIE  J.,    .  .  .  .  Deerfleld,  Mass.,     .         .        .  1852 

ADAMS,  CAROLINE  S.,  .  .  Goshen,  Mass.,        .        .        .  1852 

AYRES,  MARTHA  D.,  .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1852 

AYRES,  ANNA  E.,  .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     

Taught  in  Southwick,  Westfield,  Huntington,  North  Brookfield  and  Worcester, 
Mass.,  in  Chicago,  111.,  and  in  Omaha;  returned  to  Worcester  and  taught  in  high 
school;  attended  seminary  at  Castleton,  Vt.,  Worcester  Collegiate  Institute,  and 
studied  one  year  in  Germany.  Married  Rev.  D.  W.  Richardson  in  1877.  South 
Sudbury,  Mass. 

ARTHUR,  PHEBE  N.,         .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1846 

AVERY,  JANE  M.,     .        .  .  .  Charlemont,  Mass.,  .  .  1846 

ARNOLD,  ELIZABETH  C.,*  .  .  Westflefd,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1846 

BROWN,  CATHARINE  P.,   .  .  .  Brinafleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1844 

BURT,  DELIA  B.,               .  .  .  Longmeadow,  Mass.,  .  .  1844 

BRAKENRIDGE,  LUCY  B.,  .  .  Ware,  Mass.,  ....  1844 

BUSH,  ELVIRA  S.,    .        .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1844 

BISHOP,  MELINDA,*  ....  Russell,  Mass.,         .  .  .  1845 

BLAIR,  JULIA  E.,               .  .  .  Blandford,  Mass.,    .  .  .  1845 

BOISE,  FAUSTINA  E.,        .  .  .  Worcester,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1845 



West  Springfield,  Mass., 

.     1845 


Westhampton,  Mass., 

.     1846 


Russell,  Mass., 

.     1846 


Westfleld,  Mass.,     . 

.     1846 

BISHOP,  MARILLA  C.,       . 

Russell,  Mass., 

.     1846 

Mrs.  A.  J.  Bradley,  Westfleld,  Mass. 

BUSH,  HANNAH  C.,  . 

Westfleld,  Mass.,     . 

.     1846 

Taught  in  Whitinsville,  Mass.,  one  season,  and  in  Alabama  six  years ;  attended 
Mt.  Holyoke  Seminary.  Married  Rev.  E.  P.  Smith  in  1855;  one  child  living. 
No.  231  West  83d  Street,  New  York  City. 

BODURTHA,  JANE  E.,        .        .         .     Springfield,  Mass.,  .        .        .     1847 
Mrs.  J.E.Wright. 

BENJAMIN,  EMORETTE  R.,        .        .     Westfield,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1847 

BUSH,  SUSAN  H.,     .        .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,    .  .  .  1847 

BROWN,  EUNICE,      ....     Winchendon,  Mass.,  .  .  1847 

BARBER,  RUTH  E.,  .        .         .        .     Worcester,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1847 
Poor  health ;  has  not  taught.    632  Main  Street,  Worcester,  Mass. 

BAILEY,  JULIA  A.,    ....  West  Springfield,  Mass.,         .  1848 

BARRETT,  MARTHA  O Danvers,  Mass.,       .         .         .  1848 

BALDWIN,  ELIZABETH,*    .        .        .  Egremont,  Mass.,    .        ...  1849 

BALDWIN,  MARIA  J.,        .        .         .  Egremont,  Mass.,    .         .        .  1849 

BARDWELL,  LUCRETIA,     .        .        .  Montague,  Mass.,    .        .        .  1849 

Married  Isaac  Chenery  of  Montague,  Mass.,  in  1856;  three  daughters  living. 

BYRANT,  FANNIE  B.,        .        .        .  South  Deerfleld,      .  .  .  1849 

BENNETT,  LUCY,       ....  Hubbardston,  Mass.,  .  .  1848 

BROWN,  GEORGIANA  V.  B.,     .         .  Springfield,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1849 

BLISS,  AMANDA  P.,  .         .        .        .  Lanesborough,  Mass.,  .  .  1849 

BRIGGS,  CHARLOTTE,        .        .        .  Norwich,  Conn.,      .  .  .  1849 

BARRETT,  LUCINDA  S.,     .         .         .  Belchertown,  Mass.,  .  .  1850 

Taught  in  MassachusKts  four  years  and  in  Virginia  four  years;  in  1865 
received  commission  from  American  Baptist  Home  Missionary  Society,  and 
taught  freedmen  four  years  in  Richmond,  Va.  Married  P.  C.  Colver  of  Chicago, 
111.,  in  1870;  two  children.  New  Lisbon,  Wis. 

BARTHOLOMEW,  DELPHENB  E.,        .  North  Blandford,  Mass.,  .  1850 

BRAYTON.  CKLESTIA  W.,          .         .  Waterford,  Mass.,  .        .  .  1850 

BANGS,  ELVIRA,        ....  Springfield,  Mass.,  .         .  .  1850 

BANGS,  ELIZA, Springfield,  Mass.,  .         .  .  1850 

BRACKETT,  LUCY  M.,  .        .  Holyoke,  Mass.,       .         .  .  1850 

BROOKS,  AUGUSTA  W.,    .        .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1850 

BUGBEE,  LOUISA,*    .         .    "    .        .  East  Longmeadow,  Mass.,  .  1850 

Taught  in  Mittencague,  Hampdcn  and  East  Longmeadow,  Mass.,  three 
years;  attended  Westfield  Academy  and  a  school  in  Providence,  R.  I.  Died 
of  consumption  in  1855. 

BIGELOW,  LUCY  A.,          .        .         .     Royalston,  Mass.,    .         .         .     1851 

BURNS,  LAURA Rockport,  Mass.,     .         .         .     1851 

BURNS,  ELIZA  T.,*  .        .        .   '     .     Rockport,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1851 

Died  in  1883. 


BATES,  SARAH  B.,    ....     Southampton,  Mass.,       .        .     1851 

Taught  in  Southampton,  Westfleld,  Montgomery,  Conway,  Rockport,  Green- 
field, Williamsburg,  Northampton  and  Great  Harrington;  in  all,  eleven  years; 
contributor  for  some  years  to  children's  magazines.  Married  J.  T.  Thayer  in 
1866;  two  boys.  68  High  Street,  Northampton,  Mass. 

BREWER,  HARRIET  L.,      .  .  .  Stockbridge,  Mass.,  .  .  1852 

BRIGHAM,  ELIZABETH  A.,*  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1852 

BROOKS,  MARTHA  J.,        .  .  .  Rockport,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1852 

BANCROFT,  CLARISSA  B.,  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .     

Taught  in  Westfleld,  Mass.,  Plainville,  Conn.,  and  in  New  Jersey;  in  all,  five 
years.  Married  Edwin  Hedges  in  1858;  three  children. 

BLAIR,  EMMA, Westfleld,  Mass.,     .         .        .     1852 

BRACKETT,  URANIA  E.,     .        .        .     Holyoke,  Mass.,       .        .        .     1852 
BLISS,  HARRIET  A.,.        .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1852 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Southbridge,  Hadley  and  Huntington,  MHBS.;  in  all, 
about  five  years.  Married,  in  1860,  Zerah  Greene,  who  died  in  1869. 

BOUTELLE,  MARTHA  A.,  .        .        .     Leominster,  Mass.,          .        .     1852 

Married  A.  B.  Rice,  "Worcester,  Mass. 
BROWN,  SARAH  F.,  .        .         .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1854 

Taught  in  Palmer,  Mass.,  three  years.  Married,  June,  1861,  to  Theodore 
DeWitt  Miller  of  Norwich,  N.  Y.;  one  daughter. 

BROWN,  MARY  F.,   .        .         .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1854 

Taught  spring  of  1869.     Springfield,  Mass. 

BATES,  ANNIS  C.,     .        .        .        .     Southampton,  Mass.,      .        .     1853 

Taught  in  Southampton,  Mass.,  one  year;  Rockport,  Mass.,  two  years;  West- 
field,  Mass.,  one  year;  Great  Harrington,  Mass.,  one  yflkr;  Blackstone,  Mass., 
two  years;  Northampton,  Mass.,  two  years;  Greenfield,  Mass.,  1869-1889;  in  all, 
twenty-nine  years.  Greenfield,  Mass. 

BREWER,  MARY  A.,  .        .         .  Stockbridge,  Mass.,         .  .  1853 

BUSH,  MARIETTA  P.,*  .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1854 

BUSH,  ELIZA  P.,*     .  .         .        .  Westfield,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1854 

BURBANK,  JENNIE  E.,  .        .  Lancaster,  Mass  ,    .        .  .  1854 

BAKER,  MARIA  S.,    .  .        .        .  Lancaster,  Mass.,    ...  .  1854 

BROOKS,  LOUISA  L.,  ...  Ashby,  Mass.,          .        .  .  1854 

Taught  in  the  public  schools  of  Massachusetts  from  1856  to  1872;  since  then  a 
private  instructor  in  Boston,  Mass.  Hoffman  House,  Suite  20,  128  Berkeley 

BURBANK,  MYRA  S.,         .        .        .     Lancaster,  Mass.,    .        .        .     1854 


Taught  in  district  schools  in  Lancaster  more  or  less  for  fifteen  years;  obliged 
to  give  up  teaching  to  care  for  parents.  Lives  with  uncle  (C.  A.  Thomas)  at 
Brandon,  Vt. 

BATES,  ADELAIDE  J.,        .        .         .  Springfield,  Mass.,  .         .         .     1854 

BURLEIGH,  ANNA,     ....  Wilbraham,  Mass.,  .         .        .     1854 

Mrs.  Holt,  Stafford,  Conn. 

BEXNETT,  LUCY,*     ....  Hubbardston,  Mass., 

CHAMBERLAIN,  MARY  E.,         .        .  South  Hadley,  Mass., 

CHAPIN,  ELIZABETH  W.,.        .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     . 

Married,  June,  1847,  to  Thomas  P.  Collins;  three  children  living. 


CLAPP,  AMELIA  P.,  .        .  .  .  Easthampton,  Mass.,       .  .  1844 

COOPER,  ELIZABETH  M.,  .  .  West  Springfield,  Mass.,  .  1844 

CARPENTER,  HARRIET  M.,*  .  .  Greenfield,  Mass.,    .         .  .  1844 

CUSIIMAN,  MARY,*   ....  Bernardston,  Mass.,        .  .  1844 

COLTON,  PIIEBE  M.,*       .  .  .  West  Springfield,  Mass.,  .  1845 

CHAPIX.  WELTHA  A,       .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1846 

COOLEY,  LAURA  G.,          .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass,      .        .  .  1846 

CASE,  ABBY  C.,        .        .  .  .  Norwich,  Conn.,      .        .  .  1847 

COLTOX,  HARRIET  N.,  .  .  West  Springfield,  Mass., 

Taught  In  West  Springfield  two  terras;  Jamaica,  L.  I.,  three  terms;  and  Sing 
Sing,  N.  Y.,  three  terras,  before  1852;  taught  in  Sing  Sing  Union  Free  School, 
January,  1859-89.  Married  Burgher  Van  Horn,  1852;  one  daughter  and  two 
grandchildren.  33  Ellis  Place,  Sing  Sing,  N.  Y. 

CLARK,  CLEORA  C.,  .        .        .        .  Montgomery,  Mass.,  .  .  1847 

CHURCH,  EUNICE  A.,  .        .  Hubbardston,  Mass.,  .  .  1848 

COWLES,  LAURA  L.,.         .        .         .  Tolland,  Mass.,        .  .  .  1848 

CHAMBERLAIN,  JENNIE  S.,       .        .  Worcester,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1848 

CHANDLER,  CAROLINE  M.,*  .  Montague,  Mass.,    .  .  .  1848 

CHAPIN,  MARY,         ....  Greenfield,  Mass.,   .  .  .  1848 

COLBY,  LUCY  A.,*  ....  Danvers,  Mass.,       .  .  .  1848 

CHAMBERLAIN,  ELIZABETH  E.,         .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1849 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  and  Providence,  R.  I. ;  in  a  private  school,  Provi- 
dence, R.  I.,  1889;  has  done  missionary  and  Sunday-school  work;  member  of 
the  C.  L.  S.  C.  10  Dexter  Street,  Providence,  R.  I. 

CHENERY,  ELIZABETH  W.,       .        .     Montague,  Mass.,    .        .        .     1849 
COLLINS,  JOSEPHINE 'A., .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1849 

Mrs.  Edward  Hall,  Orange,  N.  J. 

COOLEY,  PERSIS  M.,         .        .        .  Sunderland,  Mass., .  .  .  1849 

COOK,  JANE  R.,        ....  Franklin,  Mass.,      .  .  .  1849 

Cox,  ELLEN  A.,       .        .        .        .  Maiden,  Mass.,        .  .  .  1849 

CLAPP,  CHARLOTTE  W.,  .         .        .  Montague,  Mass.,    .  .  .  1849 

CLARY,  MARY  A.,    ....  Deerfleld,  Mass.,      .  .  .  1849 

CHAPMAN,  MARGARET  F.,         .         .  Becket,  Mass.,         .  .  .  1849 

CHAPMAN,  HARRIET  E.,    .        .        .  Southampton,  Mass.,  .  .  1849 

Taught  in  Southampton,  Ilolyoke,  West  Springfield  and  South  Deerfield;  in 
all,  seven  years. 

Cox,  MARTHA  M Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1849 

COOK,  LYDIA  A.  M.,         .        .         .  New  Salem,  Mass., .  .  .  1850 

CLARKE.  A.  SOPHIA,         .        .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1850 

CARR,  MARY  J.,  Whitinsville,  Mass.,  .  .  1851 

Taught  in  Uxbridge,  Mass.,  one  year.  Married,  1857,  to  Deacon  Luther  Hill 
of  East  Douglas,  Mass. 

CODDING,  SARAH  P.,*  .  .     South  Egremont,  Mass.,          .     1851 

Taught  successfully  a  few  years.  Married  Alfred  Hubbard  in  1S65;  moved  to 

Le  Roy,  Genesee  County,  N.  Y.,  where  she  died  Aug.  1,  1868,  leaving  one 

CLAPP,  ELECTA,        ....     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .         .     1852 

Dressmaker.  Married  L.  C.  Avery,  1858;  step-mother  to  three  children. 
Easthampton,  Mass. 


CLEAVES,  ANN  M.,  .         .         .         .  Rockport,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1852 

CHAPIN,  SARAH,        ....  Uxbridge,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1852 

CHILSOX,  MARY  A.,.        .        .        .  Clarksburg,  Mass., .  .  .  1852 

CLARK,  DELIA  E.,     .        .        .        .  East  Granville,  Mass.,  .  .  1852 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  four  years;  Independence,  Iowa,  two  years;  and  in 
private  school,  Iowa,  two  years.  Married  J.  F.  Coy  of  Independence,  Iowa,  in 

CLARK,  SARAH,          ....     Easthampton,  Mass.,       .        .     1853 
CLARK,  ELLEN  M.,*.         .        .         .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .         .         .     1853 

Taught  in  West  Springfield,  Montgomery  and  Southampton,  Mass.  Died  in 
August,  1859. 

CLARK,  MARY  A.,     .         .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .         .     1853 

Taught  in  Feeding  Hills,  Montgomery,  Iluntington,  Easthampton,  Hadley, 
"Westfield  and  West  Springfield,  Mass.,  and  in  Enfield,  Conn.;  in  all,  twenty 

CLEMMER,  SARAH  E.,  .         .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1852 

Mrs.  N.  Dana  Wells,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

CHAPMAN,  EMMA  L.,        .         .        .     Becket,  Mass.,         .  .  .  1853 

CARPENTER,  HANNAH  F.,         .         .     Ware,  Mass.,  ....  1854 

CHURCH,  CAROLINE  E.,    .         .        .     Great  Barrington,  Mass  ,  .  1854 

Mrs.  John  B.  Bristol,  1  East  28th  Street,  ifew  York  City. 

CARLTON,  ORA  A.,    .        .        .        .     Lunenburg,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1854 

CUMMINGS,  EMMA,    ....     Townsend,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1854 

Mrs.  Jonas  Spalding,  Townsend  Harbor,  Mass. 

CHANEY,  MARY  L.,  .        .         .        .     Potsdam,  N.  Y.,      .  .  .  1854 

CHASE,  MARY  C.,     .        .         .         .     Lancaster,  Mass.,    .  .  .  1854 

COKER,  CHARLOTTE  P.,    .         .        .     Newburyport,  Mass.,  .  .  1854 

CROUCH,  EMILY  E.,          .        .         .     Russell,  Mass.,        .  .  .  1854 

Taught  in  Russell,  Westfield,  Southwick,  Belchertown,  Mass.,  Enfield,  Conn. ; 
in  1864  went  South  with  nine  others,  and  taught  colored  people  two  years; 
taught,  in  all,  nineteen  years.  Married,  in  1871,  to  W.  P.  Simons  of  Enfield, 
Conn.,  who  died  in  1881.  Care  of  Joseph  Merriman,  East  Hartford,  Conn. 

CHAMBERLAIN,  CHARLOTTE  A.,        .     Templeton,  Mass.,  .        .        .     1854 
CAMPBELL,  JANE  P.,         .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass,      .        .        .     1854 

Taught  in  Paxton,  Springfield,  Agawam,  Southwick  and  Westfield,  Mass.,  six 
years.  Married,  in  1860,  to  John  Edgar;  three  sons. 

CROCKER,  AMELIA  A.,      .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .         .     1854 
CHAPIN,  M.  MARGARETTE,       .        .     Chicopee,  Mass.,      .         .        .     1849 

Mrs.  J.  F.  Kealley,  Chicopee,  Mass. 

COLTON,  JANE  E.,    .         .        .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1852 

CLAPP,  CLARISSA  J.,         .        .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1851 

DAY,  FRANCES  W Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .1844 

DOUGLASS,  MARY  E.,*     .        .        .  Westfield,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1844 

DANE,  LUCY  A.,                .        .         .  Brookfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1844 

DAY,  MARIA, West  Springfield,  Mass  ,  .  1845 

DURANT,  ELIZABETH,        .         .        .  South  Hadley,  Mass.,  .  .  1846 

DAVIS,  ELLEN  R.,     .        .         .        .  Worcester,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1846 

DAILBY,  ELIZABETH  A.,   .        .        .  Sheffield,  Mass.,       .  .  .  1848 



DAVIS,  HAKKIET  W.,*  .        .     Hubbardston,  Mass.,       .        .     1848 

DICKERMAN,  ELLEN  M.,  .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1848 

Taught  in  Westfleld,  Muss.,  twenty  weeks,  and  in  South  Wilbraham  (now 
Hampden)  six  weeks.  Married,  1851,  to  John  8.  Beebe  of  New  Orleans,  La.; 
three  children  living.  27  Noble  Avenue,  Westfleld,  Mass. 

DAVIS,  MARY  F.,      .        .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,    .        .        .     1849 

Mrs.  Charles  Peck,  New  Britain,  Conn. 

DOANE,  MARY  E.,*  .        .        .         .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .         .        .     1849 
DAY,  JANE  A., Springfield,  Mass.,  .         .         .     1850 

Mrs.  Abner  Wheeler,  Ayer,  Mass. . 

DICKINSON,  JULIA  A.,      .        .        .     Springfield,  Mass.,  .        .        .     1850 
DEWEY,  MARIA  C.,  .        .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1851 

Taught  six  years;  principal  of  "Model  School"  in  Westtield,  Mass.     Mar- 
•     rled,  1855,  to  Samuel  S.  Dexter;  four  children.    Orange,  Mass. 

DEWEY,  MARY  A.,  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1852 

DODGE,  LUCIXA  E.,          .        .        .     Charlton,  Mass.,      .         .        .     1852 

Post-graduate  in  1856;  taught  in  Webster,  Mass.,  three  years;  Leorainster  and 
North  Leorainster,  six  years;  Prison  for  Women,  Sherborn,  Mass.,  five  years; 
at  work  In  State  Industrial  School,  Lancaster,  Mass.,  seven  years;  and  in  Mid- 
dle-town, Conn.,  two  years.  North  Leominster,  Mass. 

DURANT,  CAROLINE  M.,  .        .        .     Northampton,  Mass.,      .        .     1852 

Taught  in  Northampton,  Mass.,  three  years.  Married  George  T.  Van  Arsdale 
in  1865;  three  sons.  Racine,  Wis. 

DEANE,  HELEN  C.,  .        .        .        .     North  Adams,  Mass.,       .        .     1852 
DAYTON,  MARY  T.,.        .        .         .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .         .         .     1853 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Wilbraham,  Russell  and  Southwick,  Mass.,  and  in 
Milford,  N.  J.  Married  George  C.  Landon  in  1860.  Frenchtowu,  N.  J. 

DAVIS,  HARRIET  E.,         .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .         .        .     1855 

Taught  in  Sterling,  Mass.,  one  year;  Holyoke  High  School,  two  years;  West- 
fleld Flteh  School,  two  years.'  Married,  in  1866,  to  Thomas  B.  Stockwell  of 
Providence,  R.  I.;  three  boys.  20  Cooke  Street. 

Dow,  ELEANOR  A.,  .        .         .         .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .         .         .  1853 
Mrs.  T.  J.  Sanderson,  Fitchburg,  Mass. 

DEWEY,  HARRIET  S.,*     .        .        .  Lenox,  Mass. 1851 

DEWEY,  FRANCES  H.,  .        .  Lenox,  Mass.,  ....  1851 

DOUGLASS,  HELEN,*         .        .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,    .        .        .  1851 

EASTMAN,  SARAH  S.,*       .   *     .         .  Granby,  Mass 1844 

EATON,  SARAH  E.,    .         .        .         .  Brookfleld,  Mass.,  .         .        .  1844 

EUSTIS,  MARY  S.,*  ....  Northampton,  Mass.,       .         .  1844 

ELY,  ELIZABETH  A.,         .        .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1845 

Mrs.  Rev.  S.  O.  Dyer.- 

EASTMAN,  FRANCES  E.,    .  .  .  Granby,  Mass.,        .         .  .  1846 

ELLIS,  HANNAH,        ....  Boston,  Mass 1848 

E  WING,  CHARLOTTE  A.,*  .  .  .  West  Springfield,  Mass  ,  .  1848 

EASTMAN,  CLARA  R.,*  .  .  Granby,  Mass.,        .        .  .  1849 

EATON,  CHARLOTTE,         .  .  .  Worcester,  Mass.,  .        .  .  1849 

EGGLESTON,  JANE  S.,       .  .  .  Torrington,  Conn., .         .  .  1849 


ELDRIDGE,  CORDELIA  H.,         .        .     Williamstown,  Mass.,     .         .     1849 

Taught  in  Williamstown  four  years,  and  in  New  Jersey  one  year.  Married 
Thomas  Sabin  in  1865;  three  children.  South  Williamstown,  Mass. 

EDWARDS,  CAROLINE,       .        .        .     Southampton,  Mass.,       .        .     1852 

Taught  in  Southampton,  Mass.,  one  year;  in  Avon,  Conn.,  three  years;  in 
Alton,  111.,  two  years;  one  term  each  in  Amherst  and  Westhampton,  Mass.,  and 
four  terms  in  Easthampton,  Mass.;  attended  Mrs.  B.B.Edwards'  private  school 
at  Andover,  Mass.;  member  of  the  school  board  of  Southampton,  Mass.,  four 
years;  newspaper  correspondent  in  historical  line. 

ELLERY,  SARAH  E.,.        .         .        .     Gloucester,  Mass.,  .        .        .     1853 

Taught  in  Scranton,  Penn.,  Brooklyn,  N.  J.,  Stafford  Springs,  Coiin.j  and 
Franklin  College,  Holly  Springs,  Miss.;  in  all,  about  thirty  years.  26  Pleasant 
Street,  Gloucester,  Mass. 

ELLERY,  ELIZA  J.,  .  .  .  .  Gloucester,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1853 
ENSIGN,  SARAH  L.,  .  .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1846 

Left  the  school  in  1849,  and  taught  nearly  three  years,  then  returned  to  the 
school;  taught  in  Maplewood  Institute,  Pittsfleld,  Mass.,  five  years;  now  prin- 
cipal of  Institute  for  Young  Ladies  in  New  Haven,  Conn.,  since  1870.  Married 
Henry  8.  Cady  of  Springfield,  Mass.,  in  1850;  three  daughters. 

EMORY,  ANNA  M.,  .  .  .  .  North  Brookfleld,  Mass.,  .  1853 
FENTON,  ANJANETTE  B  ,  .  .  Palmer,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1844 
FOWLER,  ELIZABETH  P.,  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1844 

Taught  seven  terms ;  attended  Easthampton  Seminary.  Married,  in  1850,  to 
Daniel  Munson  of  Westfield,  Mass.;  one  child  living.  Now  living  in  Syracuse, 
N.  Y. 

FERRY,  REBECCA  S.,*       .        .         .  Chicopee,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1845 

FULLER,  AUGUSTA  C.,               .        .  Springfield,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1846 

FISKE,  MIRIAM  L.,    ....  Upton,  Mass.,.         .  .  .  1847 

FLETCHER,  HATTIE  N.,     .        .         .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1847 

Taught  in  Suffield,  Conn.,  Salem,  N.  J.,  Flushing,  L.  I.,  and  Lee  and  West- 
field,  Mass.;  in  all,  eleven  years.  Married  L.  R.Norton  in  1858;  one  son.  48 
Broad  Street,  Westfield,  Mass. 

FARWELL,  LUCY  W. ,*      .         .         .  Maryborough,  Mass.,  .  .  1849 

FAY,  SARAH  A.,        .         .         .         .  Westborough,  Mass.,  .  .  1849 

FAY,  MAUY  J Sturbridge,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1849 

FISKE,  GEORGIANNA  B.,  .         .         .  Upton,  Mass.,.        .  .  .  1849 

FAIRBANK,  ADALINE,         .        .         .  .Worcester,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1849 

FORWARD,  FRANCES  E  ,  .        .        .  Southwick,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1849 

Taught  two  terms.    Married  Hinsdale  Smith  of  Springfield,  Mass. 

FREHLAND,  CHARLOTTE  P.,  .  Ilopkinton,  Mass.,  .        .         .  1850 

FIELD,  MARY  E.,  .         .         .  Salem,  Mass., .         .        .         .  1850 

FIELD,  SARAH  H.,     ....  Salem,  Mass.,  ....  1850 

FULLER,  SOPHRONIA  M.,          .        .  Lancaster,  Mass.,    .        .        .  1851 

Taught  in  Lancaster,  Oxford  and  Leominster,  Mass. ;  worked  with  W.  C.  T.  U. 
fourteen  years.  Married  Horatio  Bailey  in  1856. 

FRY,  FLORILLA  A.,  .        .        .        .     Athol,  Mass.,  ....     1852 

Mrs.  George  W.  Dexter,  Orange,  Mass. 

FERRY,  HARRIET  E.,        .        .         .     Northampton,  Mass.,      .        .     1852 


FLAGG,  MARY  M.,     ....     Berlin,  Mass., .         .        .  .  1853 
Mrs.  Graeeey,  Northborough,  Mass. 

FOOTE,  FRANCES  M.,*      .        .        .     Great  Barrington,  Mass.,  .  1854 

Taught  till  her  marriage,  in  1863,  to  Andrew  Clark.  Died,  in  1870,  Great 
Barrington,  Mass. 

GATES,  HARRIET  H.,         .        .        .     Wilbraham,  Mass., .        .  .  1844 

GOODEIJ,,  SARAH  J.,         .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1844 

GATES.  CLARISSA  M.,*               .         .     Richmond,  Mass.,    .  .  1840 

GOODRICH,  CHARLOTTE  E.,*    .        .    Pittsfleld,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1848 

GRANGER,  LEONORA  E.,  .        .        .    Tolland,  Mass.,       .        .  .  1848 

Married  in  May,  1851,  to  Alexander  Sheldon,  lawyer,  of  Randolph,  N\  Y., 
who  died  in  1866;  three  children.  219  Foots  Avenue,  Jamestown,  N.  Y. 

GILBERT,  ELVIRA  P.,       .        .        .     West  Brookfleld,  Mass.,  .  1849 

GARDNER,  MARIA  E.,       .         .         .     Fall  River,  Mass.,   .         .  .  1850 

GOULDING,  CYNTHIA  K.,          .        .     Phillipston,  Mass.,  .        .  .  1850 

GIBBONS,  MARY  E.,*        .         .         .     East  Granville,  Mass.,     .  .  1850 

GIBBS,  MARY  E.,              .        .         .     Williamstotvn,  Mass.,      .  .  1850 

GOULDING,  AGNES  S.,      .        .        .     Phillipston,  Mass.,  .        .  .  1850 

GRANGER,  JANE  T.,          .  ' .    .        .     Southfleld,  Mass.,    .        .  .  1851 

Mrs.  Jane  G.  Harrison,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

GRAVES,  ELIZABETH  A.,*.        .         .     Northampton,  Mass.,       .  .  1851 

GAYLORD,  MALAH  B.,               .        .     Westfield,  Mass.,     .         .  .  1852 

GILBERT,  CATHARINE,       .        .        .     West  Brookfleld,  Mass. ,.  .  1853 

GATES,  ADALINE,      ....     Richmond,  Mass.,    .         .  .  1853 

GARDNER,  SARAH  P.  II.,          .         .     Fall  River,  Mass.,    .         .  .  1854 

GREEN,  MARY  M.,*  .         .        .         .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1854 

Taught  in  Westfield  and  Greenfield,  Mass.  Married  to  Royal  C.  Cowles  in 
1861 ;  two  children.  Died  in  1879. 

GRIFFIN,  ANNA,        ....     Gloucester,  Mass.,  .        .  .  1854 

HENDRICK,  AZUBAH  S,    .        .        .     West  Springfield,  Mass.,  .  1844 

HAMILTON,  MARILLA  A.,  .        .        .     Chester,  Mass.,        .        .  .  1844 

HALE,  LAURA,* Westfleld,  Mass.,     .         .  .  1845 

HAMILTON,  ELEANOR  E.,          .         .     Tolland,  Mass.,        .        .  .  1845 

HOLCOMB,  EMILY  E.,               .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1845 

HERRICK,  ESTHER  M.,      .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .       '.  .  1845 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.  Married  twice.  Mrs.  H.  C.  Vincy,  Westfield, 

HARTWELL,  SARAH  L.,*   .        .         .     Northampton,  Mass,        .  .  1845 

HOWE,  ANN  S West  Springfield,  Mass.,  .  1846 

Taught  in  Holyoke  and  vicinity  one  and  one-half  years;  taught  in  West 
Lebanon,  Ind.,  two  years.  Married,  in  1852,  to  A.  8.  Fleming.  West  Lebanon, 

HALI.ADAY,  ELIZA  C.,                .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1846 

See  under  Teachers. 

HUBBARD,  CLARISSA  J.,*  .         .         .     South  Deerfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  1846 

HILL,  MARY  S.,*      ....     Upton,  Mass., .        .        .  .  1847 

Married,  June,  1854,  to  II.  L.  Fiske.    Died  September,  1888,  leaving  two  sons. 




Taught  in   Westficld,  Mass. 
Grange,  111. 


.  Westflelcl,  Mass. ,     .  .  .1847 

Married  twice;  now  Mrs.  F.  D.  Cossitt,  La 

.  Montague,  Mass.,    .  .  .     1847 

.  Bernardston,  Mass.,  .  .     1848 

.  Montague,  Mass.,    .  .  .     1848 

.  Springfield,  Mass.,  .  .  .     1848 

.  Southwick,  Mass.,  .  .  .     1848 

Taught  in  Southwick  and  Westfield,  Mass.,  two  years;  in  St.  Croix,  Wis., 
and  St.  Paul,  Minn.,  two  years.  Married,  in  1860,  to  Rev.  Charles  Willett;  one 
son.  Westfield,  Mass. 


Mrs.  W.  S.  Bush,  Westfleld,  Mass. 

HOSMER,  MARTHA  J.,       . 
HARRIS,  MARY  A.,    . 





•  Mrs.  David  Atkins,  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

HOWE,  SARAH  H.,  . 

Mrs.  Alfred  Dewey,  Oakland,  Cal. 

HOWE,  SARAH  E.,     . 

Has  given  some  private  instruction, 
Leominster,  Mass. 

HOLDER,  PHEBE  A.,          .        .        .     Berlin,  Mass.,  . 

Taught  in  Lee  high  school  from  1856  to  1862;  in  Berlin,  four  years;  Hudson, 
one  year;  Norwood,  half  a  year;  Hinsdale  high  school,  three  years;  before 
graduatingj  taught  in  Berlin,  Gloucester,  Ashby  and  New  Jersey ;  taught,  in  all, 
about  thirty  years;  graduated  from  the  Chautanqua  course  in  1885;  written 
poetry  and  prose  for  publication.  Hude-on,  Maes. 

HOLDER,  MARY  H.,  .        .        .        .     Berlin,  Mass., .        .        .        .     1854 

Taught  in  Berlin  four  years;  Walpole,  one  year;  Gloucestrr,  one  year;  Green- 
land, N.  H.,  one  term;  private  teacher  in  family  of  Hon.  8.  II.  Howe,  Bolton, 
Mass.,  ten  years;  in  family  of  Judge  Dewey,  Worcester,  Mass.,  two  years;  in 
family  of  Hon.  Charles  G.  Stevens,  Clinton,  Mass.,  two  years.  In  family  of 
Daniel  Dewey,  Esq.,  Newton," Mass.,  in  ]889. 

Westtiekl,  Mass.,     . 

Westfield,  Mass.,     . 
Montague,  Mass.,    . 
Montague,  Mass.,    . 
Southampton,  Mass., 
Bethel,  Vt.,      . 
Chicopee,  Mass., 
New  Marlborough,  Mass., 
New  Marlborough,  Mass., 
Northampton,  Mass., 
Great  Barrington,  Mass., 
Westfleld,  Mass.,     . 

Montgomery,  Mass., 
Westfield,  Mass.,     . 

Shrewsbury,  Mass., 
Lunenburg,  Mass.,  . 
Lunenburg,  Mass.,  . 
but  has  had  mainly  care  of  "old  ladies. 







Mrs.  Wood,  Louisville,  Ky. 

Westfleld,  Mass., 



IDE,  MARY, Rowe,  Mass.,  ....     1851 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  three  terms;  Vermont,  two  terms;  Iowa,  three 
terms;  and  taught  her  children  until  they  entered  preparatory  department  of 
Cornell  College.  Married,  in  1856,  to  L.  H.  Mason,  who  in  1863  was  victim  of 
Civil  War;  two  children.  Mt.  Vernon,  Iowa. 

IXGKAM,  FANNIE  H.,        .  .  .  Leverett,  Mass.,       .        .         .  1854 

JOHNSON,  MARY  W.,        .  .  .  Becket,  Mass.,         .        .         .  1846 

JOHNSON,  CHAHITY  W.,  .  .  .  Becket,  Mass.,         .        .        .  1846 

JOHNSON,  CAROLINE  H.,  .  .  .  South  Williamstown,  Mass.,  .  1853 

Taught  in  Westfleld,  Williamstown  and  Hadley,  Mass.,  five  years.  Married, 
in  1860,  to  Frederick  Bell  of  Hadley,  Mass.;  four  children. 

JACKSON,  SARAH  M.,        .         .        .     Stockbridge,  Mass.,         .         .    t 

JACOBS,  CELINDA,     ....     Thompson,  Conn.,  .        .         .  1854 

JOHNSON,  SARAH  M.,               .        .     Stockbridge,  Mass.,        .        .  1854 

JOHNSON,  AMELIA  H.,      .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1852 

KNOWLES,  PHEBE  A.,                .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1844 

Mrs.  J.  R.  Glad  win,  Westfield,  Mass. 

KINGSLEY,  MARTHA  B.,*.        .        .     Northampton,  Mass.,       .        .  1846 

KING,  ELIZABETH  P.,               .        .     Russell,  Mass.,        .        .        .  1849 

KEYES,  MARY  J.,              .         .         .     Berlin,  Mass., ....  1853 

Taught  in  Berlin,  Mas*.,  and  vicinity,  in  Framingham,  Mass.,  and  in  Virginia 
among  the  colored  people;  in  all,  about  ten  years;  now  has  home  pupils. 

KNOWLTON,  SARAH  S.,*  .        .        .     Auburn,  Mass.,        .        .        .     1853 

Taught  in  North  Oxford,  Mass.,  Central  Falls,  R.  I.,  and  Xorth  Attleborough, 
Mass.  Married,  in  1856,  to  William  8.  Wood;  one  child.  Died  in  I860,  aged 
twenty-three  years. 

KNOWLES,  SARAH  L.,*     .         .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .         .     1854 

KELLOGG,  LAURA,     .    '     .        .        .     South  Hadley,  Mass.,  .         .     1852 

LOOMIS,  REBECCA,    ....     Russell,  Mass.,         .  .        .     1844 

LEE,  ELIZABETH  1).,*       .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .        .     18,44 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Agawam,  Chesterfield  and  Springfield,  Mass.  Married, 
in  1849,  to  Noadiah  E.  Smith.  Died  in  1851,  aged  twenty-three  years. 

LYMAN,  MARY  A Chester,  Mass.,        .         .         .     1845 

LOVELAND,  LARISSA  M.,*         .        .     Middletteld,  Mass.,  .        .        .     1848 

Taught  in  Middlefield,  Mass.,  and  other  towns,  two  or  three  years.  Married, 
about  1854,  to  Willard  D.  Carpenter;  taught  in  high  school,  Yonkers,  N.  Y., 
till  1880  or  1881.  Died  of  cancer,  in  Yonkers,  N.  Y.,  1883. 

LYLE,  MARY, Williamstown,  Mass.,  .  .  1849 

LEE,  AURELJA  M.,    ....  Pelham,  Mass.,        .  .  .  1851 

LOOMIS,  JULIET  A  ,*        .        .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1852 

LOOMIS,  MARIA  H  ,  .         .         .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1854 

LOOMIS,  CLARISSA  J.,  .        .  Southwick,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1854 

LYMAN,  MYRA  E.,*  ....  Southampton,  Mass.,  .  .  1854 

Taught  most  of  the  time  till  December,  1858,  when  she  was  Solomon 
Richards  of  Unionville,  Conn.,  where  she  resided  till  her  death,  in  April,  1872. 

LORISG,  SARAH  J.,  .        .        .        .     Great  Barrington,  Mass.,        .     1854 

Taught  in  Great  Barrington  and  Sheffield,  Mass.,  eight  years.  Married,  in 
1864,  to  E.  L.  Boardman;  two  children,  one  a  graduate  of  Mt.  Holyoke  Semi- 
nary. SheftieM,  Mass. 


MARTINDALE,  MINERVA  S.,      .        .     Greenfield,  Mass.,    .        .        .     1844 

Taught  in  Greenfield,  Mass.,  two  years.  Married,  in  1857,  to  Chester  A.  Bas- 
com ;  has  one  sen ;  attended  Mt.  Holyoke  Seminary  one  year.  Greenfield,  Mass. 

MORGAN,  MARY  A.,          .        .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1844 

MORGAN,  SUSAN,      ....  Oxford,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1846 

MORGAN,  LUCY Westfleld,  Mass.,  •  .  .  1847 

MARTINDALE,  JULIA  R.,    .         .        .  Greenfield,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1845 

MOSELEY,  FLA  VIA  J.,                .        .  Westfield,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1845 

Taught  in  Westfield  one  year,  Huntingtorj  one  year,  and  in  Springfield,  Mass., 
eight  years.  Married,  in  I860,  to  Josiah  C.  Robinson;  one  son  living,  a  graduate 
of  Williams  College  in  1886.  Westfield,  Mass. 

MOSELEY,  LYDIA  N.,*  .        .     Westfield,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1846 

See  under  Teachers. 
MOSELEY,  ADELIA,*.        .        .         .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1846 

Mrs.  Owen  Rockwell. 

MILLARD,  BETSEY  A.,               .        .  North  Adams,  Mass.,      .  .  1846 

MOSMAN,  MARY Chicopee,  Mass.,      .        .  .  1846 

MARCH,  LUCLNA,       ....  Brimfield,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1847 

MCGREGORY,  ANGELINE,  .        .        .  East  Longmeadow,  Mass.,  .  1847 

MARCY,  ELIZABETH  JF.,*  .        .        .  Otis,  Mass.,     ....  1848 

MALLORY,  MARGERY  A.  .        .        .  Russell,  Mass.,        .        .  .  1848 

MERWIN,  GRATIA  F.,        .         .        .  Westfield,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1849 

MANN,  ALZINA,          ....  Westminster,  Mass.,       .  .  1850 

MORTON,  SARAH  A.  V.,*         .        .  Hadley,  Mass.,         .        .  .  1850 

MERRILL,  JULIA  A.,          .        .        .  North  Hartford,  Conn.,  .  .  1850 

METCALF,  MARY  C.,         .        .        .  Franklin,  Mass.,      .         .  .  1850 

MORSE,  LESTEYRIE,*         .        .        .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .  .  1850 

Never  able  to  teach.  Married,  in  1867,  to  Charles  8.  Thompson  of  Chicago. 
Died  July,  1882,  leaving  one  daughter. 

MCGREGORY,  HORTENTIA,        .        .     East  Longmeadow,  Mass.,  .  1850 

MINER,  SARAH  C.,*  .        .        .        .     Clinton,  Mass.,        .        .  .  1851 

Married  in  1855  or  1856,  and  died  one  year  after. 

MUZZY,  MATILDA,     ....     Worcester,  Mass.,  .        .  .  1856 

Taught  in  Brimfield,  Mass.,  three  years;  Warren,  Mass.,  one  term;  and  Deer- 
field,  Mass.,  one  term.  34  Chatham  Street,  Worcester,  Mass. 

MILLER,  SARAH  E.,  .        .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1852 

Taught  in  Royalston,  Templeton  and  Athol,  Mass.,  four  years;  an  invalid 
many  years.  Royalston,  Mass. 

MILLER,  SUSAN  M.,.        .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     . 

Married  Rev.  Mr.  Austin. 

METCALF,  MARY  M.,  .  .  .  Blackstone,  Mass.,  .        .  .  1853 

METCALF,  HANNAH  E.,  .  .  .  Blackstone,  Mass.,  .        .  .  1853 

MARBLE,  MARY  A.,*  .  .  .  Charlton,  Mass.,      .        .  .  1853 

MIXER,  LOUISA  H., .  .  .  .  Clinton,  Mass.,        .        .  .  1854 

MARTYN,  SUSAN  M.,*  .  .  South  Attleborough,  Mass.,  .  1854 


MASON,  FANNIE  C.,  .        .        .        .     Southbridge,  Mass.,        .        .     1854 

Taught  in  the  public  schools  of  Massachusetts  twenty-five  years;  in  educa- 
tional institution  in  Barre,  Mass.,  and  House  of  Kefuge,  Harlem,  New  York 
City  ;  missionary  in  Worcester,  Mass.,  nine  years.  127  Pleasant  Street,  Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

MILLER.  EMMA  B. Westfleld,  Mass 1854 

NOBLE,  SARAH  A.,   /       .        .        .     Granby,  Conn.,        .        .        .     1854 

NKWCOMB,  ANTOINETTE,  .         .         .     Greenfield,  Mass 1846 

NOBLK,  MARGARET  A.,  .  .  .  Washington,  Mass,.  .  .  1846 
NOBLE,  MARGARET  A.,*  .  ...  Westfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1846 
NEWTON,  ESTHER  A.,  .  .  Southvvick,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1847 

NEWTON,  MARY  W.,  .  .  .  Northampton,  Mass.,  .  .  1853 
NORTON,  HARRIET  P.,  .  .  Otis,  Mass.,  ....  1847 

NORTON,  AURELIA  R.,  .  .  .  New  Marlborough,  Mass.,  .  1850 
NORTON,  JULIA  C.,  .  .  .  .  Westhampton,  Mass.,  .  .  1846 
NEWMAN,  HENRIETTA  J.,  .  .  Egremont,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1852 
NICHOLS,  FANNIE,  ....  Charlton,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1852 
NUTTING,  ADELIA  M.,  .  .  .  Leverett,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1854 
NORWOOD,  MARY  B.,  .  .  Washington,  Mass.,  .  .  1S50 

OWEN,  CHARLOTTE  E.,     .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1844 

Mrs.  C.  K.  Weller,  Westfleld,  Mass. 

OWEN,  LUCINDA  B.,         ...     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1851 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Holyoke  and  West  Springfield,  Mass.,  eleven  years. 
Married,  in  1865,  to  Alvin  Humaston,  Westfield,  Mass.;  one  child. 

OSBORN,  LIZZIE  C.,.  .  .  .  Holyoke,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1854 

PULSIFER,  LAURA  A.,*  .  '  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1844 

PURPLE,  MARTHA  M.,  .  .  .  Bernardston,  Mass.,  .  .  1844 

PARKER,  HARRIET  G.,  .  .  Montague,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1846 

PARMENTER,  ALTHEA,  .  .  .  Bernardston,  Mass.,  .  .  1846 
Taught  twenty-four  terms  in  Vermont,  in  Wendell,  Bernardston,  Greenfield 

and  Sunderland,  Mass.  Married,  in  1870,  lo  Alanson  Hubbard  of  Sunderland, 


PARTRIDGE,  FANNIE,  .  .  .  Northampton,  Mass.,  .  .  1846 
PEASE,  CLARA,  ....  Westfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1847 

PALMER,  JANE  M.,    .        .        .        .     Southvvick,  Mass.,  .         .        .     1848 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  two  years;  Blandford,  Mass.,  one  year.  Married 
William  Stannard  in  1851 ;  four  children  living.  128  Lunenburg  Street,  Fitch- 
burg,  Mas*. 

PARTRIDGE,  SARAH  P.,     .        .        .     Carabridgeport,  Mass.,   .        .     1848 

Taught  in  1849-50,  Cambridgeport,  Mass.;  1850-51,  Cincinnati,  O.;  1851-52, 
Dayton  Female  Seminary,  O.  Married,  in  1852,  to  Ainsworth  R.  Spofford, 
librarian  (cince  1861)  of  Congress,  Washington,  D.  C.;  three  children.  1621 
Massachusetts  Avenue,  Washington,  D.  C. 

PIIIPPS,  MARY  J.,     .        .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     

Taught  in  Plymouth,  Conn.,  Montague  and  South  Maiden,  Mass.,  two  years. 
Married,  in  1852,  to  C.  A.  Richardson;  two  children,  tive  grandchildren.  Chel- 
sea, Mans. 

PIERCE,  SARAH  L.,  .        .        .     Montague,  Mass.,    .         .        .     1848 

PIERCE,  JANE  E.,*    ....     Montague,  Mass.,    .         .        .     1848 


PALMER,  JANE  A.,  .  .  .  .  Otis,  Mass.,  ....  1848 
PHELPS,  HARRIET  E.,  .  .  Dundaff,  Penn.,  .  .  .  1849 
PROCTER,  SARAH  M Townsend,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1854 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  Illinois,  Georgia  and  South  Carolina;  in  all,  over 
thirty  years.  In  1878,  married  to  Ralph  Ball  of  Townsend,  Mass. 

PROCTER,  MALVINA,          .        .        .     Townsend,  Mass.,  .        .        .     

Taught  in  Massachusetts  and  New  York ;  in  all,  over  twenty  years.  Married 
John  8.  Augur  in  1863.  Norfolk,  N.  Y. 

PROCTER,  LYDIA  C.,  To\wisend,  Mass.,  .        .        . 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  twenty -seven  years,  more  than  half  in  Chelsea.  Mar- 
ried James  P.  Farley  of  Chelsea,  Mass.,  in  1877. 

PELTON,  EMILY  E.,  .        .        .     Great  Barringtou,  Mass.,        .     1849 

PUTNAM,  SARAH  E..  .  .  .  Orange,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1850 
POMEROY,  ELIZABETH  H.,  .  .  Suffield,  Conn.,  .  .  .  1851 

Taught  in  Suftield,  Conn.,  one  year;  Carroll  County,  111.,  two  years.  Mar- 
ried, in  1858,  to  William  G.  Fielder;  two  daughters.  Muskegan,  Mich. 

POMEROY,  MARY  L.,        .        .        .     Sunderland,  Mass., .        .        . 

Taught  in  Sunderland,  Mass.,  two  years;  Cannon  Falls,  Minn.,  one  year;  Fall 
River,  Wis.,  one  year;  and  Columbus,  Wis.,  in  the  academy  two  years,  and 
in  the  high  school  three  years.  Married,  in  1863,  to  William  A.  Polley  of 
Columbus,  Wis. 

PHELPS,  JANE  S.,  .  .  .  .  Westfield,  Mass.,  .  .  .1852 

PEASE,  E.  LUCINDA,  .  .  .  Chicopee,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1852 

PEASE,  CORNELIA  H.,*  .  .  .  Westfield,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1852 

POWERS,  PHILENA  E.,  .  .  Greenwich,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1852 
Taught  in  Marshall,  111.,  one  year;  Hilton  Head,  S.  C.,  one  year;  Bainbridge, 

Ga.,  one  year;  and  in  Massachusetts  four  or  five  years.    2  Richard  Street, 

Worcester,  Mass. 

PROUTY,  FANNIE  A.,        ...     Sunderland,  Mass., .        .        .     1852 

Mrs.  Lewis  Fairchild,  Sunderland,  Mass. 

PETTIS,  ELECTA  A.,  .  .  .  Montgomery,  Mass.,  .  .  1853 
PERSSE,  ANNA  M.,  ....  Windsor  Locks,  Conn.,  .  .  1853 
POMEROY,  CHARLOTTE  B.,  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1854 
POMEROY,  CYNTHIA,  .  .  .  Chesterfield,  Mass.,  .  .  1854 
PEPPER,  JULIA  A.,  .  .  .  .  Ware,  Mass.,  ....  fto4 
Taught  in  Ware,  Amherst,  and  three  years  in  Chicopee  high  school,  Chicopee, 

Mass.;  taught,  in  all,  eleven  years.    Married  twice;  one  son.    Now  Mrs.  Julia 

L'Amoureux,  South  Hadley  Falls,  Mass. 

PARSONS,  HELEN  E,,  Goshen,  Mass.,        .         .        .  1854 

PROCTER,  LETTY  A.,        ...  Pepperell,  Mass.,     .                 .  1854 

RICE,  SARAH  A.,               .        .         .  Marlborough,  Mass.,       .        .  1847 

RANSON,  CANDACE  A.,      .        .        .  Otis,  Mass.,     ....  1848 

ROBINSON,  ANN  R.,          .        .        .  Franklin,  Conn.,      .        .        .  1848 

RHODES,  MARGARET  L.,  .        .        .  Uxbridge,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1849 

Taught  eleven  years.  Married,  in  1860,  to  John  D.  Ludden.  641  Wabasha 
Street,  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

ROGERS,  CAROLINE  A.,  .  .  .  Monson,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1849 
Ross,  LAURA  J.,  .  .  .  .  Acton,  Me.,  ....  1850 


RICHARDSON,  NANCY  A.,          .        .     Franklin,  Mass.,      .  .  .  1850 

ROSE,  ELNOR'A  A.,    .        .        .        .     East  Granville,  Mass.,  .  .  1850 

ROUNSEVILLE,  LOUISE  J.,        .        .     Mattapoisett,  Mass.,  .  .  1851 
Mrs.  James  L.  Chapman,  Hartford,  Coon. 

RUSSELL,  JULIA  E.,          .        .        .     Manchester,  Mass.,         .        .     1851 
ROGERS,  SARAH  M.,*  .        .     Worcester,  Mass.,    .        .        .     1854 

Taught  as  long  as  her  health  would  permit. 

RENXE,  FRANCES  E.,  Pittsfield,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1852 

RUSSELL,  JANE  E.,  .  .  .  •  .  Delta,  Ohio,     ....  1852 

ROOT,  ELIZABETH  M.,  .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1854 

SACKETT,  HARRIET  N.,  .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1844 

Taught  in  Westfleld,  Mass.,  six  terms.  Married  in  1876.  Mrs.  8.  G.  South- 
worth,  Chicopee  Falls,  Mass. 

SEPGWICK,  ELIZA  H.,       .        .        .     Palmer,  Mass.,         .         .        .     1844 
SHKPARD,  FRANCES  E.,    .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1844 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Maes.,  New  England  Village  and  Rockport,  Mass.;  in  all, 
eight  years.  Mrs.  Turner  S.  Cleveland,  Salem,  N.  Y. ;  four  sons. 

STEHBINS,  EUNICE,  ....     Granby,  Mass.,        .        .        .     1844 
SLOCTM,  MARION,*  ....     Tolland,  Mass.,        .        .        .     1854 

Taught  from  the  age  of  seventeen  to  her  death,  except  the  time  spent  in  the 
normal  school  and  three  years  of  illness;  taught  in  Sheffield,  Tolland,  New 
Marlborough  and  Grafton ;  after  graduating,  principal  of  English  department, 
Ladies'  Seminary,  Harrisburg,  Penn.,  four  or  five  years;  for  a  short  time  with 
Rev.  Cornell,  D.  D.,  in  Young  Ladies'  Seminary,  Philadelphia;  then  established 
a  similar  school  of  her  own.  Married  Mr.  Forbes  Gilbert,  August,  1863.  Died 
in  1864. 

SLOCCM,  DELIA  A.,  .        .        .        .     Tolland,  Mass.,        .        .        .     1844 

Taught  in  Tolland,  Mass.,  Easton,  Mass.,  one  year;  in  Connecticut  and  Penn- 
sylvania ;  taught,  in  all,  fourteen  years.  Married,  about  1863,  to  David  A.  Depue, 
judge  supreme  court,  Newark,  N.  J.;  four  children. 

SEDGWICK,  ALMIRA  C.,    .         .        .     Palmer,  Mass.,         .        .        .     1844 

Married  Oct.  20,  1847.    Mrs.  A.  L.  Converge,  Warren,  Mass. 
SACKETT,  MARIA  E.,         .         .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1844 

Taught  in  Westfield  and  Southwick  seven  terms,  of  six  to  twenty-six  weeks. 
t  Married,  1849,  to  J.  H.  Heywood.    Boston,  Mass. 

SHERMAN,  FRANCES  A.,    .        .         .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1845 

Taught  in  Westfleld  and  West  Springfield  one  and  one-half  years;  returned 
to  normal  school,  remaining  one  year;  taught  in  Springfield  three  years.  In 
1851,  married  Roland  E.  Dewey  of  Westfield,  Mass.;  he  established  a  select 
school  in  Paterson,  N.  J.,  Mrs.  Dewey  assisting  in  the  school.  Mr.  Dewey  died 
in  1854,  and  the  only  child  died  in  1858.  Taught  in  Green  District  School,  West- 
field,  two  years,  and  about  thirteen  years  in  other  Westfield  schools.  523  Oak 
Park  Avenue,  Oak  Park,  111. 

STEELE,  JULIA  E.,*.         .        .         .     Berlin,  Conn.,  .         .         .        .     1845 

SMEAD,  MARIA  L.,    .        .        .         .     Springfield,  Mass 1845 

SIIEPARD,  CHARLOTTE  G.,*  .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     . 

Taught  in  Westville,  Granville,  Rockport,  Mass.,  and  Wilmington,  Del.;  in 
all,  eight  years;  for  some  time  principal  of  model  school  connected  with  West- 
field  State  Normal  School.  Married  Charles  Hutchins  in  1852.  Died  at  Bos- 
ton, 1871. 


SCOTT,  CLARISSA,      ....  West  Springfield,  Mass.,  .  1846 

SHUMWAY,  MARY  J.,  .        .  Belchertown,  Mass.,        .  .  1846 

STRONG,  ELIZABETH  H.,  .         .        .  Northampton,  Mass.,      .  .  1847 

SHEPARD,  ESTHKR,  .  •      .        .        .  Medford,  Mass.,       .        .  . 

Never  taught.    Married  twice.    Mrs.  Rev.  Addison  Browne. 

SLATE,  H.  SOPHIA,  ....     Westfield,  Mass.,     .  .  .     1847 

SMITH,  JULIA  A.  M.,        .        .        .     Pittsfleld,  Mass.,      .  .  .     1848 

SMITH,  ALMIRA  G.,  .        .        .        .     East  Boston,  Mass.,  .  .     1849 

SMITH,  ELIZABETH,  ....     Hadley,  Mass.,         .  .  .     1850 

Taught,  after  graduating,  chiefly  in  North  Hadley,  most  of  the  time  till  1880. 
Married,  1856,  to  Ezekiel  Baker  of  Amherst,  Mass.,  who  died  in  1861. 

SMITH,  LUCY, Westfield.  Mass.,     .        .        .     1851 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Springfield  and  Longmeadow,  Mass.;  in  all,  ten  years. 
SNOW,  CLARISSA,       .        .        .        .     North  Becket,  Mass.,       .        .     1848 
SARGENT,  NANCY  B.,       .        .         .     Maiden,  Mass.,         .        .        .     1849 

Taught  in  Reading  and  Maiden,  Mass.,  twenty-five  years.    Maiden,  Mass. 
SHELDEN,  ELLEN  R.,*      .        .        .     Leyden,  Mass.,         .        .        .     1849 

Married  Rev.  W.  R.  Tisdale.    Died. 
SHEPARD,  ADELIZA,*        .        .         .     Montague,  Mass.,    .        .        .     1849 

Taught  in  Montague,  Leverett,  Deerfield  and  Erving,  Mass.;  in  all,  four  years. 
Married  Elijah  H.  Marsh,  1855;  two  children.  Died  August,  1861.  Mrs.  L.  E. 
Shaw,  Montague,  Mass.,  is  her  only  living  child. 

STRONG,  ELVIRA,      ....     Southampton,  Mass.,      .        .     1850 

SPELMAN,  MARY  J.,          .        .        .     Granville,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1850 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  four  years;   Granville,  Mass.,  Academy,  one 

year;    Westfield  and  Granville,  Mass.,  two  years.     Mrs.  David  H.  Carrier, 

Glastonbury,  Conn.;  four  children. 

SPELMAN,  EMILY  C.,*      .  .  .  Westfield,  Mass. ,     .  .  .  1852 

SPELMAN,  CLARA  A.,        .  .  .  Westfield,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1854 

SOUTHWICK,  AMANDA  J.,  .  .  Blackstone,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1850 

STOWE,  ELIZABETH  G.,    .  .  .  South  Reading,  Mass.,  .  .  1850 

SAWYER,  MYRA  J.,*         .  .  .  Clinton,  Mass.,        .  .  .  1851 

Taught  in  Westfield  and  Clinton  till  her  death,  June,  1861. 

SEARS,  MARY  C.,              .  .  .  Lenox,  Mass.,          .  .  .  1851 

SEAKS,  MARY  E.,              .  .  .  Greenwich,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1854 

SHEPARD,  NANCY  W.,  .  .  Westfield,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1851 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  four  years.  Married  Aug.  17,  1858,  to  Charles  A. 
Pierce,  Westfield,  Mass. 

SLATE,  JANE  H.,*     ....     Westfield,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1851 

Never  taught.  Married,  in  1862,  to  Edwin  Wight.  Died  in  Sprfngfield,  May, 

SUMMER,  CAROLINE  E Southbridge,  Mass.,        .        .     1851 

SEARLE,  OPHELIA  A.,  .        .     Southampton,  Mass.,      .        .     1852 

Taught  in  Southampton,  Mass.,  three  years;  taught  in  Rockport,  Mass.,  1857 
to  1859;  member  of  advanced  class  in  Westfield  State  Normal  School;  substi- 
tute for  Mr.  Clapp  in  Westfield  high  school;  taught  in  School  of  Observation, 
Westfield,  Mass.,  one  term;  Hadley,  one  term.  Married,  in  1861,  to  Rev.  Andrew 
J.  Clapp,  who  died  in  1863.  Since  husband's  death  taught  in  Marshfield  and 
Southampton,  Mass.;  taught,  in  all,  more  than  twenty  years.  Southampton, 


SEVERANCE,  SARAH  L.,    .        .        .     Chicopee,  Mass.,      .        .        .  1853 

SOUTHWORTH,  MARY  J.,          .        .     West  Townsend,  Mass., .        .  1854 

SANDERSON,  LUCY  E.,     .        .        .    Lunenburg,  Mass.,  .        .        .  1854 

Taught  in  Lunenburg,  Shirley  (Penn.  one  and  one-half  years),  WiJliamsburg, 
Athol,  Hudnon,  Mass,  four  years,  Faribault,  Minn.,  three  years,  and  St.  Paul, 
Minn.,  one  year ;  again  in  Hudson,  six  years ;  in  1879  went  to  Azores  and  Madeira 
Islands;  on  Madeira  Island  taught  two  years,  private-  pupils,  and  one  year  as 
governess  in  English  family;  went  to  Colorado  in  1882.  Married  William  8. 
Henderson  in  1887.  Jamestown,  Col. 

SNELL,  MARY  E.,     .        .        .        .     Springfield,  Mass.,  .        .        .  1849 

SHELDON,  S.  MARINDA,   .        .        .     New  Marlborough,  Mass.,      .  1854 

SLOSSON,  ELECTA  M.,              .        .     Richmond,  Mass.,    .        .        .  1854 

SHUMWAY,  CORDELIA  S.,         .        .     Belchertown,  Mass.,       .        .  1847 

SNELL,  C.  FRANCES,         .        .        .     Ware,  Mass.,  ....  1847 

STONE,  MARY  A.,     .        .        .        .     Holyoke,  Mass.,       .        .        .  1850 

SHAW,  URSULA  J.,   .         .        .        .     Brirafleld,  Mass.,     .         .         .  1844 

SIMPSON,  CATHARINE,       .        .        .     York,  Me.,       ....  1854 

TILLOTTSON,  SARAH  E.,   .        .         .     Granville,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1844 

TALMADGE,  PHILURA,       .        .     •   .     South  wick,  Mass.,  .        .        .  1844 

Taught  in  Southwick,  Mass.,  one  year,  and  in  Chicago,  111.,  one  term.  Gran- 
ville, Mass. 

TAYLOR,  FRANCES  M.,     .        .        .     Westfield,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1845 

TAYLOR,  CAROLINE  E.,    .        .        .     Southampton,  Mass.,       .        .  1847 

TAYLOR,  SUSAN,        ....     Norwich,  Conn.,      .         .        .  1848 

TAYLOR,  MARY  L.,  .         .        .         .     Shutesbury,  Mass., .         .        .  1849 

TAYLOR,  MARIA  E.,          .        .         .     Westfleld.  Mass.,     .         .        .  1849 

TAYLOR,  EMILY,       ....     Norwich,  Mass  ,  1854 

TAYLOR,  SARAH  J.,  .        .         .        .     Huntington,  Mass.,          .        .  1854 

TRYON,  ABIGAIL Westfield,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1846 

Mrs.  T.  P.  Gallup,  Boulder,  Col. 

TAFT,  ALMY  B.,                .        .        .     Montague,  Mass.,    .   •     .         .  1848 

TOWER,  JANE  A Lanesborough,  Mass.,     .        .  1848 

THAYER,  ANNA  H.,*         .        .        .     Worcester,  Mass.,  .        .        .  1849 

THAYER,  MARY  E.,  .        .        .        .     Worcester,  Mass.,  .        .        .  1849 

TOBEY,  ANNA  F.,     .        .        .        .     Boston,  Mass.,        .        .        .  1853 

Twiss,  ABIGAIL  D.,.        .         .         .     Charlton,  Mass.,      .        .        .  1853 
Mrs.  George  H.  Brewer. 

TATE,  H.  ELLEN,     ....     Newburyport,  Mass.,      .        .  1854 

THURSTON,  MARY  H.,              .        .    Kailua,  S.  I's.,         .        .        .  1854 

TULLER,  ELLEN  C Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1854 

TOPLIFF,  MARY  A.,.        .        .         .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .  1844 

Taught  two  terms  in  Massachusetts  and  ten  years  in  Wisconsin;  attended 
Rockford  Female  Seminary.  Columbus,  Wis. 

TURNER,  SARAH  E.,.        .        .        .     Wilbraham,  Mass., .        .        .  1844 

UNDERWOOD,  JANE Tolland,  Conn.,        .        .        .  1845 

UPSON,  CYNTHIA  J.,*       .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,    .        .        .  1846 

Mrs.  C.  H.  Gowdy.    Died  in  Westfleld,  Mass.,  of  consumption,  Dec.  22,  1883. 


UPSOX,  CALISTA  A.,          .        .        .     Westfield,  Mass  ,     .        .        .     1848 

Taught  in  Thoinpsonville,  Conn.,  thirty-two  years.  33  Washington  Street, 
Thompsonville,  Conn. 

UPSOX,  LIDDORRA  E.,*  .  .  .  Westfield,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1848 
UPSOX,  LUCY  A.,  .  .  .  .  Westfield,  Mass  ,  .  .  .  1852 

Taught  in  West  Springfield,  Mass.,  one  term.  Mrs.  David  L.  McClure,  Hart- 
ford, Conn.;  three  children. 

UPSOX,  CORRELLIA  S.,*   .        .        .     Westfield,  Mass. ,     .        .        .     1852 
Married  Andrew  Sibley ;  two  children.    Died  in  1877. 

UPSOX,  ELLEN  E.,* .        .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1852 
UPSOX,  EMMA  A.,     .        .         .        .     Westfield,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1854 
Chicago,  III. 

UXDERHILL,  SARAH  W.,  .         .         .  Ipswich,  Mass.,       .  .  .  1849 

VIETS,  MARY, Westtield,  Mass,  ,     .  .  .  1851 

Mrs.  M.  V.  Kuiffen,  Oberlin,  Ohio. 

VERRY,  MARYAXXA,         .        .        .  Blackstone,  Mass., .  .  .  1854 

Taught  in  Blackstone,  Mass.,  four  years;  Franklin,  Mass.,  two  years;  Ux- 
bridge,  Mass.,  one  year;  and  Northbridge,  Mass.,  one  year;  prevented  from 
teaching  by  sickness  from  1864  to  1870;  taught  in  Blackstone,  1870  to  1S77. 

WILSOX,  FRAXCES  M.,  .        .     Royalston,  Mass.,    .        .        .     1845 

Taught  in  Winchendon,  Mass.,  four  years;  and  Royalston,  Mass.,  two  years; 
graduate  of  C.  L.  S.  C.  and  member  of  "  League  of  Round  Table."  Mrs.  C.  C. 
Parker;  two  children. 

WOOD,  SARAH  A.,    .        .         .        .     Northampton,  Mass.,      .        .     1845 

Taught  in  Northampton  and  Westfleld,  Mass.,  one  year.  Married,  in  1848,  to 
William  H.  Parsons;  three  children  living.  345  State  Street,  Springfield,  Mass. 

WILLIAMS,  MARY  S.,  .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1846 

WILLIAMS,  SUSAN  M.,  .  .  .  Huntington,  Mass.,  .  .  1848 

WILLIAMS,  CATHARIXE,  .  .  .  Middletown,  Conn.,  .  .  1849 

WILKIXS,  SARAH  S.,  .  .  .  Middleton,  Mass.,    .  .  .  1847 

WILKIXS,  LUCY  J.,  .  .  .  .  Middleton,  Mass.,   .  .  .  1847 

Taught  twelve  years,  in  Reading,  Andover,  Topsfield,  Middleton,  Gloucester, 
and  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.  Married,  June,  1859,  to  George  E.  Pratt,  Princeton,  Mass. 

WILKIXS,  MARY  A.,*        .        .         .     Middleton,  Mass.,   .        .        .     1848 

Taught  in  Boxford  and  Danvers,  Mass.  Married,  1854,  to  Jacob  Coggin  of 
Tewksbury,  Mass.  Died  in  1868. 

WOODARU,  SARAH  A.,  .  .  .  Norwich,  Conn.,  .  .  .  1847 
WESTOX,  EUNICE  B.,  .  .  .  Winchendon,  Mass.,  .  .  1848 
WESTOX,  LUCY  D.,  .  .  .  Winchendon,  Mass.,  .  .  1848 

WHEELOCK,  MARIA  J.,     .        .        .     Uxbridge,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1848 

Taught  in  Uxbridge,  Mass  ,  two  terms,  and  South  Framingham,  Mass.,  one 
term  of  thirteen  weeks.  Grafton,  Mass. 

WHIPPLE,  EUGEXIA  E.,    .         .        .     Westfield,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1848 

In  1853  married  John  A.  Freed,  Westfleld,  Mass.;  two  children. 
WHITMAN,  CYNTHIA  E.,  .        .        .     Westfield,  Mass.,     .        .        .     1849 

Taught  In  Springfield,  Mass.,  ten  years.  Married,  in  1863,  to  Charles  E. 
Barrett,  Westfield,  Mass.;  two  daughters. 


WOOD,  CATHARINE,  .  .  .  Upton,  Mass., .  .  .  .  1849 
WRIGHT,  LOUISA,  ....  Middlefleld,  Mass., .  .  .  1849 

Taught  in  Middlefleld,  Mass.,  four  years.  Married,  in  1852,  Lawrence  Smith, 
Huntlngton,  Mass.;  two  children. 

WELLS,  ISABELLA  M.,  .  .  .  Westfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1850 
WEST,  LUCY  W.,  .  .  .  .  Hadley,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1850 
WHITING,  SAKAH  A.,  .  .  .  New  Marlborough,  Mass.,  .  1850 

Taught  six  years  in  Massachusetts,  Connecticut,  New  York  and  California. 
Married  to  M.  W.  Uoss  in  1860.  Wabash,  Ind. 

WITTER,  HELEN  L.,         ...     Hartford,  Conn.,     .        .        .     1850 

Taught  in  Hartford,  Conn.,  three  and  one-half  years.  Married,  in  1854,  to 
Jonathan T. Hill,  who  died  September,  1885;  three  children  deceased,  one  living. 
54  Bardour  Street,  Hartford,  Conn. 

WHEELER,  GENEVA,*       .        .        .    Rockport,  Mass.,    .        .        . 
WELLMAN,  MARY  B.,  .        .     Springfield,  Mass.,  .        .        .     1851 

Taught  till  1861  in  Massachusetts,  Mississippi  and  Illinois.  Married,  in  1861, 
to  John  Sprout,  Monmouth,  111.;  two  children. 

WARNER,  EMELINE,  r  Townsend,  Mass.,  .        .        .  1851 

WHITE,  MARY  C.,    .        .        .        .  Otis,  Mass.,     ....  1851 

WHITE,  LUCY  C.,     ....  South  Williamstown,  Mass.,  .  1851 

WHITE,  HELEN  V.,  .         .        .        .  West  Springfield,  Mass.,         .  1854| 

WHIPPLE,  LORINDA  J.,    .        .        .  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,      .        .        .  1851 

WHIPPLE,  FRANCES  A.,    .        .        .  Orange,  Mass.,        .        .        .  1852 

Taught  in  Orange,  Mass.,  one  year.  Married  Alfred  A.  Parker  of  St.  Louis 
in  1857;  three  children  living.  Orange,  Mass. 

WHITNEY,  JANE  L.,  ...  Townsend,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1853 
WALKER,  SARAH  T.,  .  .  .  Marshfleld,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1853 

Taught  in  Marshfield,  Mass.,  three  years.  Married,  in  1858,  to  John  H. 
Bourne;  three  adopted  children;  president  of  missionary  society  and  temper- 
ance society ;  correspondent  of  local  paper.  Marsbfleld,  Mass. 

WOODBURY,  MELISSA  A.,         .        .     Charlton,  Mass.,      .         .        .     1851 
See  under  Teachers. 

WINCHESTER,  ANNA  C  ,  .  .  .  Townsend,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1853 

WOODBURY,  ANNA,          .  .  .  Charlton,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1853 

WOODBURY,  LUCIE  S.,     .  .  .  Leverett,  Mass.,      .  .  .  1854 

WHIPPLE,  CHRISTINA,      .  .  .  Westfteld,  Mass.,     .  .  .  1854 

Mrs.  Charles  Gehle,  Westfleld,  Mass. 

WEBBER,  DOLLY  A Tolland,  Mass.,       .        .        .     1847 

Taught  in  Tolland  and  Sandisfleld,  Mass.,  a  part  of  four  years.  Married,  1852, 
to  Correl  D.  Northway,  Tolland,  Mass.;  four  children  and  four  grandchildren. 

WINCHELL,  CORDELIA,  .  .  .  Chester,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1848 
YOUNG,  AMORKTTE  L.,  .  .  .  Lowell,  Mass.,  .  .  .  1853 


ENTERED   IN    1855. 


ASHLEY,  SARAH  M.,* West  Springfield,  Mass. 

Married  to  Charles  A.  Ashley  in  1862.  Died  in  West  Springfield,  March  7, 

BRIGHAM,  HARRIET  S., Feltonville,  Mass. 

CHAPIN,  ELLEN  B., New  Marlborough,  Mass. 

DAY,  HELEN  A., Westfield,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Lyman  Dimock,  Palmer,  Mass. 

ELDRIDGE,  MILLIE  S.,* Fairhaven,  Mass. 

Taught  a  private  school  in  Fairhaven  for  ten  years.  Married,  December,  1870, 
to  E.  P.  Starbuck  (dentist) ;  two  children.  Died  at  Waltham,  Mass.,  June,  1883. 

FERRIS,  CATHARINE,*       .        .        ...        .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Otis,  Westfleld  and  Montgomery,  Mass.,  from  1856-1863.  Married, 
in  1863,  to  Mr.  Haynes ;  taught  in  West  Hartford,  Conn.,  one  term  after  married. 
Died  in  Vermilion,  September,  1865. 

GAYLORD,  LUCINDA  S., Westfleld,  Mass. 

GOODRICH,  LUCY  A.,* Lunenburg,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Fitchburg  intermediate  school  two  years;  Leominster  high  school, 
two  years;  in  Lunenburg  most  of  time  to  1878;  member  of  school  committee, 
Lunenburg,  Mass.  Died  December,  1883. 

GRAVES,  JULIA  R., Sunderland,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Vernon,  Chicago,  111. 
HANNUM,  MARIETTA, Westfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  two  terms;  Suffield,  Conn.,  two  terms;  State 
Primary  School,  Palmer,  Mass.,  two  and  a  half  years.  Married  in  April,  1861, 
to  Homer  B.  Stevens,  Westfleld,  Mass.;  one  adopted  daughter. 

HAPGOOD,  MARY  J., Feltonville,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Feltonville  (now  Hudson),  Bolton,  Berlin  and  Marlborough  high 
school,  Mass.;  in  all,  seven  years.  Married,  in  1867,  to  Jonas  T.  Houghton; 
member  of  school  board  ten  years.  Hudson,  Mass. 

HASKELL,  CHARLOTTE  F.,       .        .        .        .     South  Hadley  Falls,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Charles  H.  Atkins,  West  Granville,  Mass. 

HEWES,  ADALINE, Louisville,  Ky. 

HOBART,  HARRIET  N., Leverett,  Mass. 

HOUGHTON,  FANNIE  M.,.         .        .        .  .         .        Sterling,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Sterling,  Mass.,  two  years.  Married,  April,  1861,  to  S.  Thurstou 
Wilder;  one  son.  Sterling,  Mass. 

HOWARD,  JENNIE  E.,  .        .        .        .        .        .  Fair  Haven,  Mass. 

Taught  but  little,  owing  to  ill  health,  till  1865,  then  taught  freedmen  in 
Elizabeth  City,  N.  C.,  Stanardville,  Va.;  taught  several  years  in  Richmond, 
Va.,  in  schools  of  Soldiers'  Aid  Society,  Boston,  and  in  Richmond  Normal  School 
partly  supported  by  Peabody  Fund.  101  Hicks  Street,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 


LITTLE,  SARAH,* Newbury,  Mass. 

LORING,  CELESTIA  A., Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

Taught  one  year;  studied  medicine  in  1865;  practising  physician  in  New 
York  City.  124  West  Eighty -eighth  Street,  New  York  City. 

MASON,  ISABELLA  H.,      .        .        .        .'.:•.        .   Worcester,  Mass. 

MINER,  CHARLOTTE  M., Clinton,  Mass. 

MATTHEWS,  MARY  L., Leverett,  Mass. 

PERRY,  JULIETTE, Westfleld,  Mass. 

PHELPS,  JULIA  R., Northampton,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  Connecticut  and  St.  Louis,  Mo.;  in  all,  twenty 
years.  Married,  May,  1871,  to  George  R.  Phelps;  one  child  living;  member  of 
"Friends  in  Council."  Princeton,  111. 

RUST,  CARRIE  S., Leverett,  Mass. 

SMITH,  SUSAN  E., Fitchburg,  Mass. 

Taught  seven  terras  after  graduating;  tanght  Leominster,  Westminster  and 
Fitchburg,  Mass.,  thirteen  years.  Married  to  Merrick  N.  Davison,  June,  1861; 
employed  some  in  missionary  work;  completed  C.  L.  8.  C.  in  1888;  member 
of  publishing  committee  of  "Missionary  Helpers"  twelve  years;  two  step- 
daughters. 22  Carter  Street,  Providence,  R.  I. 

SHERMAN,  ANN  M., Marshfleld,  Mass. 

STODDARD,  MARY  S.,  .        .        .        .        .        .    Fairhaven,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Newark,  N.  J.,  seven  years.  Married,  in  1863,  to  Jacob  De  Vausney. 
20  Bank  Street,  Newark,  N.  J. 

THATCHER,  ROSSA  M., Marlborough,  N.  H. 

WHITMAN,  LORINDA  M., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Married,  in  1863,  to  E.  O.  Gibbs,  Westfleld,  Mass.;  one  son. 

WELD,  MAKY  M., Sturbridge,  Mass. 


BAILEY,  S.  HEXRY,*    ' Northborough,  Mass. 

In  Northborough  till  1858;  assistant  in  Providence,  R.  I.,  high  school,  one  or 
two  years;  studied  law  in  office  of  George  F.  Hoar,  Worcester,  Mass.;  captain 
Co.  G,  36th  Massachusetts  Volunteers;  in  service  till  May  12,  1864,  when  in- 
stantly killed  by  a  bullet  through  the  brain. 

CLARKE,  ANDREW  F., Rockport,  Mass. 

Taught  one  term  each  in  Feeding  Hills,  Mass.,  and  Sullivan,  Me.;  Ellsworth, 
Me.,  three  terms;  thirteen  years  in  Rockport,  Mass.;  principal  of  high  school  at 
Rockport  and  elsewhere.  Married,  1863,  to  Abbie  B.  Poole;  one  child.  School 
committee,  selectman,  assessor,  etc. 

GARDNER,  JOHN  D.,* Hancock,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts;  in  spring  of  1857  went  to  Omaha,  Neb.,  expecting 
to  establish  a  school  there.  Died  in  Decatur,  Neb.,  1857. 

HAMMOND,  LEMUEL  H., East  Douglas,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Burrillville,  R.  I.,  three  months,  and  in  East  Douglas,  Mass.; 
studied  medicine  three  years  at  Albany,  N.  Y.,  Medical  College;  graduated  in 
1858.  Married,  in  1898,  to  Lillis  P.  Hopkins;  two  children.  21  High  Street, 
Worcester,  Mass. 


HOLDER,  JOSIAH, Bolton,  Mass. 

JOHNSON,  WALDO, Webster,  Mass. 

Taught  three  months  in  Chicago,  111.;  school  committee  and  insurance  agent 
in  Webster,  Mass.  Married  Mary  A.  McKinstry;  two  children. 

JOHNSON,  W.  WARREN, South  Williamstown,  Mass. 

NORTON,  ANSON  B.,* Southampton,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Blandford  and  Ashfield,  Mass.;  entered  Amherst  College,  but  was 
unable  to  remain  on  account  of  ill  health;  entered  in  52d  Regiment  Massachu- 
setts Volunteers.  Died  in  Louisiana,  of  typhoid  fever,  in  1863. 

PARKER,  DAVID  F., Brimfleld,  Mass. 

PARTRIDGE,  LYMAN,* Bellingham,  Mass. 

Graduate  of  Brown  University. 

STEARNS,  BENJAMIN  F., Andover,  Mass. 

SCOTT,  JOSEPH  G.,*      • East  Salisbury,  Mass. 

See  under  Teachers. 

VALENTINE,  WILLIAM, Northborough,  Mass. 

Principal  of  grammar  school,  Chicopee  Centre,  Mass.,  from  1856  to  1878;  in 
Bristol,  R.  I.,  one  year;  member  of  school  board  three  years;  taught  six  years 
before  graduating,  in  boys'  school,  Northborough,  Mass.,  making  in  all  twenty- 
nine  years.  In  1865  married  Mary  A.  Barnes;  one  child  .living.  Springfield, 

WINTER  TERM,    1855-56. 


ABBOTT,  MARTHA  A., Holden,  Mass. 

ADAMS,  A.  JENNIE,  ........    Townsend,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Townsend,  Mason,  N.  H.,  Leominster;  in  all,  three  years;  teach- 
ing stopped  by  ill  health.    Married  to  Rev.  W.  R.  Tisdale,  Mason,  N.  H. 

ALLEN,  SUSAN  B., Hubbardston,  Mass. 

ASHLEY,  JENNIE  E Westfleld,  Mass. 

BAKER,  EMMA  A.,    .         .        .        .         .        .        .       Hubbardston,  Mass. 

BEMIS,  SERAPH  A., .        .        .         .         .        .        .         .        Warren,  Mass. 

BRIGGS,  SARAH  M., South  Deerfleld,  Mass- 

Taught  several  years  in  Deerfield  and  elsewhere.     Married  Dexter  Childs, 
Deerfield,  Mass.;  one  son. 

BUTLER,  MARY  A.,  .......     Lanesborough,  Mass' 

CADY,  MARIETTA, South  Wilbraham,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Vermont  in  1857-58;  Longmeadow,  1859;  Monson,  1860.    Married, 
September,  1862,  to  H.  C.  West;  five  children.    Belchertown,  Mass. 

CAMPBELL,  E.  ELTHEA, Agawam,  Mass. 

CAMPBELL,  JANE  P., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Paxton,  Springfield,  Agawam,  Southwick  and  Westfield,  Mass.;  in 
all,  about  five  years.    Married,  in  1860,  to  John  Edgar.    Westfield,  Mass. 

CASE,  HULDAH  M., Westhampton,  Mass. 

Taught  at  Westhampton,  Mass.,  two  years;  Easthampton,  one  year.     Mar- 
ried,  in  1861,  to  Charles  R.  Rice;  one  son.    Belvidere,  111. 


CHUHCH,  MAKY  E.,* Egremont,  Mass. 

CLAPP,  CATHARINE,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Huntington,  Chesterfield,  Mass.,  and  New  Haven,  Conn. ; 
in  all,  about  fifteen  years.  Married,  October,  1872,  to  Norman  II .  Higgins  of 
Westfield.  Died  in  Westfield,  1875. 

CLARKE,  J.  SUSAN,* East  Granville,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Granville  in  1856-59.    Died  September,  1859. 

COIT,  MARY  J., Huntington,  Mass. 

CROSS,  EMILY  F., Becket,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Becket,  Chester  and  Huntington,  Mass.,  from  1856-73;  West 
Springfield,  1873-89.  Mitteneague,  Mass. 

DAVIS,  LAVINIA, Yarmouth,  Me. 

Taught  in  Maine  forty -eight  months ;  normal  department,  Iowa  State  Univer- 
sity, from  1859  to  1879.  Married  to  Richard  Sanders,  Iowa  City,  in  1870. 

DICKINSON,  LUCINA  L., Gran  by,  Mass. 

Married,  in  1864,  to  Charles  H.  Bates;  one  child  living.    South  Hadley,  Mass. 

ELLERY,  E.  J., 

GRIFFIN,  JENNIE  E., Granby,  Conn. 

Returned  to  normal  school  in  1858  for  advanced  course;  taught  in  North 
Hndley,  Weatfield,  Wisconsin,  and  Granby,  Conn.,  constantly  till  1869;  after  a 
short  rest  taught  in  North  Granby,  NortJi  Hadley  and  North  Sudbury,  Mass. 

HEWETT,  ELLEN  E  , Marshfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Rockland  one  year;  Marshfield,  seven  years;  and  Brockton,  five 
years;  has  been  book-keeper  since. 

ROWLAND,  SARAH  W., Amherst,  Mass. 

HULBERT,  MARY  J., Pittsflelcl,  Mass. 

HULL,  LUCY  H., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Latham,  Boston,  Mass. 

JONES,  FRANCES  A., Luuenburg,  Mass. 

KENT,  EMORETTE  B., Southwick,  Mass. 

LUDDEN,  CLARA  B., Westhampton,  Mass. 

LYMAN,  MARTHA  L., Southampton,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Southampton  five  years.  Married,  in  1864,  to  George  K.  Edwards. 
Westfield,  Mass. 

MEAD,  KATE  A., Holden,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Barre,  Leicester  and  Worcester,  Mass. 

PARKHURST,  DORA  F., Greenwich,  Mass. 

PARSONS,  OLIVIA  A., East  Douglas,  Mass. 

Taught  in  East  Douglas,  Mass.,  one  and  one-half  years.  Married,  in  1859,  to 
Myron  8.  Webb.  Has  lived  for  the  last  fifteen  years  in  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

PELLETREAU,  HELEN  E., Westfleld,  Mass. 

PEPPER,  ELLEN  M Westfleld,  Mass. 

PERRY,  PHEBE  S., Chicopee,  Mass. 

POLAND,  SARAH  C North  Brookfleld,  Mass. 

RUSSELL,  HARRIETT  L.,  .         .        .  .        .         .  Sunderland,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  several  terms;  seven  years  in  Havana,  111.;  two 

years  assistant  principal  high  school.    Married  William  H.  Caldwell  in  1865; 

has  lost  five  children.    Havana,  III. 


SAWYER,  LAURA  MM Phillipston,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Templeton  two  terms;  in  Erving,  two  terras;  and  in  Phillipston, 
Mass.,  the  remainder  of  nine  years.  Married,  in  1866,  to  Edward  Moore  of 
Erving.  Now  a  widow.  120  Norfolk  Street,  Cambridgeport,  Mass. 

THAYER,  ELIZABETH, Blackstone,  Mass. 

TOWER,  MARTHA  L.,  .        .  •      .        .        .        .     Lanesborough,  Mass. 

TUPPER,  LAURAXIA, Monson,  Mass. 

VERRY,  MARYAXNA,  .        .        .        .        .        .        .  Blackstone,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Smithfield,  Northbridge,  Uxbridge,  Franklin  and  Blackstone, 
fifteen  to  twenty  years. 

WILBUR,  CORNELIA  E.,    .        .        .        .%        .        .       Worthington,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Worthington  and  Cummington  four  terms.  Married,  in  1860,  to 
L.  P.  Porter,  now  deceased ;  two  daughters.  Cummington,  Mass. 

WILLIAMS,  FANNY  E., Rowley,  Mass. 


CLARY,  FRANCIS  A.,* Conway,  Mass. 

COIT,  EDWIN  H., Huntington,  Mass. 

HOLDEN,  JOSEPH, •    .        .  Fort  Covington,  N.  Y. 

LEONARD,  JOSEPH, Springfield,  Mass. 

WARD,  ALEXANDER  A., Monson,  Mass. 

SUMMER  TERM,    1856. 


ANDREWS,  JULIA  A., Agawam,  Mass. 

AVERY,  JOSEPHINE  A., Westfield,  Mass. 

Married,  in  1857,  to  Charles  N.  Yeamans.    Westfield,  Mass. 

BROWN,  SOPHRONIA  M., Sutton,  Mass. 

BURDOX,  MARION  A., Blackstone,  Mass. 

CHAMBERLAIN,  DORA  C.,* Worcester,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield  Normal  School.    See  under  Teachers. 

CHAPIX,  JULIA  S., Chicopee,  Mass. 

CHURCH,  MERINDA  I.,* Egremont,  Mass. 

CLARK,  LUCY  J., East  Granville,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Granville,  Mass.,  six  terras ;  Otterville,  Iowa,  two  terms ;  attended 

seminary  at  Independence,  Iowa.    Married  Milo  H.  Cooley  in  1861 ;  two  children. 

New  Britain,  Conn. 

CLEAVES,  ADELIA  A Rockport,  Mass. 

COOK,  AUGUSTA  E., Westfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield  nineteen  years  since  graduating,  one  and  one-half  years 

before.    Married,  in  1862,  to  Isaac  S.  Marshall,  who  died  in  April,  1869;    two 

children.    Westfield,  Mass. 


CURTIS,  CHARLOTTE  W., Westfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  West  Springfield  and  Geneva,  Kane  County,  111.,  three  years. 
Married,  in  1863,  to  John  W.  Moore;  seven  children.    California,  Mo. 

EASTMAN,  ANNA  V., Leverett,  Mass. 

FIELD,  SARAH  E., Montague,  Mass. 

HOGAN,  AUIIRI.IA  M.,       .        .        .        ...        .        .      Pittsfleld,  Mass. 

KNOX,  MARION  B Blandford,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield  and  adjacent  towns  three  years.      Married,  in  1863,  to 
Miles  W.  Marshall,  Westfleld,  Mass.;  one  SOD. 

LEWIS,  ELIZABETH  M., Westfleld,  Mass. 

MAYBRV,  ELIZA  C., Hopkinton,  Mass. 

POMEROY,  RUTH  R.,         .        .      '  .        .         .         .       Easthampton,  Mass. 

POOLE,  SOPHIA  A., Rockport,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Sophia  A.  Wheeler,  Woburn,  Mass. 

RICHARDSON,  ADALINE  P.,  .  .        .        .  Sturbridge,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  two  years,  and  Wisconsin  five  years.  Married,  in 
1867,  to  Simeon  L.  Wells;  five  children.  Mansion,  Wis. 

ROSSITER,  MARGARET  H., Roxbury,  Mass. 

Washington,  D.  C. 

STRONG,  ELLEN  M.,  ....       Easthampton,  Mass. 

Wichita,  Kan. 

STARR,  HARRIET  L., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  private  pupils  at  home.  Married  twice.  Now  Mrs.  Rufus  M.  Ford, 
Westfield,  Mass. ;  three  sons  living. 

TAFT,  MARY  C., Blackstone,  Mass. 

WHIPPLE,  JULIA  J., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Married,  in  1867,  to  Dwight  Kellogg;  one  child.    Westfield,  Mass. 

WOODBURY,  MARY, '  Leverett,  Mass. 

WRIGHT,  EMILY  B Easthampton,  Mass. 

Taught  one  year  each  in  Southampton  and  Huntington,  Mass.;  six  years  in 
Easthampton.  Married,  in  1866,  Lewis  8.  Clark,  Easthampton. 

YKAMANS,  ESTHER  M., Westfield,  Mass. 

DEWITT,  LOUISA  S., .         Granby,  Mass. 

CHAPIN,  HELEN  A.,  Chicopee,  Mass. 

HARRISON,  HARRIET  N., Westfleld,  Mass. 

HIGGIXS,  ELIZA  A. Washington,  Mass. 

SAWYER,  SARAH  J., Berlin,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Berlin,  Bolton  and  Hudson,  Mass.;  in  all,  twenty -eight  years.  Was 
a  widow  before  entering  the  school. 

BARBER,  GEORGE  W.,* Orange,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Sandisfield  and  Warwick,  each  one  term;  graduated  from  Kimball 
Academy,  Meriden,  N.  H.,  in  1862;  graduated  from  Amherst  College  in  1867; 
received  degree  of  M.A.  in  1875;  Andover  Theological  Seminary  in  1869;  or' 
dained  evangelist  at  Hallowell,  Me.,  in  1873;  preached  at  Greenville  and 
Moose  River,  Me.,  1869-70;  Chaplain  Soldier's  Home,  Augusta,  Me.,  1870. 
Married  Emma  K.  Schlett.  Died,  in  1886,  of  wound  received  in  army.  Four 


COLE,  JOHN  W., Stark,  N.  H. 

COLE,  DAVID  D., South  Adams,  Mass. 

CRANDELL,  ARNOLD  H., South  Adams,  Mass. 

ELDRIDGE,  ALLEN, East  Holliston,  Mass. 

GEER,  IRA  M., Peru,  Mass. 

HIGGIXS,  WILLIAM  E., Washington,  Mass. 

LADD,  ALDEN, Johnston,  Vt. 

LANDON,  GEORGE  C.,* Hancock,  Mass. 

Taught  in  New  Jersey  several  years.    Bookseller.    Died  Nov.  19,  1888. 

POWELL,  LUKE  W., Pittsfleld,  Mass. 

STAUFFER,  JOSIAH  W., Lehigh  County,  Penn. 

FALL  TERM,    1856. 


ALLEX,  MARTHA  L., Amherst,  Mass. 

BARTON,  ADDIE  S., Granby,  Mass. 

BASCOM,  DELIA  A.,.        ......       Southampton,  Mass. 

BROWN,  ANNIE  M.,          ......        Hubbardston,  Mass. 

CLAPP,  EMMA  J., Worcester,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Worcester,  Mass.,  four  years.  Married,  in  1862,  to  Rev.  William 
A.Bushee;  three  children  living.  Morrisville,  Vt. 

CHOATE,  RHODA  C Rockport,  Mass. 

CLARY,  MARTHA  H., Comvay,  Mass. 

Studied  at  Mount  Holyoke  Seminary  one  year;  missionary  teacher  in  North 
and  South  Carolina  fifteen  years ;  C.  L.  S.  C.  four  years.  Memphis,  Tenn. 

.CUTLER,  ELIZABETH  F.,  .......         Maiden,  Mass. 

DADE,  FANNIE  B.,* Rockport,  Mass. 

Taught  in  South  Deerfield,  Conway  and  Rockport,  Mass.     Died  in  1887. 

GOODRICH,  FLORA  E., Stockbridge;  Mass. 

FITCH,  FRANCES  G.,        .        .         .        .         .         .        .      Westfleld,  Mass 

HOLMES,  EMILY  L.,* Springfield,  Mass. 

HOLLAND,  HATTIE  E. Belchertowu,  Mass. 

Attended  Young  Ladies'  Boarding  School,  Brookfield,  Mass.,  also  Commercial 
College,  Boston,  Macs. ;  never  taught.  Married  Horatio  Holland  of  Belchertown, 
Mass.,  in  1861;  one  daughter.  Council  Bluffs,  Iowa. 

INGHAM,  MARY  E., North  Becket,  Mass. 

MOORE,  SARAH  E., Feeding  Hills,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Feeding  Hills,  Mass.,  one  year,  and  in  Russell  one  term;  West 

SufHeld,  Conn.,  one  term.      In   1869   married  W.  H.  Granger,  Feeding  Hills, 

Mass. ;  two  children. 

NEWCOMB,  ADELIA  J., North  Bernardston,  Mass. 

NEWTON,  ESTHER,*.       ".*.*.        .        .  .    Greenfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  grammar  school,  West  Springfield,  Mass.,  one  year;  high  school, 
Greenfield,  Mass.,  two  years.  Married,  in  1863,  to  Elias  B.  McClellan,  North 
Hatfield,  Mass.;  two  children  and  a  step-son. 


RAY,  HELEN  M., Pittsfleld,  Mass. 

RING,  MAKY  C., Huntington,  Mass. 

Mrs.  J.  A.  Robinson,  New  York  City. 

PUTMAN,  SARAH  M., Leominster,  Mass. 

SACKETT,  MAKY,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  H.  J.  Smith.    Died  in  1873. 

SACKETT,  ELLEN  A., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Married  Hartley  M.  Shattuck,  Weetfield,  Mass.,  in  1862. 

SAMPSON,  MAUY  A., Chesterfield,  Mass. 

SEARLE,  LIZZIE  C., Southampton,  Mass. 

STILLMAN,  CLARISSA  E., Springfield,  Mass. 

SNOW,  H.  CERELIA, North  Becket,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Becket,  Chester,  West  Springfield  and  Washington,  Mass.,  thirty- 
four  years.  Becket,  Mass. 

TAYLOR,  MARY, Huntington,  Mass. 

TARR,  ESTHER, Rockport,  Mass. 

TRICKEY,  M.  KATE, Cape  Elizabeth,  Me. 

GARDNER,  CHARLES, Hancock,  Mass. 

Taught  several  terms  in  Massachusetts;. graduated  from  Williams  College  in 
1864;  degree  of  M.  A.;  principal  State  Reform  School,  Waukesha,  Wis.,  and 
assistant  superintendent;  taught  Greet?  in  University  of  Chicago  five  years; 
literary  work  for  the  last  twenty-five  years,  editorially;  publisher  and 
owner  of  "  Western  Monthly ;"  published  translations  of  Matthew  and  Job; 
real  estate  and  loan  business  eighteen  years,  to  1889.  Married  three  times; 
three  song.  Chicago,  111. 

ISHAM,  JOHN  N., South  Wilbraham,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Ellington,  Conn.,  and  Hampden,  Mass.,  two  years;  studied  Ger- 
man; school  committee  twenty  years,  Hampden,  Mass.  Married  Harriet  N. 
Guptill;  five  children.  Hampden,  Mass. 

NEWTON,  JOHN  C., Greenfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Rockport,  Worcester,  Mass.,  and  Halifax,  Vt.,  two  years;  engaged 
in  "building,  manufacturing  and  railroading."  Married  Lela  F.  Vulte;  four 
girls.  Holyoke,  Mass. 

TOWNE,  NATHAN, Hard  wick,  Mass. 

WARREN,  HENRY  W., Holden,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Nashville,  Tenn.,  six  months;  graduated  at  Yale  College  in  1865; 
manufacturer  of  leather  in  Holden,  Mass.  Married  Dora  L.  Howe,  November, 
1878;  three  children. 

WARREN,  SAMUEL, Holden,  Mass. 


SPRING  TERM,   1857. 

ATCHINSON,  MARY  C., Ludlow,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Ludlow,  Palmer  and  Wilbraham,  twenty  terms.     Three  Rivers, 

BILLINGS,  JULIA  M., South  Deerfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  J.  A.  Munson,  PittBburg,  Penn. 

BARTLETT,  HANNAH  J. , North  Hadley,  Mass. 

CLARKE,  LOUISE  M., Southwick,  Mass. 

COLLYER,  LOUISA  M., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfleld  high  school,  1857;  East  Boston,  1859;  steadily  promoted; 
became  master's  assistant  to  J.  F.  Blackinton,  in  Emerson  School,  East  Boston; 
•  taught  ten  years.    Married,  in  1869,  to  George  A.  Howe;  two  children.    Wal- 
tham,  Mass. 

DUNTON,  ANN  S., Hubbardston,  Mass. 

DAY,  SUSAN, Northampton,  Mass. 

DRAKE,  LIZZIE  H., Huntington,  Mass. 

EVANS,  M.  LIZZIE, Fall  Eiver,  Mass. 

Mason  School,  Cambridgeport,  Mass. 

GOTT,  ANNIE  F.,  .        .        .        .        .        .        .     Kockport,  Mass. 

HASKELL,  HATTIE  P., Rockport,  Mass. 

LYND,  HELEN,          .......         Stockbridge,  Mass. 

LYMAN,  FANNIE  B., Northampton,  Mass. 

MOSELY,  A.  EVA,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Dwight  Stowell. 
MANLY,  ELEUTHERIA,      .......    Hardvvick,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Hard  wick,  Ware  and  Worcester,  Mass.;  in  all,  about  eleven  years. 
Married,  in  1863,  to  Charles  Baker;  five  children  living.    Worcester,  Mass. 

NORTHROP,  BETSEY  A., Lanesborough,  Mass. 

OSBORNE,  MARIA  A., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Married,  in  1863,  to  H.  A.  Braman,  Indian  Orchard,  Mass. 
PARSONS,  JANETTA, Rockport,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  Adams,  Southwick,  Rockport,  Mass.,  and  Ansonia,  Conn. ; 
in  all,  twenty-nine  years.    Rockport,  Mass. 

SAMPSON,  SARAH  E.,* Chesterfield,  Mass. 

SNOW,  MARY  E., Berlin,  Mass. 

WHEELER,  LUCY  H.,*     . Berlin,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Berlin,  Mass.,  two  terms.    Married,  in  1859,  to  A.  A.  Whitcornb; 
two  children.    Died  in  August,  1874. 


ADAMS,  SHERMAN  E., Southwick,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  Connecticut,  Michigan,  Delaware  and  Florida; 
newspaper  work,  reportorial,  editorial,  or  as  correspondent  and  writer. 
Married,  in  1867,  to  Ellen  8.  Selly;  six  children.  Gabriella,  Fla. 

EVANS,  MOSES  W., Fall  River,  Mass. 

New  Orleans,  La. 
HAYDN,  JOHN  N.,    .......          Chesterfield,  Mass. 

KINGSLEY,  ANSEL  \V., Upton,  Mass. 

MELLEN,  HENKY  J., Sandisfield,  Mass. 

WAHNEK,  IVEHSON  S., Granville,  Mass. 

FALL  TERM,    1857. 


ALLEN,  MARY  E., Chicopee,  Mass. 

ALLYN,  MARY  E.,    .        .        .         .        .         .         .        Montgomery,  Mass. 

BARTHOLOMEW,  ADALINE  M.,         .        .        .        .       Easthampton,  Mass. 

BARTHOLOMEW,  MARIA  J., Easthampton,  Mass. 

BACON,  MARIA  L.,   .         .        .        .         .        .         .        Ashburnhara,  Mass. 

BAKTON,  VILA  M., Westfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Conway,  West  Urookh'eld,  Ware,  Holyoke  and  Chicopee,  Mass.; 
in  8t.  Louis,  Mo.,  governess;  also  had  private  classes  in  Boston  and  Holyoke; 
in  all,  twenty-four  years;  member  of  Sauveur's  College  of  Languages;  studied 
French  and  architecture  "  abroad ; "  written  and  delivered  three  courses  of 
lectures  in  English  literature.  Holyoke,  Mass. 

BANGS,  LUCY  C., Chicopee,  Mass. 

BELL,  EMILY  A., Chicopee,  Mass. 

BARNARD,  JANE  C., North  Amherst,  Mass. 

BEEHE,  ELLA  M., Westfield,  Mass.. 

Mrs.  Burke,  Cleveland,  O. 

CLARKE,  ELIZA, Westfield,  Mass. 

Mrs.  H.  Perkins,  Galesburg,  111. 

CUSHMAN,  ABBIE  C., Pownal,  Me. 

DANKORTH,  CYNTHIA  A., Williamstown,  Mass. 

FELTON,  ELLEN  L., East  Grauville,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Southwick,  Mass.,  one  term  ;  Granville,  Mass.,  two  terms.  Married, 
in  1861,  to  William  H.  Spelmau.  East  Granville,  Maes. 

GRAVES,  MARIA  E.  M.,   .        .        .        .        .        .        .        Conway,  Mass. 

HUUBARD,  NANCY  E., Sunderlancl,  Mass. 

HOWE,  ORILLA  AMELIA, Millbury,  Conn. 

HAWLEY,  EMILY  M.,                .         .        .        .        .       North  Hadley,  Mass. 
KINGSLEY,  MARY  E.,  Westhampton,  Mass. 

Taught  State  Primary  School  in  Monson,  Mass.;  taught  in  Hampton,  Va., 
South  Hadley  and  Warren,  Mass.;  in  all,  twenty -seven  years;  teaching  mostly 
reading  und  singing.  Westfield,  Mass. 


MOORE,  ELIZA  A., Rock  Bottom,  Mass. 

NORTHRUP,  MARY  W., Lanesborough,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Cheshire,  Hinsdale  and  North  Adams,  Mass.,  nine  years;  received 

appointment  in  treasury  office,  Washington,  D.  C.,  in  1869.    Married,  1871,  to 

Albert  M.  Pratt,  a  lawyer.    Byran,  O. 

OLXEV,  SARAH  E., North  Amherst,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Amherst  and  Chicopee,  Mass.,  eight  years.  Married,  in  1865,  to 
H.  C.  Piper,  Amherst,  Mass.;  three  children. 

PASCO,  MARIA  L., Hadley,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Iladley,  Mass.,  twenty  years. 

PETTIBONE,  SARAH  D. , Lanesborough,  Mass. 

QUIGLEY,  FRANCES, Chester,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Chester,  Mass.,  three  years.    Middlefield,  Mass. 

ROBINSON,  FLORENCE  A., Pittsfleld,  Mass. 

RICE,  CELIA  D., Conway,  Mass. 

RICHARDSON,  ELLEN  J.,  . Sturbridge,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Wisconsin  five  years;  Conway,  Mass.,  four  months;  New  Phila- 
delphia, O.,  one  year;  has  written  stories.  Married  H.  T.  Stockwell,  New 
Philadelphia,  O.,  in  1868;  two  daughters. 

ROGERS,  HARRIET  A.,  .        .        .        .        .        .         .        Bath,  Me. 

Mrs.  Edward  Summer. 
SHEPARD,  MAKY  H., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  six  years.  Married,  in  1866,  to  Charles  L.  Good- 
ale;  one  son.  South  Amherst,  Mass. 

SAWYER,  DOROTHY,         .  Templeton,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  two  years;  in  Illinois,  one  year;  in  Cleveland,  O., 
one  year;  governess  in  St.  Louis,  Mo.,  three  years;  has  been  nurse,  and  was 
caring  for  her  mother  five  years.  Married,  in  1877,  to  E.  W.  Clark;  one  child. 
West  View,  Ohio. 

SLOCUM,  FRANCES  V., Tolland,  Mass. 

TILTON,  V.  AMELIA, Goshen,  Mass. 

Taught  four  years  in  public  schools,  and  had  private  pupils.  Married,  in 
1863,  to  Deacon  Francis  Howland ;  four  children.  Conway,  Mass. 

STOWELL,  JANE  F., South  Deerfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  sixteen  years,  most  of  the  time  in  Deerfield,  Mass.;  a  few  terms  in 
Peru,  Williamsburg  and  Westhampton,  Mass.,  and  one  year  in  Georgia. 
Married,  in  1869,  to  George  W.  Bardwell,  who  died  in  1875;  three  children. 
The  last  six  years  taught  primary  school  in  South  Deerfield,  Mass. 

WILDER,  CHRISTIANA, Leominster,  Mass. 

CLIFFE,  CARRIE  M  ,         .        .        .        .        .        .       Northampton.  Mass. 


ARMS,  CHARLES  W.,* Conway,  Mass. 

BRIDGMAN,  EDWARD  P., Northampton,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westhampton  two  terms;  in  1862  entered  in  37th  Massachusetts 
Volunteers;  served  to  end  of  war,  in  seventeen  battles,  not  wounded;  1865-73 
boot  and  shoe  dealer  in  Northampton;  four  years  Green  Bay  Indian  Agency. 
Autigo,  Wis. 


CHAMBERLAIN,  FRANKLIN, Winchendon,  Mass. 

DOWE,  WILLIAM  H Charlton,  Mass. 

GEER,  THOMAS  H., Ledyard,  Conn. 

HORTON,  JERE, Westfleld,  Mass. 

Chicago,  111. 

KEYES,  JOSEPH  W.,* Dunstable,  Mass. 

Died  in  Pawtucket,  R.  I.,  1883. 

LEE,  EDWIN, Becket,  Mass. 

PATRICK,  EDWARD  J., Warren,  Mass. 

RICHARDSON,  OSCAR  F., South  Hadley  Falls,  Mass. 

ROBBINS,  EUGENE  H., Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

TOBEY,  EDWARD,    ......         Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

WARNER,  JOHN  J.,* New  Marlborough,  Mass. 

WEST,  ELI  F., South  Wilbraham,  Mass. 

SPRING  TERM,   1858. 


BARBER,  JULIA  M., New  Marlborough,  Mass. 

BEDELL,  ELLEN  E., Biddeford,  Me. 

COGGIN,  MARY  H.,  . Tewksbury,  Mass. 

COWAN,  JANE  A., Pittsfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Pittsfield  one  year,  while  member  of  school;  after  graduating, 
taught  one  year  each  in  Westfield  and  Pittsfield.  In  1863  married  Allen  Dean 
of  Westfield. 

COOK,  SARAH  C., Westhampton,  Mass. 

Entered  Mount  Holyoke  Seminary  in  1860,  remained  two  years;  taught  a  few 

CUTTING,  SARAH  M., Northborough,  Mass. 

DOANE,  ELIZA  M., Westfleld,  Mass. 

School  of  Observation,  Westfield,  Mass. 

DRAKE,  MARY  J., Chicopee,  Mass. 

FAY,  ELIZABETH  A., Munson,  Mass. 

FORBES,  SARAH  C., Newton,  Mass. 

GAYLORD,  ACHSAH, Westfleld,  Mass. 

GRISWOLD,  LYDIA  A., Huntington,  Mass. 

Springfield,  Mass. 

GRISWOLD,  JENNIE  S., Huntington,  Mass. 

HAWKS,  MELLIE  B., Shelburne,  Mass. 

HOWES,  KOXANNA, Ashfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Ashfield  and  Conway,  Mass.,  two  years.  Married,  in  1862,  Henry 
J.  Dayton,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.;  two  children. 

INGALLS,  EMILY  N.,* Cheshire,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Cheshire  and  Lanesborough  one  or  two  years.    Died  in  1877. 


JONES,  MELISSA  A.,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

Deceased,  1889. 

KING,  JULIA  M., Monson^  Mass. 

Mrs.  Rev.  William  A.  Waterman,  Marion,  la. 

LEWIS,  JEXNIE  P.,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

PARSONS,  EMELINE, Chicopee  Falls,  Mass. 

RANNEY,  ANNIE  T., Ashfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  one  year  before  graduating;  since  graduating,  taught  in  Ashfleld,  Con- 
way  and  Williamsburg,  eighteen  terms.  Married,  in  1868,  to  Lyman  A.  Bradford ; 
has  four  children.  Buckland,  Mass. 

ROOT,  SARAH  JANE, Westfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westtield  one  year.  In  1863,  married  John  Wells;  six  children. 
Whately,  Mass. 

ROOT,  LIZZIE  S., West  Springfield,  Mass. 

STOCKING,  EMILY  J., .     Westfield,  Mass. 

WHITCOMB,  MARIA  C., Greenwich,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Dr.  Gurney,  Palmer,  Kan. 
WELLS,  SARAH  HUNT, Buckland,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  four  years;  in  Iowa,  six  years.  Married,  in  1866, 
to  Lafayette  Anderson ;  two  children.  Genoa,  Neb. 

WILSON,  CAROLINE  A., Harwinton,  Conn. 


BARROWS,  CHARLES, Goshen,  Mass. 

CLEAVES,  LEVI,  JR., Rockport,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Rockport,  Mass.,  four  years;  life  insurance  agent,  stock  broker 

and  publisher  of  local  paper.    Married  Sadie  E.  Webber  in  1867.     Rockport, 


INGALLS,  EARL, Cheshire,  Mass. 

Taught  twenty-five  years :  Whitinsville,  five  years ;  Keyport,  N.  J.,  two  years ; 
North  Middleborough,  Mass.,  six  years;  Cheshire,  five  years;  and  Wellfleet, 
Mass.,  seven  years;  now,  1889,  is  superintendent  of  schools  in  Dalton,  Cheshire 
and  Lanesborough.  Married  twice;  three  children  living,  one  drowned  at 
Wellfleet,  Mass. 

KNOX,  LORENZO  A., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  two  years ;  Kansas,  two  years ;  wholesale  boot  and 
shoe  business  since  1867,  in  Leavenworth,  Kan.  Married  Lizzie  V.  Ide;  two 

MORSE,  SAMUEL  W Upton,  Mass. 

NORTHUP,  HENRY  H., Lanesborough,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  two  years;  New  Jersey,  twenty  months;  Pennsyl- 
vania, four  months;  Iowa,  six  months;  in  civil  war,  Massachusetts  49th  and 
Iowa  1st  Infantry;  in  1865  appointed  clerk  in  6th  auditor's  office,  Washing- 
ton, D.  C. ;  in  1868  graduated  from  Columbian  University,  D.  C. ;  in  1871  resigned 
position  in  auditor's  office,  and  has  since  been  lawyer  in  Portland,  Ore. 
Married,  in  1869,  to  Lydia  B.  Harkness;  three  children. 


POOLE,  CALVIN, Rockport,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Rockport,  Mass.,  three  and  one-half  years;  one  and  one-half  years 
in  naval  service;  since  has  practised  surveying  and  engineering;  has  held  town 
offices  in  Rockport.  In  1870,  married  Ellen  E:Tarr;  three  children. 

PORTER,  GEORGE  H.,* North  Yarmouth,  Me. 

PARTRIDGE,  GEORGE, Charlton,  Mass. 

STEELE,  AMOS, Chicopee,  Mass. 

Attended  Kenyon  College,  Ohio;  studied  theology  at  Philadelphia  and  An- 
dover;  Episcopal  rector.  Holyoke,  Mass. 

SUMMER,  EDWARD, Milton,  Mass. 

Man  led  Harriet  A.  Rogers.    Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

FALL  TERM,    1858. 

AVERY,  NANCY  E., Westflekl,  Mass. 

Taught  In  Huntington  one  year;  Chester  Centre,  one  terra;  Westfield,  Mass., 
one  year.  Married,  in  1863,  to  H.  Willard  Munson;  five  children  livii  g. 
Huntington,  Mass. 

BARBER,  ELIZABETH, Harwinton,  Conn. 

Mrs.  Sheldon  A.  Barber,  Harwinton,  Conn. 

BARBER,  EROSABETH, Harwintou,  Conn. 

Mrs.  E.  B.  Leavenworth,  New  Milford,  Conn.;  two  children. 

BEACH,  CLARA  F., Tolland,  Mass. 

BEACH,  CATHARINE  M Tolland,  Mass. 

BARLOW,  CLARA  M.,  .         .         .         .        .      New  Braintree,  Mass. 

BLAIR,  ELIZABETH  E  , West  Granville,  Mass. 

CHILDS,  ADELAIDE  A., Deerflelrl,  Mass. 

CLAPP,  S.  MARIA, Northampton,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Blackstone,  Mass.,  three  yearg.  Married,  in  1864,  to  Wm.  Bliss; 
has  three  children.  Troy,  N.  Y. 

CASE,  FRANCENA,* Lansingburg,  N.Y. 

DAVIS,  SARAH Yarmouth,  Me. 

ELLIS,  MARY  P ' Springfield,  Vt. 

Marion,  O. 

FOWLER,  LIZZIE  S., Westfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Hawaiian  Islands  three  years;  Westfield,  Mass.,  two  and  one-half 
yearn;  Chicago,  111.,  thirteen  years;  attended  Normal  Art  School,  Boston;  is 
supervisor  of  drawing,  Chicago  public  schools.  Married  L.  A.  Dimock  in  1864. 
Chicago,  111. 

HARMON,  ELIZA  J., West  Springfield,  Mass. 

HOOKER,  MATILDA  E., Sturbriclge,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Sturbridge,  Mass.,  one  year;  Hazardville,  Conn.,  two  years. 
Married,  in  1862,  to  John  N.  Spencer;  five  children.  Hazardville,  Conn. 

HOWES,  SUSAN  H., Ashfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  East  Charlemont  one  year;  Ashfield,  one  year.  Married,  in  1864, 
F.  G.  Howes,  Ashfield,  Mass.;  four  children. 


HUMPHRIES,  ELIZABETH  E., Simsbury,  Conn. 

INGAI.LS,  LAUUA  J., Cheshire,  Mass. 

Taught  twenty-seven  years;  in  primary  school,  Maple  Grove,  Adams,  Mass., 
twenty-one  years.  Adams,  Mass. 

LLOYD,  JULIA  A.  E.,* Blandford,  Mass. 

MOODY,  CATHARINE  R., Chicopee,  Mass. 

MORGAN,  FIDELIA  E., Northfield  Farms,  Mass. 

NOBLE,  JULIA  A.,* '    Westfleld  Mass. 

Taught  nearly  up  to  time  of  death,  in  Westfield. 
PATRICK,  MARY  L., Warren,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Blackstone  a  few  months;  in  Syracuse,  X.  Y.,  two  and  one-half 
years.  Married  Dr.  J.  W.  Hastings,  Warren,  Mass.;  two  children. 

PARKER,  SARAH  I.,         ......          Wiuchendon,  Mass. 

Taught  one  year  in  Massachusetts  and  New  Hampshire.  Married,  in  1863,  to 
Charles  Hall,  soldier,  killed  at  Cold  Harbor,  Va.,  1864. 

QUIGLEY,  SARAH  M., Chester,  Mass. 

QUIGLEY,  VICTORIA  L., Chester,  Mass. 

KOGERS,  MARTHA  ANN,  .......         Conway,  Mass. 

Has  not  taught.  Married,  in  1864,  to  Charles  G.  Parsons;  three  children. 
Greenfield,  Mass. 

SANDS,  HARRIET  N.,  .......         Biddeford,  Me. 

SANDERSON,  MARY  J., Whately,  Mass. 

Married,  in  1862,  to  E.  A.  Scott,  South  Deerfleld,  Mass.;  two  sons. 

SMITH,  LIZZIE  V.,  .  .        .        .        .        .        .       Palmer  Depot,  Mass. 

TOWER,  AMANDA,    . Cummington,  Mass. 

WARRINER,  SARAH  B., Springfield,  Mass. 

WILLIAMS,  AGNES  M., Chicopee,  Mass. 


DOTY,  ALBERT,* Stephentown,  N.  Y. 

HADSELL,  WILLIAM  H., Hancock,  Mass. 

LLOYD,  MYRON  M.,*  .        .        .        .        .        .    Blandford,  Mass. 

Taught  most  of  time  to  18S4  in  Westfleld ;  member  of  school  committee  many 
years;  in  insane  asylum,  Northampton,  mind  never  fully  restored.  Died  at 
Westfield,  Mass.,  1884. 

LAMSON,  LELAND  L.,* Chicopee,  Mass. 

PETTIBONE,  BISHOP  B.  B.^ Lanesborough,  Mass. 

PECK,  EDWIN  L., Seekonk,  Mass. 

Taught  high  school,  Westfield,  Mass.,  one  term;  grammar  school,  Westfield, 
Mass.,  one  month;  in  United  States  army  four  years;  accountant  in  Providence, 
R.  I.,  later  in  Westfield;  then  was  salesman.  Married,  in  1887,  Pauline  J. 
Kempter.  Westfield,  Mass. 

ROBINSON,  CHARLES  S.,  * Warren,  Mass. 

Taught  at  Staten  Island,  N.  Y. ;  enlisted  in  army  in  1862.  Married  Nettie  O. 
Spear  in  1862.  Dry  goods  and  grocery  business  in  Ware,  1863;  health  failed  in 
1881 ;  at  Westborough  Reform  School  as  master  of  farm-house  one  year,  and  at 
insane  hospital  as  night  watchman  seven  months;  business  agent,  reporter  for 
"  Boston  Journal  of  Commerce."  Died  in  1885,  leaving  wife  and  adopted 


ROSK,  LYMAN  LE  GRAND, East  Granville,  Mass. 

TILTON,  GEORGE  F., South  Deerfleld,  Mass. 

UPSON,  LYMAN  A Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  three  months.    Married  to  Emma  C.  Douglass  in  1871 ;  four  children 
living.    Thompsonville,  Conn. 

WILDER,  LORENZO  C., Buckland,  Mass. 

WATERMAN,  WILLIAM  A., Blandford,  Mass. 

Rev.  William  A.  Waterman,  Marion,  la. 

SPRING  TERM,   1859. 

BALL,  ALBINA  S., Chicopee,  Mass. 

Mrs.  J.  W.  Colton,  Westfield,  Maes.    Two  children. 

BAGG,  HELEN  M., West  Springfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Leicester,  Mass.,  one  year;  Springfield,  Mass.,  five  years;  Ladies' 
Seminary,  Hartford,  Conn.,  eleven  years.  Married  twice;  two  sons.  Mrs.  F. 
B.  Bridgman,  Hartford,  Conn. 

BARBER,  SARAH  A., New  Marlborough,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  five  years ;  Kansas,  three  years.  Married,  in  1864,  to 
Xelson  E. -Walter;  one  child.  Jamestown,  Kan. 

BROWN,  FROSTINE  V., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Easthampton,  Longmeadow  and  Springfield,  Mass.,  five 
years.  Married,  in  1869,  to  James  F.  Bidwell;  two  children.  Springfield,  Mass. 

COWLES,  JENNIE  E.,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

CONDON,  LIZZIE, Monson,  Mass. 

DAVIS,  AUGUSTA  C., Yarmouth,  Me. 

DOTEN,  JULIA  E.,* Sheffield,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Fred.  Laffargue. 

DRINKWATER,  MARY  E., Greenwich,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Brimfield,  Warren,  Ware,  Greenwich  and  Belchertown,  Mass., 
eight  years.  Married,  in  1864,  to  S.  M.  Warren;  two  children  deceased. 
Greenwich,  Mass. 

DRINKWATER,  CHARLOTTE  M., Greenwich,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Ware,  Mass.,  and  Lancaster  Industrial  School,  ten  years; 
superintendent  of  Young  Women's  Christian  Association  twelve  years,  and 
general  superintendent  since  1887.  Boston,  Mass. 

FROST,  ESTHER  A., Lowell,  Mass. 

GOODWIN,  ANNIE  C., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Longmeadow  and  Springfield,  Mass.,  six  years.  Married,  in  1867, 
to  W.  E.  Hint-dale,  Blaudford,  Mass.;  two  children. 

HANNUM,  ANN  J., Huntiugton,  Mass. 

HORTON,  CLARA  T., Westfleld,  Mass. 

HOWES,  AMANDA  M., Ashfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Ashfield,  Mass.,  twoyears.    Married,  in  1863,  to  Alvan  Cross;  two 


KIRBY,  ELLEN  E., Sheffield,  Mass. 

KING,  HARRIET  J. , .        .     Westfleld,  Mass. 

LEFFINGWELL,  ZILPAH  A., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Married,  in  1868,  to  Wm.  Arnold,  Westfield,  Mass. 

MORSE,  ELIZABETH  L., Westfleld,  Mass. 

MELLEN,  CHARLOTTE  C., Montville,  Mass. 

MOORE,  EMILY  A., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  West  Springfield  six  months;  New  Orleans,  La.,  girls'  high  school, 
till  1866,  first  year  in  department  mathematics,  afterward  principal;  Chicago, 
111.,  1873,  private  schbol  for  children  and  young  ladies;  in  1879, a  college  primary 
department  added.  Married,  in  1866,  to  Geo.  C.  Bates.  Chicago,  111. 

NORTON,  CARRIE  W., North  Blandford,  Mass. 

PHILLIPS,  MARY  F.,         . Huntington,  Mass. 

PARKS,  LAURA  E., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Porter  Whipple,  Westfield,  Mass. 

PERHAM,  EMELINE  J., Bethel,  Vt. 

PULSIFER,  JULIANA, Huntington,  Mass. 

ROGERS,  FANNIE  N.,        .        .        .        .        .        .         .        Convvay,  Mass. 

SIBLEY,  HANNAH  L.,*  .        .        .        .         .         .     Westfleld,  Mass. 

STICKXEY,  MARY  A., Concord,  N.  H. 

STURDIVANT,  ELLEN  T.,          ......    Cumberland,  Me. 

SLOCUM,  DEETTE  M., Tolland,  Mass. 

STRONG,  SARAH  L., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  E.  Kingsley,  Westfield,  Mass. 
TILTON,  SUSAN  A., Goshen,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Susan  T.  Miller,  Box  28,  Owatonna,  Minn. 

WILLIS,  ELIZABETH, Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  John  Hastings,  Westfield,  Mass. 
WHEELER,  MARY  E., Huntington,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Huntington,  Chester  and  Westfield,  Mass.  Married,  in  1864,  to 
Hervey  Cooper;  one  son.  Westfield,  Mass. 

BATES,  ERSKINE  S., Holyoke,  Mass. 

Taught  normal  class  in  Paris  Hill  Academy,  Me.,  principal  high  school, 
Chicopee  Falls;  studied  at  Fort  Edward  Institution;  in  Union  army;  studied 
medicine  in  Albany  Medical  College  and  Long  Island  College  Hospital,  graduated 
in  1865 ;  extra  course  in  Bellevue  Medical  College ;  is  practising  medicine  in  New 
York  City,  and  Dean  of  Columbia  Veterinary  College. 

BOND,  ISAAC  L.,  .        .        .        .        .        .        .      Leicester,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Leicester  one  term;  Spencer,  one  term;  Holyoke,  three  years; 
graduated  Bellevue  Hospital  Medical  College,  New  York,  in  1866;  physician  in 
Colorado,  1871-1881.  Married,  in  1884,  to  Miss  A.  C.  Coates,  of  New  York; 
president  Boulder  National  Bank,  Boulder,  Col. 

BRYANT,  HORACE  H., Leicester,  Mass. 

Taught  four  years  in  Spencer,  Millbury,  Leicester,  Paxton  and  Rutland; 
school  committee  in  Leicester  and  Paxton.  Married  in  1865.  Middlebury,  Vt. 


FULLER,  CHARLES  H., Cheshire,  Mass. 

Tuckahoe,  N.  Y. 

GALE,  JUSTIN  E., Rockport,  Mass. 

HORTON,  HOWARD  J.,      ......         Stephentowu,  N.Y. 

JOHNSON,  JASON  M., Warsaw,  N.Y. 

KENNEY,  GEORGE  L.,* Brirafleld,  Mass. 

Married  Fostina  Woodard. 

KNOX,  WATSON  E., Blandforcl,  Mass. 

Taught  four  years  In  New  York  State;  three  years  in  Delaware;  graduated 
Wesleyan  University  in  1871 ;  joined  New  England  Conference  in  1875.  Married, 
1883,  to  Addle  G.  Clark.  Auburndale,  Mass. 

KNAPP,  GEORGE Westfleld,  Mass. 

NORTHUP,  LEROY  J., Lanesborough,  Mass. 

A  farmer.    Married,  in  1860,  to  Mary  A. Root;  one  child.    Cheshire,  Mass. 

PARTRIDGE,  JOHN  W.,* Boylston,  Mass. 

Taught  in  West  Boylston  one  term;  was  in  Civil  War;  taken  prisoner  in  1864, 
near  Newbern,  N.  C.  Died  in  Andersonville  Prison  some  time  in  May,  1864. 

ROGERS,  JOSEPH  H.,        .        .         ...        .         .          Stephentown,  N.Y. 

STOWELL,  CHARLES,* South  Deerfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Clover  Hill,  N.  J.,  one  year;  in  Civil  War;  farming  since  close  of 
war.  Married,  in  1868,  to  Ellen  M.  Wait.  Died  in  1886,  leaving  four  children . 

TOBEY,  EDWIN, Great  Harrington,  Mass. 

FALL  TERM,    1859. 


ADAMS,  PIDKLIA  E., Williamstown,  Mass. 

Taught  in  New  Ashford  one  year,  and  Williamstown  one  year,  before  marriage ; 
after  marriage,  taught  in  Williamstown  primary,  intermediate  and  grammar,  for 
twenty-two  consecutive  years.  Married  S.  W.  Cooper;  one  son. 

AMIDON,  EMMA  S.,  .        .         .         .        .         .         .         .    Rovve,  Mass. 

BACON,  MARY  E., Ashburnhain,  Mass. 

BOSWORTH,  MARY  E., West  Otis,  Mass. 

Taught  three  years;  botanist  and  microscopist.  In  1865,  married  Wm. 
Streeter,  Rochester,  N.  Y. 

CIIAPIN,  ELIZABETH  M., Chicopee,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Geo.  Denison,  Springfield,  Mass. 

CHAPIN,  MARIA  A.,          .  Chicopee,  Mass. 

CLARKE,  CLARA  E., South  Hadley,  Mass. 

Taught  in  South  Hadley,  Muss.,  one  term ;  Minnesota,  two  years.  Married 
Wm.  B.  Greene  in  1862;  one  daughter.  Barre,  Mass. 

GRANT,  IZKTTA  E.,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Geo.  W.  Carrington. 

HALL,  MARGARKT  A., Cheshire,  Conn. 

HAYES,  LIZZIK  S., North  Yarmouth,  Me. 


HERRICK,  URSULA  M. , Blanclford,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Blandford,  Mass.,  one  term.  Married  Emory  C.  Hawes,  Springfield, 
Mass.,  in  1861;  two  children  living. 

HOLCOMB,  LOUISE  L., Turin,  N.Y. 

HORTON,  SOPHIA, Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  W.  H.  Sterns,  Andover,  Mass. 

KENT,  LUCY  W., Leicester,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Grafton,  Leicester  and  West  Springfield,  Mass.,  three  years. 
Married,  in  1864,  to  J.  S.  Noble,  Springfield,  Mass.;  three  children. 

LAMB,  SYBIL  B.,* Worcester,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Worcester,  1861-1864.    Died  atW-orcester,  of  consumption,  in  1864. 

LEONARD,  -CARRIE  S., Agawam,  Mass. 

Taught  in  public  schools  of  Springfield,  Mass.,  six  years. 

NORTON,  FANNIE  E., Otis,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Otis,  summer  of  1862.  Married,  in  1866,  to  Judge  S.  A.  Robinson; 
three  (hildren  living;  attended  Mount  Holyoke  Seminary  one  year;  an  artist. 
Middletown,  Conn. 

OATLEY,  LOUISE  A.,* Blandford,  Mass. 

ORCUTT,  ELLEN  A.,  .......      Chicopee,  Mass. 

PATRICK,  ADA  F.  K., Conway,  Mass. 

PERRY,  S.  HELEN,  . Phillipston,  Mass. 

PHELPS,  JULIA  B.,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

PHELPS,  JOSEPHINE  A.,  .         .        :        .        .        .        .        .      Otis,  Mass. 

PRATT,  LOUISK  M., Pleasant  Valley,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Ansonia,  Conn.,  Monroe,  Conn.,  one  year,  and  Colebrook,  Conn. 
Married,  in  1864,  to  Charles  E.  Dailey,  Washington,  D.  C.  Removed  from 
Washington  to  Tucson,  Arizona,  in  1880. 

ROCKWELL,  ALMIRA  L., Westfleld,  Mass. 

STEARNS,  CLARA  L., Conway,  Mass. 

SMITH,  MARY  J. ,      .        .        .         .         .        .        .        .        Tolland,  Mass. 

STACKPOLE,  CATHARINE  E.,     .  .        .        .      Williamstown,  Mass. 

Mrs.  A.  Armstrong,  Chestertown,  N.  Y. 

WELLS,  SARAH  E., Westfleld,  Mass. 

WRIGHT,  MARTHA  M., Chester,  Mass. 

WILLIAMS,  AGNES  A., West  Suffleld,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Amherst,  Mass.,  three  years;  Thibadeau,  La.,  1864-1865.  Married 
Geo.  A.  Carpenter,  Boston,  Mass.,  in  1865. 

FOWLER,  GEORGE  F. ,      .        .        .        .        .        .        .      Agawam,  Mass. 

Paper  manufacturer,  Holyoke,  Mass. 

HARDING,  WILDER  B., Putney,  Vt. 

Graduate  of  Yale  College,  and  for  several  years  principal  of  Smith  Academy, 
Hatfield,  Mass. 

HITCHCOCK,  HENRY  E., Sturbridge,  Mass. 


INGHAM,  SAMUEL,* Middlefleld,  Mass. 

KING,  GKORGE  B Rowe,  Mass. 

Taught  at  Hoosac  Tunnel  one  year;  Truant  School,  Worcester,  Mass.,  one  and 
one-half  years;  Westborough,  half  a  year;  was  in  Civil  War;  carpenter  at 
Worcester  In  1865.  Married,  in  1869,  to  Carrie  M.  Holden,  Holden,  Mass. 

TALMADGE,  LESLIE  D., Southwick,  Mass. 

Taught  In  Massachusetts  and  Connecticut  four  year*;  Missouri,  twelve  years. 
In  1868  married  Catherine  Shrum ;  four  children  living.    Farming,  Schell  City, 
TILESTON,  FRED  L., Williamsburg,  Mass. 


SPRING  TERM,    1860. 

AYERS,  CARRIE  F.,* Worcester,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Worcester.    Died  of  consumption. 

BEVERLY,  MARY, Williamstown,  Mass. 

BLAIR,  MARY  A., West  Granville,  Mass. 

Mrs.  C.  V.  Spear,  Oberlin,  O. 

BLISS,  CORINNA  J., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Springfield,  Mass.,  a  short  time.    Springfield,  Mass. 

BLOOD,  HARRIET, Worcester,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Worcester.    Mrs.  Thomas  Charles,  Chicago,  111. 

CARPENTER,  BETHIA  W., Shelburne,  Mass. 

West  Winsted,  Conn. 

COLTON,  EMMA  E.,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Easthampton  one  term;  Meriden,  Conn.,  one  term.    Married,  in 
1872,  to  H.  A.  Shipman.    Died  in  1885. 

DAWES,  M.  AMELIA, Goshen,  Mass. 

FISKE,  ELIZA  A.,* Upton,  Mass. 

Died  of  consumption  in  1862. 

FISKE,  NETTIE,* Upton,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Hopkinton,  Mass.,  one  year.    Married  George  E.  Nelson  in  1862. 
Died  of  consumption  in  1873. 

FOWLER,  ELOUISE, Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  Portville,  N.  Y.,  and  Suffield,  Conn.,  three  years. 
Married,  in  1866,  to  Edgar  Dusenbury.    Portville,  N.  T. 

HAWKES,  MARTHA  A., Goshen,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Wakeley. 
HKALD,  ELLEN  F., Temple,  N.  H. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  and  New  Hampshire  one  year.    Married,  in  1880,  to 
R.  E.  Bliss;  one  child.    Belding,  Ionia  Co.,  Mich. 


HUXLEY,  HARRIET  L., New  Marlborough,  Mass. 

JACKSON,  HETTIE, Westfleld,  Mass. 

KAVANAGH,  ANNIE  K., Lowell,  Mass. 

KENT,  ORPHA  P., West  Granville,  Mass. 

KING,  LOUISE  M., Westfleld,  Mass. 

LARNED,  ABBIE  F., Worcester,  Mass. 

LOOMIS,  ESTHER  J., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  N.  J.  Morgan,  Springfield,  Mass. 

MITCHELL,  MALVINA,* Holyoke,  Mass. 

See  Teachers. 

MORSE,  CAROLINE  M.,     . Upton,  Mass. 

NOBLE,  FANNIE  M., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Frank  Foote,  Westfield,  Mass. 


POMEROY,  CHARLOTTE  E., Southampton,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Middle  Farms,  Westfield,  Mass.,  one  term;  in  silk  mill,  Florence, 
Mass.  Married,  in  1870,  to  Henry  T.  Hannum;  two  children  living.  East- 
hampton,  Mass. 

REED,  MARY  E., Warren,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Warren,  Mass.,  two  years.  Married,  in  1883,  to  Warren  D.  Ball; 
three  children. 

SHEPARD,  LUCY  E., Westfleld,  Mass. 

SIBLEY,  AUGUSTA  A., West  Springfield,  Mass. 

SPEAR,  MARY  K.,     .        .        .        .        .        .        .       New  Ipswich,  Mass. 

SNELL,  CARRIE  M.,* Sturbridge,  Mass. 

WOODS,  ELLEN  F., '  .         Enfleld,  Mass. 

BRADLEY,  JUDSON, West  Stockbridge,  Mass. 

Taught  "Johnnie  Rebs.  two  years  and  ten  months,  in  Dixie;"  graduated 
Detroit  Medical  College  in  1869;  practised  medicine  since  graduating.  Married, 
in  1873,  to  Ellen  M.  Kingsley  of  Westhampton,  Mass.;  two  children.  Detroit, 

HEALD,  BROOKS  M., Temple,  N.  H. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  twelve  terms;  New  Hampshire,  five  terms;  studied 
pen  drawing  and  penmanship;  in  United  States  service;  represented  native  town 
in  Legislature,  1883  and  1884.  Farming  and  fruit  raising.  Married,  in  1884,  to 
Lelia  A.  Rockwood  of  Westhorough,  Mass.  East  Wilton,  N.  H. 

HUNTRESS,  EDWARD  S., Greenland,  N.  H. 

LARNED,  GEORGE  C.,  .        .        .        .        .         .  Worcester,  Mass. 

LEONARD,  AMBROSE, Feeding  Hills,  Mass. 

New  York  broker,  1862;  member  of  New  York  Stock  Exchange.  Married,  in 
1872,  Mary  Palmer;  eight  children.  898  Gates  Avenue,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

SIBLEY,  ALFRED  A.,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

SHEPARD,  WM.  H.  H.,* Warren,  Mass. 

Died  at  Westminster,  Mass.,  about  1886. 

WOODS,  JAMES  W., Berlin,  Mass. 

HALL,  MARQUIS,* Brimfleld,  Mass. 


FALL  TERM,   1860. 


ADAMS,  EMILY Huntington,  Mass. 

BKOWXING,  FRANCES  A., Blackstone,  Mass. 

CLEMMER,  EMILIA,  .        .        .        .  v  .        .        .     Westfleld,  Mass. 

Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

CHAMBERLAIN,  ALICE  M.,        .        .        .    '     .        .         Stockbridge,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  eighteen  terms ;  Croton,  N.  Y.,  one  term;  and  New 
Jersey,  one  year.  Married,  in  1866,  to  James  B.  White;  two  sons.  North 
Walton,  N.  Y. 

CIIAPIN,  MARTHA  J., Chicopee,  Mass. 

Taught  in  East  Charlemont  one  year ;  School  of  Observation,  Westtield,  Mass., 
two  years;  Hadley,  Mass.,  two  years.  Married,  in  1867,  to  Lewis  W.  West; 
three  sons. 

CUTLER,  NELLIE Worcester,  Mass. 

Taught  one  year  each  in  Worcester,  Boylston  and  Montague,  Mass.  Married, 
in  1863,  Hezekiah  Robbins,  Westfleld,  Mass.;  two  sons. 

ELY,  ELLEN  M.,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

Fox,  MARY  L., Huntington,  Mass. 

FORD,  FANNIE  J., Blackington,  Mass. 

GOLDSMITH,  ELLEN  M., Milford,  Mass. 

GOLDSMITH,  MARY  E., Milford,  Mass. 

HATHAWAY,  FANNY, Westfleld,  Mass. 

Married,  in  1865,  to  Clarence  M.  Worthington ;  three  children. 

HOMER,  ABBIE  G.,* Brimfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Stillman  Valley,  III.,  one  year  or  more,  and  in  Emporia,  Kansas. 
Married,  in  1867,  to  Lyman  B.  Kellogg;  two  sons.  Died  at  Golden  City, 
Col.,  in  1873. 

HARKINGTON,  HARRIET  A., Worcester,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Worcester.    Was  married. 

JOSLIN,  HELEN  M., Webster,  Mass. 

Taught  iu  North  Blackstone,  Mass.,  one  term ;  Holyoke  grammar  school,  three 
years;  Chicopee  Falls  high  school,  four  years;  Chicopee  high  school,  sixteen 
years ;  attended  Summer  School  of  Languages,  Amherst,  Mass.  Chicopee,  Mass. 

JOHNSON,  SUSAN, Peacham,  Vt., 

KNAPP,  MARGARETTA,      ......          Haydenville,  Mass. 

Married  Horace  W.  Johnson,  Haydenville,  Mass.;  three  children,  two  grand- 

LANE,  AMY  P., Cheshire,  Mass. 

LOVELL,  ELLEN  V., West  Boylston,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Spencer,  Mass.,  one  year.  Married,  in  1864,  to  J.  C.  Grout,  Spen- 
cer, Mass.;  now  a  widow;  one  daughter;  graduated  C.  L.8.  C.  in  1884. 


LYMAX,  ELIZA  C., Huntington,  Mass. 

Has  cared  for  an  invalid  mother  twenty  years  or  more. 

LYMAX,  MARTHA  M., Huntington,  Mass. 

MAKTYN,  HOPE  S., .        .        .                 .        .         .  Attleborough,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Attleborough,  Westfleld  and  Chicopee  Falls,  Mass.,  and  Chicago, 
111.,  eight  years.  New  Britain,  Conn. 

McRAE,  NELLIE  S., Roxbury,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Heleu  8.  White,  Whately,  Mass. 
NASH,  MARY  E., Gray,  Me. 

Shelburne  Falls,  Mass. 

POMEROY,  CASSIE  J., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Dexter  Goodell,  Florence,  Mass. 

PREXDEKGAST,  LIZZIE  H. , Huntington,  Mass. 

ROWE,  MARY  E., Conway,  Mass. 

ROGERS,  NELLIE  F., Worcester,  Mass. 

SAMPSON,  CLARA  A.,  .        .        .        .        .          Chesterfield ,  Mass. 

SAXFORD,  ELLEX  R., Huntington,  Mass. 

SIKES,  CLARA  J., West  Springfield,  Mass. 

SMITH,  MARY  E., Chicopee,  Mass. 

SMITH,  S.  LIZZIE, West  Springfield,  Mass. 

TAFT,  M.  EMMA,      ........  Blackstone,  Mass. 

THAYER,  ANGEXETTE  H., South  Amherst,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Granby,  Pelham,  Amherst,  Enfield,  Belchertown,  Ware,  Spring- 
field and  Hadley,  Mass. ;  in  all,  thirty-nine  terms.  Married,  in  1876,  to  C.  L. 
Hartwell;  one  child.  South  Amherst,  Mass. 

TUPPER,  JENNIE  E.,        .        .         .        .        .        .        .  Wilbraham,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Wilbraham  and  Palmer,  Mass.,  three  years;  studied  art  and  litera- 
ture; contributed  to  papers;  writer  for  "  Scribner's,"  now  the  "Century," 
series  of  "  Songs  of  Ireland  "  Married,  in  1863,  to  William  H.  Dowe,  now 
deceased;  one  child.  Worcester,  Mass. 

UPSON,  SARAH  K., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  a  short  time  as  substitute. 

WARNER,  MYRA, Williamsburg,  Mass. 

WATRISS,  MARY  H., Pittsfield,  Mass. 

WHITE,  HATTIE  P  , Phillipston,  Mass. 

Taught  four  years  before  graduating  and  six  years  after;  South  Orange, 
Mass.,  three  years  ;  Hubbardston  and  Phillipston,  Mass.  Married  F.  M. 
Sanderson  in  1869 ;  five  children  living.  Cleveland,  Ohio. 


BRADISH,  GEORGE  W., Templeton,  Mass. 

KENNEY,  WILLIAM  M.,* Brimfleld,  Mass. 

In  Civil  War;  died  at  Fort  Lyon,  Va.,  after  a  few  months'  service. 
NEWCOMB,  LEMUEL  E., East  Machias,  Me. 

Left  to  enlist  in  llth  Regiment  Maine  Volunteers ;  taught  in  Maine  and  Mis- 
souri seven  years;  attended  Bryant  and  Stratton's  Commercial  School  in  Phila- 
delphia, Pa.,  in  1865;  book-keeping  teu  years  in  Alma,  New  Brunswick;  in 
Atchinson,  Kan.,  five  years.  Married,  in  18T54,  to  Julia  H.  Palmer,  Machias,  Me. ; 
two  daughters. 


NEWTON,  SOLON  N., Greenfield,  Mass. 

In  lumber  business,  Greenfield,  Mass. 

ROGERS,  SAMUEL  N., Wilkinsonville,  Mass. 

SIBLEY,  GEORGE  F., Westfleld,  Mass. 

SEARLE,  HENRY  A., Southampton,  Mass. 

STOCKING,  .WILLIAM  R., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfleld,  Mass.,  one  term;  high  school,  Williamstown,  Mass.,  one 
term;  Persia,  one  year;  superintendent  of  schools  in  Oroomiah,  Persia,  two 
years;  was  in  Civil  War;  attended  Williston  Seminary  one  year;  Williams  Col- 
lege, class  of  '69,  two  years;  Andover  Theological  Seminary,  class  of  '71,  two 
years;  missionary  in  Persia,  seven  years;  pastor  H.  M.  Church,  White  Oaks, 
Mass.,  four  years;  superintendent  work-house,  Blackwell's  Island,  New  York 
City,  and  branch  work-house,  Hart's  Island.  Married,  in  1873,  to  Isabella  C. 
Baker  of  Italy;  eight  children.  Hart's  Island,  New  York  City. 

SPRING  TERM,    1861. 


ALLIS,  ANGELINE  M.,' Whately,  Mass. 

BARROWS,  REBECCA  L.,* Attleborough,  Mass. 

BELDEN,  ELLEN  J., Ashfleld,  Mass. 

CARPENTER,  WINNIE  A., Shelburne,  Mass. 

CLARK,  NANCE  H., Lubec,  Me. 

CLARK,  AMELIA  E., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  seven  years.    Holyoke,  Mass. 

DRESSER,  CAROLINE  J., Smithfleld,  Mass. 

DUDLEY,  CERELIA  M., Westfleld,  Mass. 

DICKINSON,  HELEN  M., South  Hadley,  Mass. 

DEMING,  CHARLOTTE  E.,         ....  South  Williamstown,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  seven  years;  Hampton,  Va.,  one  year;  Whitins-' 
ville,  Mass.,  three  years;  Quincy,  Mass.,  two  years;  Rhode  Island  Normal 
School,  ten  years;  attended  School  of  Technology,  Boston;  studied  elsewhere. 
Providence,  B.  I. 

EDDY,  ELIZA  A., Leicester,  Mass. 

GILLETTE,  JULIA  E. , Westfleld,  Mass. 

HILLMAN,  SARAH  A., East  Charlemont,  Mass. 

HOSMER,  MARY  J.,*         . Westfleld,  Mass. 

HOWLAND,  MARION, Greenfield,  Mass. 

LEE,  JULIA  M., Conway,  Mass. 

MOSELEY,  GEORGIANA, Westfleld,  Mass. 

MOORE,  DE  ETTE  A., Chester,  Mass. 

PARKER,  MATILDA, .         Holden,  Mass. 

PETERS,  ELIZABETH  A., Belchertown,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Elbridge  Hastings,  Palmer,  Mass. 

QUIGLEY,  HATTIE  A., Chester,  Mass. 

RUSSELL,  MARY  A., Westfleld,  Mass. 


ROBINSON,  MARY  W., Cummington,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Longmeadow  three  years,  and  Cummington,  Mass.,  three  years. 
Married,  in  1866,  to  P.  P.  Lyman,  Cummington,  Maes.;  three  children. 

SMITH,  LUCY  E., West  Springfield,  Mass. 

WHITE,  LIZZIE  A., Haydenville,  Mass. 

WORTHINGTON,    FANNIE   A.,* Westfield,  MaSS. 

Married  in  1865. 

VAILLE,  SUSAN  M., Tolland,  Mass. 

WHIFFLE,  HATTIE  A., Westfield,  Mass. 

Taught  music  only,  at  Wilbraham,  Mass.,  and  Cleveland,  Ohio,  three  years. 
Married  George  H.  Prescott,  Westfield,  Mass.;  four  children. 

GOODRICH,  HATTIE  M.,  .        .        .        .  .        .     Westfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Tolland,  Mass.,  a  short  time;  in  Westfield,  from  1864-66;  Chelsea, 
Mass.,  from  1866-89. 

PEASE,  BELLA  M., Westfield,  Mass. 

JONES,  ELIZA  B., Chicopee  Falls,  Mass. 

WEBBER,  HANNAH  H., Tolland,  Mass. 


BARTLETT,  CHARLES,* .  Holyoke,  Mass. 

SELLINGS,  CHARLES  S., Goshen,  Mass. 

BURNETT,  LIBERTY  L., Florida,  Mass. 

CONANT,  EVERETT  W., Paxton,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Minnesota  two  years,  in  Massachusetts  two  and  one-half  years. 
In  1872  married  Abbie  8.  Dane;  three  children.  Cherry  Valley,  Mass. 

FORD,  RUFUS  M., West  Stockbridge,  Mass. 

Left  to  join  the  army,  served  three  years;  taught  in  West  Stockbridge,  Mass., 
one  winter,  1865-66;  and  Leyden,  111.,  one  winter;  mercantile  life  since  the  war. 
Married,  in  1868,  to  Mrs.  Harriet  Starr  Olmstead;  three  sons  living.  West- 
field,  Mass. 

GIDDINGS,  SOLOMON, Eaton  Rapids,  Mich. 

GOULDING,  ALBERT  M., Leicester,  Mass. 

GOTT,  LEMUEL,  Jr., Berlin,  Mass. 

LEWIS,  CORVETT  E., Huntington,  Mass. 

MOORE,  WILSON, Chester,  Mass. 

ROGERS,  BENJAMIN  F.,* Paxton,  Mass. 

Died  in  April,  1861,  three  weeks  after  entering  the  school. 
TOWER,  ALONZO  D Florida,  Mass. 


FALL  TERM,    1861. 


ALLEN,  HANNAH  J., Sturbridge,  Mass. 

ANDREWS,  KATE  E.,* Montague,  Mass. 

ANDREWS,  JULIA  M., Montague,  Mass. 

AVKRY,  MARY  E., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfleld,  Mass.,  one  year;  Longyard  and  Granville,  Mass.,  one 
term  each.  Married,  in  1870,  to  D.  W.  Martin,  Westfleld,  Mass. ;  three  children. 

BAUTLETT,  JENNIE, Windsor,  Mass. 

BEEBE,  FANNIE  R.,* Westfield,  Mass. 

BENTON,  EMELINE, North  Marlborough,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Alonzo  Townsend,  New  Haven,  Conn. 

BI.OOD,  AUGUSTA  L., Westfleld,  Mass. 

BLOOD,  LUCELIA  H., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  M.  E.  Searle,  Westfleld,  Mass. 

BRADFORD,  MARY  A., Huntington,  Mass. 

BURRILL,  VILLEROY  E., Bridgeport,  Mass. 

CHAPIX,  MARY  H., West  Springfield,  Mass. 

CLARKE,  MARY  C., Conway,  Mass. 

COIT,  ELLEN  C., Huntington,  Mass. 

CRUMP,  MARIA  B.,  .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .       Whately,  Mass. 

DAVIS,  EMILY  E., Curtisville,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Portsmouth,  Va.,  seven  months;  in  Institute  for  Soldiers'  Children, 
New  York  City;  teaching  brought  to  an  end  by  loss  of  hearing.  Box  89,  Stock- 
bridge,  Mass. 

FOWLER,  ADELTHEA, Tolland,  Mass. 

GLAZIER,  OLIVIA  E., Fiskdale,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Sturbridge,  Mass.;  studied  music  in  Boston;  in  Jordan  &  Marsh's, 
Boston ;  soprano  in  Universalist  Church  in  East  Cambridge,  Baptist  in  East 
Boston,  Universalist  in  Roxbury,  etc.  Married,  in  1869,  to  J.  X.  George,  Grand 
Forks,  Dakota. 

GREGORY,  ABBIE  M.,* Winchendon,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Fitzwilliam,N.  H.,  three  terms;  New  Haven,  Conn.,  six  terms;  one 
term  each  in  Lancaster,  Gardner  and  Royalston,  Mass.,  and  twenty-five  terms  in 
Winchendon,  Mass.;  taught,  In  all,  after  graduating,  thirteen  years.  Died  of 
cancer,  in  March,  1878. 

GRISWOLD,  GEORGIANA, Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Southwick,  Westfleld  and  Agawam,  Mass.,  each  one  term ;  left 
teaching  to  care  for  sick  mother.  Married,  in  1867,  to  Charles  8.  Smith,  West- 
field,  Mass.;  five  children. 

HuSE,  MARTHA  K., Chicopee,  Mass. 

JONES,  ORRA  H., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Married  Charles  F.  Ely,  Westfield,  Mass. 

KING,  ELLEN  A., Washington,  D.  C. 

LEFFINGWELL,  EMMA, Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  H.  C.  Pratt,  Westfield,  Mass. 


MARSH,  HELEN  L., Hadley,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  four  years,  and  In  New  Jersey  one  year.  Married, 
in  1866,  to  Charles  J.  Miller,  Waukegan,  Lake  County,  111.;  six  children. 

MARSHALL,  FRANCES  L., Tolland,  Mass. 

MOODY,  ANNIE  E., Chicopee,  Mass. 

PERKINS,  LYDIA  S., Philadelphia,  Pa. 

PIERCE,  SUSAN, Townsend,  Mass. 

SMITH,  EMMA  M., Greenfield,  Mass. 

SMITH,  MARY  I., Feeding  Hills,  Mass. 

STICKNEY,  ELIZA  J., Huntington,  Mass. 

STOCKWELL,  MARTHA  I.,* Ravenna,  O. 

Taught  in  Ravenna,  Wooster,  Cleveland,  O.,  and  in  Jamestown  and  Indian- 
apolis, Ind.  Married,  in  1878,  to  W.  D.  Cuahman  of  Brookfield,  O.  Died  in 
Ravenna,  O.,  in  1884,  of  consumption. 

TURNER,  CELINDA  E., New  Marlborough,  Mass. 

Taught  in  New  Marlborough,  Mass.,  three  years.  Married  H.  L.  Barber, 
Southfield,  Mass.,  in  1865. 

TUCKER,  SARAH  A. , Chicopee  Falls,  Mass. 

New  Haven,  Conn. 

WKSTON,  AUSTRICE,* Winchendon,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Winchendon,  Mass.,  about  three  years.    Died,  in  1869,  of  consump- 
WHITING,  ELVIRA  F., Holyoke,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  Mass.,  and  principal  of  high  school  in  West  Springfield; 
in  all,  ten  years.  Married,  in  1873,  to  Charles  E.  Ball,  Holyoke,  Mass.;  four 

WILSON,  FRANCES  M., Pittsfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  high  school,  Chicopee,  Mass. ;  had  a  select  school  in  Orange,  N.  J., 
seven  years.    Pittsfield,  Mass. 
WILLIAMS,  PLACENTIA  P., South  Windsor,  Conn. 


ALEXANDER,  SAMUEL  T., Wailuka,  S.  I's. 


DICKINSON,  DWIGHT  L., Whately,  Mass. 

FULLER,  HENRY  A., Lanesborough,  Mass. 

GIBBS,  ABNER  E.,* Poughkeepsie,  N.  Y. 

Taught  in  Ware  (principal  high  school) ,  1864-67 ;  principal  high  school,  West- 
field,  Mass.,  from  1867  to  1883;  received  degree  of  A.M.  from  Williams  College. 
Died  in  Westfield,  of  heart  disease,  in  August,  1883. 

GILLETT,  FRANCIS  A., Southwick,  Mass. 

LLOYD,  JAMES  H.,* •     Westfleld,  Mass. 

Map  publisher;  superintendent  of  the  Bethel  Mission,  Brooklyn.  Died  in 
California,  in  1882. 

POWERS,  WILLIAM  R Warren,  Mass. 

SMITH,  WILLIAM  R Tolland,  Mass. 

STOW,  DURAND, Tolland,  Mass. 


SPRING  TERM,    1862. 

BADGER,  ADELAIDE  V., North  Adams,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield  State  Normal  School  four  years.  Married,  in  1868,  to 
Rev.  E.  P.  Wells;  four  sons.  Denver,  Col.  See  under  Teachers. 

ADAMS,  AMANDA, South  Egremont,  Mass. 

BANCROFT,  SUSAN  C., Montague,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Oswego,  N.  Y.,  two  and  one-half  years;  New  Haven,  Conn.,  one 
year;  training  school,  Springfield,  Mass.,  three  years;  State  Normal  School, 
Providence,  R.  I.,  seven  years;  principal  of  kindergarten  and  primary  school, 
Providence,  R.  I.,  five  and  one-half  years.  Married,  in  1877,  to  Leonard  Tilling- 
hast,  Providence,  R.  I. ;  three  children. 

BINGHAM,  ELLEN  L., Westfleld,  Mass. 

ELLIS,  ELVIRA  R., Curmnington,  Mass. 

ELLIS,  MARY  R.,      .......        Cummington,  Mass. 

FAY,  FANNIE  M., Whitinsville,  Mass. 

FAY,  EMMA  W Whitinsville,  Mass. 

FOWLER,  HELEN  G.,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

GAYLORD,  FANNIE  C., South  Hadley  Falls,  Mass. 

Springfield,  Mass. 

HARDY,  ELIZABETH, Shelburne  Falls,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  Ohio,  Illinois  and  Georgia,  about  twenty  years. 

HAYES,  HENRIETTA  M., West  Springfield,  Mass. 

IVES,  ELLEN  H., Holyoke,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  Mass.,  eight  years;  Springfield,  Mass.,  two  terms;  and 
Northampton,  Mass.,  one  term. 

KASSON,  HELEN  E., New  Marlborough,  Mass. 

Taught  in  New  Marlborough,  Mass.,  one  and  one-half  years.  Married,  in 
1864,  to  Alvan  W.  Chapin,  Bristol,  Conn.;  six  children. 

KELLOGG,  HARRIET  E South  Hadley,  Mass. 

LEONARD,  FRANCENA  D., Athol  Depot,  Mass. 

Musical  profession.  Married,  in  1863,  to  A.  E.  Gibbs,  now  deceased ;  five  chil- 
dren; Adams,  Mass. 

LOOMIS,  ANGELETTE, Westfleld,  Mass. 

MERRIMAN,  HARRIET  E., Northfleld,  Mass. 

MINOR,  FANNIE  J.,* Monterey,  Mass. 

MINOR,  THEDA  A.,* Monterey,  Mass. 

PERRY,  ALICE  E., Westfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield  and  Stockbridge,  Maes. ;  Hartford  and  Glastenbury,  Conn. ; 
In  all,  twenty  yearn. 

SEWALL,  ELLEN  M., Rockport,  Mass. 

SHEPARD,  CORNELIA  F., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield  one  year,  and  Sunderland  one  term;  poor  health.  Mar- 
ried, in  1880,  to  Lemuel  P.  Wolcott,  Southampton,  Mass.;  two  children. 


SMITH,  ELLA  B., Chicopee  Falls,  Mass. 

STOCKWELL,  MARY  G., Eastbampton,  Mass. 

THOMPSON,  JULIA  A., Monterey,  Mass. 

Taught  in  South  Berkshire  four  years;  has  written  for  periodicals,  poems,  etc. 
Married,  in  1866,  to  J.  8.  Sears,  Stockbridge,  Mass.;  five  children. 

WEEKS,  L.  ADELIA,  ......        Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

WILLISTON,  JANE, Easthampton,  Mass. 

WOODARD,  FROSTINA,* Brimfteld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Longmeadow,  Mass.  Married  George  L.  Kenney.  Died  at  Buf- 
falo, N.  Y. 

BALDWIN,  HOWARD  J. ,    .        .        .         .        .        .        .  Harrington,  Conn. 

BLODGETT,  ALBERT  G., Warren,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Dalton  and  Chester  two  years ;  studied  at  Berkshire  Medical  Col- 
lege one  year;  Pittsfield,  Mass.,  and  Bellevue  Hospital  Medical  College,  New 
York  City,  two  years.  Married  Caroline  A.  Adams  in  December,  1871;  one 
daughter.  West  Brookfield,  Mass. 

ELLIOTT,  JAMES  H., Greenfield,  Mass. 

Enlisted  in  34th  Massachusetts  Regiment  in  July,  1862;  in  government  service 
since  1862,  except  two  years.  Married,  in  1870,  to  Mary  Chase,  who  died  in 
1879;  one  daughter  living.  Is  special  examiner  of  pension  office  and  travels. 
Washington,  D.  C. 

FRIEND,  HERVEY,  ........  Gloucester,  Mass. 

HAYNES,  CHARLES  H., Fitchburg,  Mass- 

Taught  in  Peru,  Vt.,  one  year;  in  Ware,  Mass.,  three  years;  Pittsfleld,  Mass., 

three  years ;  now  business  manager  of  Miller's  Hotel,  New  York  City.    Married, 

in  1886,  to  Stella  W.  Harris  of  New  York  City. 

JUDD,  JAMES  W.,* Westfield,  Mass. 

LEONARD,  FRANKLIN,       .        .        .        .  .      Feeding  Hills,  Mass. 

Westfield,  Mass. 

MOODY,  GEORGE  F., Tolland,  Mass. 

RISING,  HENRY  M., South  wick,  Mass. 

WEBSTER,  DANIEL, Gl'-ucester,  Mass. 

WOODARD,  WRIGHT,* Brirafleld,  Mass. 

FALL  TERM,    1862. 


BROWNING,  KATE  M., Rowe,  Mass. 

BUTTRICK,  ELLA  E., Holyoke,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  South  Hadley  Falls,  Springfield  and  Cambridge,  Mass.; 
in  all,  twenty-two  years.    North  Cambridge,  Mass. 
BAKER,  ELLA  A.,     .        .        .        .        .        .        •        •     Brimfield,  Mass. 

BELL,  MARTHA, Tolland,  Mass. 

CLARKE,  SYLVIA  F., Westminster,  Mass. 

Mrs.  John  Knox,  Florence,  Mass. 


CLARY,  LIZZIE  S., Deerflelcl,  Mass. 

Taught  forty-nine  terms.    Williamsburg,  Mass. 

COOK,  MARY  E., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Took  regular  course  for  one  year,  then  special  studies  more  or  less  for  thir- 
teen years.  Married,  1879,  to  Lewis  Parker,  Westfleld,  Mass.;  one  son. 

CUDWORTH,  ELECTA, Chesterfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Northampton,  Mass.,  four  years;  in  Westhampton,  Easthampton, 
Mass.,  and  Keene,  N.  H.,  three  years.  Married,  in  1871,  to  A.  M.  Burt,  South 
Hadley  Falls,  Mass. ;  two  children. 

FELTOX,  EUNICE  S., Clinton,  Mass. 

FULLER,  ABBIE  L.,* Fond  clu  Lac,  Wis. 

FULGHUM,  ELIZA  B., Richmond,  Ind. 

INGERSOLL,  MARTHA, Westfleld,  Mass. 

IVES,  JULIA  B., Hotyoke,  Mass. 

KELLOGG,  CELIA  I., East  Granville,  Mass. 

KENT,  PHEBE  E.,* Marshfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Marshfield,  Mass.,  one  year;  health  failed.    Died  in  December, 


KING,  LUCELIA  E., Washington,  D.  C. 

KNAPP,  MARY  A., Dana,  Mass. 

KNEIL,  MARY  A., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Springfield,  Williamstown,  Mass.,  Hoosic  Falls  and 
Brooklyn,  N.  T.,  twenty-three  years;  spent  one  year  at  Wellesley  College. 
Brooklyn,  N.  T. 

LEWIS,  MARION  E., Weslfleld,  Mass. 

Graduated  from  Wesleyan  Academy,  Wilbraham,  Mass.,  in  1867. 

LOOMIS,  JOSEPHINE  H., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  H.  G.  Dewey,  3257  Vernon "Avenue,  Chicago,  111. 

MOORE,  ADDIE  H.,* Tolland,  Mass. 

PARKER,  ELIZA  K., Rockport,  Mass. 

PHILLIPS,  MARY  L., Westfleld,  Mass. 

PORTER,  ELVIRA  A., Gosheu,  Mass. 

Taught  a  number  of  years  in  Williamsburg,  Goshen  and  Ashfleld,  Mass. 
Married,  in  1866,  to  J.  H.  Godfrey. 

RING,  ELLEN  L., Huntington,  Mass. 

RUDE,  HELEN  L., Huntington,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Huntington,  Chester  and  Worthington,  Mass.,  five  years,  besides 
private  instruction.  Married,  in  1867,  to  E.  B.  Cole,  Huntington,  Mass. 

SACKETT,  FRANCELIA  C., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  J.  Merrill  Brown.    Milton  Lower  Mills,  Mass. 

SACKETT,  FRANCENA  S., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  John  Sackett,  Holyoke,  Mass. 

TITCOMB,  CHARLOTTE  A., Chicopee,  Mass. 

WARFIELD,  L.  ANNIE,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

WHEELER,  ORIANNA  E., Berlin,  Mass. 



BURGESS,  ROBERT, Springfield,  Mass. 

PIKK,  FREDERICK  A.,  .        .        .        .        .        .         Florida,  Mass. 

PRATT,  GEORGE  A., Tolland,  Mass. 

SMITH,  IRA  A., West  Otis,  Mass. 

Taught  in  "Ware  Centre,  Mass.,  one  and  one-half  years;  attended  New  Marl- 
borough  and  Monson  Academy;  in  book  trade  ten  years;  studied  theology; 
licensed  in  1880,  ordained  in  1882;  has  preached  as  home  missionary  since  1880. 
Married,  in  1869,  to  Sarah  S.  Cook;  three  children  living.  Erring,  Mass. 

SPRING  TERM,   1863. 


ADAMS,  MARY  W., Amlierst,  Mass. 

ALVORD,  Lucy  A., Northampton,  Mass. 

AVERT,   ELLEN  L.,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

BUCK,  CELINA  A., Chesterfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Worthington  and  Cummington,  Mass.,  one  year;  Chesterfield,  one 
3'ear;  Fairmont,  N.  Y.,  one  year;  Chicopee,  Mass.,  two  years;  Springfield, 
Mass.,  five  years.  Married,  in  1876,  to  Jonathan  H.  Eager.  Worthington,  Mass. 

CLARKE,  SYLVIA, Westfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  two  years.  Married,  in  1868,  to  Dr.  H.  M.  Miller, 
Westfield,  Mass.;  five  children. 

COLLINS,  MARY  A., Lempster,  N.  H. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  Mass.,  two  terms;  New  Braintree,  Mass.,  one  terra. 
Married,  in  1866,  to  Amos  Andrews;  three  children.  Matron  of  State  Primary 
School,  Monson,  Mass. 

DART,  EMMA  J., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  one  year;  compositor. 

FOWLER,  CLARA  M., Westfleld,  Mass. 

GILLETTE,  SIBYL  M., Westfleld,  Mass. 

Mrs.  W.  J.  Mixter,  Westfield,  Mass. 

GILLESPIE,  CATHARINE  I.,  .        .        .        Great  Harrington,  Mass. 

GOTT,  M.  LIZZIE,     .........  Berlin,  Mass. 

HOLCOMB,  ISADORE, Granby,  Conn. 

HOYLE,  JANE  E., Housatonic,  Mass. 

KELLOGG,  MARY  W., South  Hadley,  Mass. 

LINCOLN,  CARRIE  M., Longmeadow,  Mass. 

MINOR,  HELEN  L., Monterey,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Charles  Phelps,  Stockbridge,  Mass. 

NASH,  ABBIE  J., Granby,  Mass. 

NASH,  HARRIET  H., Granby,  Mass. 

LOVELAND,  ELLA  F.,       .        .        ...        .        .       Worthington,  Mass. 

PLUMB,  JULIA  W., Westfleld,  Mass. 


POWELL,  ELLEN  M., Cheshire,  Mass. 

SACKETT,  JANE  A., Westfleld,  Mass. 

SCOVILLE,  ELEANOR  J., Ashley  Falls,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Canaan,  Conn.,  one  summer;  New  Maryborough,  Mass,,  one  sum- 
mer. In  1867  married  William  E.  Cutting,  who  died  in  1880;  in  1887  married 
George  E.  Wood,  Ashley  Falls,  Mass.;  one  daughter. 

THAYEK,  FANNIE  M., Dorchester,  Mass. 

WHIPPLE,  GERTRUDE  M., Lanesborough,  Mass. 

WILSON,  MARY,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

ANDREWS,  AMOS, Sheffield,  Mass. 

Taught  thirteen  terms  in  Holyoke,  before  entering  the  normal  school ;  taught 
in  New  Jersey,  Connecticut  and  Sheffield,  Mass.;  city  official  in  Holyoke, 
1870-81;  paymaster  paper  mills  three  years.  Married,  in  1866,  to  Mary  A.  Col- 
lins; three  children.  Superintendent  of  State  Primary  School,  Monson,  Mass. 

NASH,  HARLAN  E., Granby,  Mass. 

WOODS,  HENRI  N., Rockport,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Rockport,  Mass.,  one  year;  studied  law  and  practised  in  Glouces- 
ter, Mass.  Married,  in  1868,  to  Belle  A.  Sears;  three  children. 

FALL  TERM,   186 

ANDREWS,  JANE,*     .        .  .        .        .        .       Sheffield,  Mass. 

BREWEK,  ELIZABETH  H., Stockbridge,  Mass. 

Taught  at  Hampton,  Va.,  two  years;  at  North  Adams,  six  years;  in  Indiana, 
one  year;  at  Vassar  College,  three  years;  at  Brimfield,  one  year;  and  elsewhere 
shorter  periods;  in  all,  fifteen  years.  Stockbridge,  Mass. 

BACON,  JOSEPHINE  L  , East  Granville,  Mass. 

CARVER,  ELVIRA, Chicopee  Falls,  Mass. 

See  under  Teachers. 

CHILDS,  MARTHA  M.,* Lee,  Mass- 
Taught  in  Westfleld  high  school  and  Hinsdale  high  school.    Married  Edward 
A.  Booth.    Died  in  Moville,  la.,  of  pneumonia,  in  December,  1888. 

CHANDLER,  ANNIE, North  Fryeburg,  Me. 

CROSBY,  MARY  V., Williamsburg,  Mass. 

DRESSKR,  CHARLOTTE  A., Stockbridge,  Mass- 

FAIRCIIILD,  REBECCA  O.,* Stockbridge,  Mass. 

Left  school  a  few  weeks  before  the  graduation  of  her  class,  on  account  of 
ill  health.  Died  of  consumption  at  her  home  in  Stockbridge,  in  1866. 

FOWLER,  PLUMA  N.,        .......     Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Southwick  one  year;  Feeding  Hills,  Mass.,  one  year.  Married,  in 
1869,  to  J.  W.  Russell.  Springfield,  Mass. 

FIELD,  EMMA  F., Shelburne  Falls,  Mass. 

Mrs.  G.  G.  Merrell,  Shelburne  Falls,  Mass. 


FELTON,  KUBY  W., South  Deerfield,  Mass. 

GRANGER,  IDELLA  E.,* Worthiugton,  Mass. 

GREENE,  CHARLOTTE  L.,         .        .        .        .        .        .        Clinton,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Chicopee,  Mass.,  one  and  one-half  years;  Clinton,  Mass.,  ten  and 
one-half  years;  librarian  Free  Public  Library,  Clinton,  Mass. 

JOCELYN,  HELEN,     .        .         .        .         .        .        .          Huntington,  Mass. 

KING,  ESTHER, Rowe,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Rowe  three  years;   Charlemont,  three  years;    newspaper  corre- 
spondent.   Married,  in  1880,  to  Ruel  Bullard.    Rowe,  Mass. 

LOVELAND,  ANN  E., Worthingtou,  Mass. 

MARSH,  MARY  E.,* Williamstown,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Preston,  deceased. 
MERRILL,  ISABELLA  B.,* North  Conway,  N.  H. 

Taught  in  Cambridge,  Mass.,  and  other  places.    Died  in  1872. 

PRESTON,  LUCINA  E., South  Hadley,  Mass. 

RUSSELL,  MARIA  F., -Northampton,  Mass. 

SEARS,  BELLE  A., Boston,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Woods. 
SHAW,  ELLEN  P.,* Brimfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  New  Braintree  and  Brimfleld;  served  one  term  on  school  com- 
mittee in  Brimfield,  Mass.    Died  in  1867. 

SMEAD,  LIZZIE  O., Colrain,  Mass. 

SMITH,  MARIETTA, Granby,  Mass. 

SPEAR,  ELLA  M., Shelburne  Falls,  Mass. 

WELLMAN,  EMMA  L., Springfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Illinois  one  year;  Vermont,  one  term;  Chester,  one  year;  Spring- 
field, two  years;  Northampton,  one  year;  Holyoke,  six  years. 

WRIGHT,  SARAH  B., South  Adams,  Mass. 


ATWOOD,  JOHN  H., Barre,  Mass. 

BOOTH,  EDWARD  A., Lempster,  N.  H. 

Moville,  la. 

FERN ALD,  JAMES,  JR., Rockport,  Mass. 

GILBERT,  WILLIAM  M., Granby,  Conn. 

GILLETTE,  JOSEPH  A.,  .        .         .         .        New  Lebanon  Springs,  N.  Y. 

JACOBS,  T.  AUGUSTUS, Rockport,  Mass. 

JOHNSON,  EDWARDS  E., South  Williamstown,  Mass. 

Mercantile  business,  Chicago,  111.,  ten  years;  fruit-raising,  California,  nine 
years.  Married  J.  Florsen;  two  children.  204  Baldwin  Street,  East  Los 
Angeles,  Cal. 

KING,  ALANSON  W., Rowe,  Mass. 

Taught  at  Hoosac  Tunnel  one  year  or  more;  carpenter,  Worcester,  1868-72. 
Married,  in  1897,  Clara  M.  Jacobs. 

PERRY,  STEWART  L., Westfleld,  Mass. 


SPRING,  MONROE  G., Granby,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Southwick,  Mass.,  and  Rochester,  Minn.,  seven  years;  in  1876 
elected  county  superintendent  of  schools,  Olrasted  County,  Minn.;  served  six 
years;  now  book  and  stationery  store  in  Rochester,  Minn.    Married  Anna  R. 
Phillips  in  1871 ;  four  children. 
TUTTLE,  WILLIAM  H.  H., Littleton,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Westfield  high  school;  principal  School  of  Observation,  Westfield, 
Mass.;  graduated  at  Williams  College;  lawyer.    Boston,  Mass. 

SPRING  TERM,    1864. 

ABELL,  WEALTHY  C., Con  way,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Conway,  Ashfield,  Charlemont  and  Goshen,  Mass.,  five  years.  In 
1869  married  E.  T.  Cobb;  one  son. 

BARBER,  ANGELIA  M., Orange,  Mass. 

BARTLETT,  ERMINA  D Cummington,  Mass, 

Taught  before  graduating  in  Cummington  and  Brookfleld,  Mass,  two  years; 
since  graduating,  in  Hadley  one  year;  Northampton,  three  years;  Windsor, 
Conn.,  ten  years;  Plantsville,  one  year;  in  1881  went  to  South  Hadley  Falls,  five 
years;  Springfield,  Mass.,  one  year;  in  all,  twenty-one  years.  Married,  in  1889, 
to  Joseph  Suhanek  of  Hartford,  Conn. 

BRAGUE,  KATE  M., Hinsdale,  Mass. 

COATES,  MYRA  F.,  .        .        .        .        .        .        .       North  Becket,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Hinsdale,  Northampton  and  Springfield,  Mass.,  three  years.  Mar- 
ried, in  1867,  to  Gerry  R.  Walker;  four  children.  Chicago,  111. 

CLAPP,  MARY  F., North  Becket,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Lee,  Mass.,  one  term;  North  Adams,  Mass.,  two  years.  Married, 
'in  1868,  to  Alanson  Jones  of  Fulton,  N.  Y.;  three  children.  Hopkinton,  Mass. 

CHENEY,  TYNA  A., Orange,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Montague  one  year;  Belchertown,  one  year;  and  Orange,  Mass., 
two  years.  Married  to  C.  A.  Whitman;  has  resided  in  Florida  since  1882; 
taught  in  Florida,  Nashua,  Crescent  City.  Crescent  City,  Florida. 

DOWD,  JANE  L., Westfield,  Mass. 

Entered  Ladies'  Seminary,  North  Granville,  N.  Y.,  in  1867;  graduated  in  1868; 
taught  twenty-five  terms  in  Longmeadow,  Sheffield,  New  Marlborough,  South 
Egremont,  Southampton,  Mass.,  etc.  Married  Dr.  H.  H.  Smith,  Sheffield, 
Mass.,  in  1875.  Author  of  "  Wayside  Leaves."  Albany,  N.  Y. 

GERRISH,  HARRIET  N., Newburyport,  Mass. 

GRIMES,  ROSA  A., Springfield,  Mass. 

In  1866,  six  months  governess  in  Adams,  N.  Y.;  in  1868,  studied  form  and 
drawing;  1868-70,  teacher  of  natural  science  in  a  college,  Evanston,  111.;  1871, 
taught  in  West  Chicago  Seminary;  1876,  assisted  in  new  primary  school. 
Woodstock,  111. 

HIGGINS,  MARY  L., Washington,  Mass. 

JOHNSON,  NELLIE  S.,  .        .        .        .        .        .      Hinsdale,  Mass. 


Left  the  school  on  account  of  poor  health ;  taught  in  Lee,  Mass.,  five  years. 
Married  John  J.  Wolfingen,  Lee,  Mass.,  in  1875;  two  children. 


POMEROY,  ELLEN  S., Chesterfield,  Mass. 

SHUMWAY,  LIZZIE, Belchertown,  Mass. 

SIBLEY,  EMMA  J.,* Westfl eld,  Mass. 

SMITH,  ELLA  S., Westfield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Springfield,  Williamstown  high  school,  Westfield  high  school  three 
years,  and  North  Britain  Normal  School  three  and  one-half  years.    Married,  in 
1873,  to  Rev.  C.  P.  Osborne;  five  children.    Fayetteville,  N.  Y. 
SMITH,  CLARA  A., Holyoke,  Mass. 

Mrs.  F.  A.  Pike. 

SMITH,  HELENA.,* Lempster,  N.  H. 

Married,  in  1870,  to  Josiah  B.  Small,  Boston,  Mass.    Died  in  Boston,  in  1875. 

STEPHEXSON,  MARY  A., Chesterfield,  Mass. 

TAYLOR,  MAGGIE  D., East  Charlemont,  Mass. 

Taught  thirteen  years  after  graduating,  all  in  Massachusetts  except  six 
months  in  Oswego,  N.  Y.;  since  1879,  has  had  private  pupils  in  Nebraska; 
has  done  normal  institute  work  in  two  countries.  In  1868  married  Allen  C. 
Baker.  Tecumseh,  Neb. 

TURNER,  ANNA  R., Housatonic,  Mass. 

HIGGINS,  EDWARD  L., Washington,  Mass. 

FALL  TERM,   1864. 


COATES,  HELEN  S.,* North  Becket,  Mass. 

Was  principal  of  high  school,  Greenfield,  Mass.,  when  she  died,  Dec.  27, 1867. 
COOKE,  ELMIRA  F., Hadley,  Mass. 

Taught  several  years;  returned  to  normal  school  and  graduated  in  1867; 
taught  several  years,  mostly  in  Westfield,  Mass. 

DBESSER,  ELBERTINE  M., Stockbridge,  Mass. 

Taught  in  "Winsted  and  Meriden,  Conn.,  New  York  City,  Maiden  and  West- 
field,  Mass.,  thirteen  years;  compiled  one  book.  Married,  in  1883,  Henry  E. 
Castle.  Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

DICKINSON,  FANNIE  S., Whately,  Mass. 

FOWLER,  C.  M., Westfield,  Mass. 

In  normal  school  one  year;  never  taught. 

GRAVES,  CORA  E., Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

GRIMES,  ISABELLA  S., Springfield,  Mass. 

KANTJSE,  CARRIE  A.,        .        .        .        .        .        .        .   Worcester,  Mass. 

LLNDLEY,  MARTHA  A., Williamstown,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Florence  and  North  Adams,  six  years.  Married,  in  1872,  to  Isaac 
W.  Dunham,  then  superintendent  of  schools  in  North  Adams;  five  children. 
Schenectady,  N.  Y. 


LINDLEY,  MARY  E.,* Williamstown,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Florence,  Mass.,  three  years;  in  North  Adams,  Mass.;  in  Great 
Barrington,  two  years.  Died  in  Santa  Rosa,  Cal.,  in  1876. 

MERRIMAN,  GRACE, Sheffield,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Boston,  Mass.,  three  years;  Chicago,  111.,  four  years;  graduated 
from  girls'  high  school,  Boston,  Maes.;  studied  in  Boston  Teachers'  Institute 
and  under  T.  D.  Weld ;  made  a  special  study  of  Latin  and  English  literature. 
Married  Edward  W.  Curtis,  Chicago,  111.;  three  children. 

O'NEILL,  MARY  A.,.        .        .        .        .        .        .         Stockbridge,  Mass. 

PATTISON,  MARY  L.,        .        .         .        .         .        Groat  Barrington,  Mass. 

ROBINSON,  MARY  E., Westfleld,  Mass. 

ROYS,  MARTHA  E., Sheffield,  Mass. 

Taught  at  Florence,  Westfleld,  Great  Barrington,  Egremont,  Sheffield  and 
Boston,  Mass. ;  also  Bennington,  Vt.,  and  Fallston,  Md.;  in  all,  twenty  years. 
Married,  in  1872,  to  H.  H.  Scott;  two  children. 

SACKETT,  BELLE  N., "Westfleld,  Mass. 

SEDGWICK,  ANNA  B., Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

STANTON,  MARTHA  J., Salem,  N.  H. 

Taught  one  term ;  worked  as  compositor  on  catalogue  of  library  of  Boston 
Athenaeum,  Beacon  Street,  Boston,  nine  years;  for  last  five  years  has  cared  for 
aged  parents.  Salem  Depot,  N.  H. 

SYMMES,  SARAH  W.,* Westfleld,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Dorchester,  Mass.,  high  school.    Died  about  1883. 
TOWER,  MARY  A., Cummington,  Mass. 

Taught  in  Cummington,  Mass.,  twelve  years;  Worthington,  Mass.,  four  years; 
Go8henf<Ma«8.,  two  years;  and  adjoining  towns,  two  years;  in  all,  twenty  years. 
Worthington,  Mass. 

WILBUR,  ANNIE, Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

HALDEMAN,  JOHN  H., Bainbridge,  Penn. 

Taught  in  Pennsylvania,  two  years;  Illinois,  one  year;  Indiana,  one  year; 
Montreal,  one  year;  Westfield,  Mass.,  twenty-one  years;  member  of  State 
Normal  School,  M-illersville,  Penn.  Married  Emma  V.  Collins  of  Pennsylvania; 
one  child.  Westfield,  Mass. 

SCOTT,  HARRY  H.,* Salem,  N.  H. 

Taught  in  Elizabethtown,  N.  Y.,  one  year;  entered  Dartmouth  College  in 
1867,  graduated  in  1871;  taught  in  high  school,  Nahant,  one  year;  in  high  school 
in  Great  Barrington,  Mass.,  five  years.  Died  of  pneumonia,  at  Great  Barrington, 
in  1877. 







This  section  contains  the  names  of  graduates,  1867-1889.  Additional 
information  respecting  these  graduates,  supplementary  to  that  herein 
noted,  is  much  desired.  Please  address  letters  containing  items  to  West- 
field  Normal  School. 

GRADUATES,  1867-1889. 

WINTER  TERM,    1867. 


ADAMS,  EUNICE  A.,* South  wick. 

BROWN,  FRANCES  A.,* Southbridge. 

Taught  in  Hadley  one  year;  Southbridge,  one  year.     Married  William  H. 
Gates,  Dec.  23, 1869. 

CLARKE,  IDA  E., Williamsburg. 

CONNER,  IDA  F.,* Newton  Corner. 

HAYES,  FLORETTE  A., Shelburne  Falls. 

HOLDEN,  MATTIE  S., Chicopee. 

Married  F.  "W.  Hooper,  Brooklyn. 

KANUSE,  CARRIE  A., Worcester. 

KNEIL,  SARAH  M., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfield  (mostly  in  high  school)  twelve  years;  appointed  teacher 
in  normal  school  1879.    See  under  Teachers. 

STOWE,  SARAH  E., Granby,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Northampton,  Windsor  Locks,  Conn.,  Enfield,  Conn.,  Staten  Island, 
N.  Y.,  New  Bedford,  eight  and  one-half  years.    Scitico,  Conn. 


LAMSON,  WARREN  H., West  Brookfleld. 

WHITE,  WILLIAM  H., Florida. 

A  farmer.    Married;  three  children.    Hansel,  Franklin  County,  Iowa. 



BOGGS,  MARY  W., West  Springfield. 

Married  M.  W.  Story.    Washington,  D.  C. 
{CARRIER,  JOSEPHINE  R., Hartwellville,  Vt. 

Married  J.  E.  Laughna.    Greenfield. 


CATLIN,  ELLA  E.,* Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfield  Normal  School,  1867  to  1872.  Married  Hon.  H.  B.  Ide, 
Leavenworth,  Kan.  Died  1879.  See  under  Teachers. 

DUNCAN,  SARAH  M., Shelburne. 

Taught  in  Adams,  Charlemont  and  Shelburne,  five  years.  Married,  in  1869,  to 
O.A.Upton  of  Adams,  Mass.;  and  in  1882  to  E.  8.  Smead  of  Shelburne;  one  son. 

FERGUSON,  ELLEN  A., East  Haven,  Conn. 

HOWARD,  LAUHA  A., Westfleld. 

LINCOLN,  ABBIE  L., Warwick. 

Married  G.  W.  Bridges,  Brookline,  N.  H. 

PARDEE,  ADA  E., East  Haven,  Conn. 

ROBINSON,  MARY  W., Westfleld. 

ROCKWELL,  MYRA  L., Westfleld. 

ROGERS,  FANNIE  L., Cummington. 

Taught  in  North  Adams,  Cummington,  Boston  (eleven  years  to  1880) ;  eight 
years  in  Westfleld,  Mass.,  and  twelve  years  in  Boston  to  1889;  taken  course 
of  three  years  at  School  of  Expression,  Boston;  Art  School;  in  government 
office,  clerical  work;  public  reader;  worker  in  woman  suffrage,  1889.  Cum- 
mington, Mass. 

SADLER,  MARY  A., Enflelcl. 

Taught  in  South  Adams  one  term.  Married  A.  L.  Blackmer,  March,  186"; 
three  children.  Belchertown,  Mass.,  1889. 

SANDERSON,  J.  LIZZIE, South  Deerfleld. 

Graduated  in  July,  1867,  and  in  1873,  —  the  first  class  that  was  graduated  from 
advanced  course;  taught  in  Northampton,  Greenfield  and  Farmington,  Conn., 
seven  years.  Married  Otis  Hagar  in  1876.  South  Deerfield. 

SEARLE,  CLARA  J., Southampton. 

Taught  in  Southampton,  Northampton,  Holyoke,  Westfield,  Agawam,  twelve 
years,  South  Manchester,  Conn.  Married,  June  24,  1880,  George  E.  Taylor,  class 
of  '77,  Amherst  College,  and  "80,  Hartford  Seminary;  one  son.  Indianola,  Neb. 

STEVENS,  ESTHER  M.,* Huntingtou. 

Died  April  1,  1882. 

SUMNER,  MATTIE  L.,* Enfleld. 

Taught  in  Gardner,  South  Hadley  Falls,  Westfield.  Married,  April  7, 1871, 
Wilbur  F.  Smith,  South  Hadley  Falls.  Died  Nov.  21,  li>86,  leaving  husband, 
one  son  and  two  daughters. 


Taught  in  Adams  three  terms;  Whitinsville,  three  terms;  Peru,  one  year; 
Hinsdale,  two  terms.  Married,  Oct.  12, 1881,  to  S.  8.  Bowen,  Peru. 

WHEELER,  SUSIE  E., Salem,  N.  H. 

Taught  in  Springfield  five  years;  Williamstown,  one  year;  read  C.  L.  8.  C. 
two  years;  studied  German  with  native  teacher;  made  collection  of  corals  and 
shells.  Married,  Nov.  24, 1881,  G.  C.  Freeman,  "  a  mariner;  "  one  child. 


Taught  in  Minnesota  two  years ;  in  Massachusetts,  two  and  one-half  years. 
Married,  in  1872,  Abbie  8.  Dane;  three  children. 


WINTER  TERM,    1868. 


BALLARD,  ADDIE  H., Charlemont. 

BARTLETT,  ALICE  P., Cummington. 

Taught  in  Florence  one  term;  Hartford,  Conn.,  five  years;  Plymouth,  Conn., 
two  and  one-half  years.  Married  to  W.  E.  Burdick,  Feb.  22;  1875;  has  had  four 
sons;  two  are  living;  taken  and  given  lessons  in  oil  painting  and  music. 

BODURTHA,  SARAH  L., Agawam. 

Taught  in  Becket  one  term;  Westfield  (Davis,  grammar  and  high),  one  year; 
High  School,  Brimfleld,  four  years;  Springfield  (Worthington  Street),  one  year; 
Westfield  high  school,  two  years.  Married,  Sept.  27,  1876,  to  N.  H.  Biggins; 
after  marriage,  taught  Westfield  high  school  December  to  June,  1876-77;  three 

BRADLEY,  ALICE  M.,* Westfield. 

CHAPMAN,  MARTHA  L., Montgomery. 

Taught  in  Westfield  and  Easthampton,  three  and  one-half  years;  C.  L.  S.  C., 
W.  C.T.  U.  Married,  Jan.  3, 1872,  John  H.  Kneil.  Westfield. 

EUSTIS,  FANNIE  M.,* Northampton. 

Died  at  Northampton,  in  1876. 
HICKEY,  CATHERINE  E.,  .        .        .        .        .        .        .          Easthampton. 

Taught  two  years.  Married,  June  2,  1870,  Frederick  R.  Knott,  Westfield; 
one  child.  Has  written  for  the  press. 

HOLCOMB,  ISABELLA  G., Westfield. 

Married  Edward  S.  Kaler.    Washington,  D.  C. 
HOLMES,  ROCCELLANA,    .........   Russell. 

Taught  in  Blandford,  eight  months;  Chester,  six  months;  Russell,  six  months; 
Southwick,  three  months ;  and  Westfield,  Mass.,  six  months.  Married,  1871,  to 
Frederick  H.  Tracey.  Winsted,  Conn. 


HOLT,  JANE  A Springfield. 

Taught  in  Hadley,  two  years;  Springfield,  1870,  fifteen  years,  1889. 

MERRILL,  MARIA  A  , Shelburne  Falls. 

Taught  in  Shelburne  Falls,  Mass.,  New  York  Juvenile  Asylum,  N.  Y.,  two 
and  one-half  years.  Married,  Sept.  28, 1870,  Elisha  J.  Neale.  Southington,  Conn. 

PACKARD,  SARAH  E., Cummington. 

Taught  at  Northampton,  three  years.  Married ,  March,  1871/ to  H.  Ladd, 
Bay  State,  Mass.;  two  children. 

PHELON,  CELIA  A., Granville. 

Taught  in  Granville,  nineteen  terms.  Married,  Nov.  28,  1877,  William  Emer- 
BOD  Barnes;  two  children.  West  Granville,  Mass. 

STOCKING,  HAKRIKT  S., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Williamstown  three  months;  Westfield,  six  months.  Married  Rev. 
R.  L.  Tabor  in  1872;  he  died  in  1886,  leaving  four  children.  She  has  a  private 
primary  and  kindergarten  school  in  her  own  house,  January,  1889.  Alameda,  Cal. 


STRONG,  MAHTHA  A., Northampton. 

Taught  in  Florence,  two  and  one-half  years;  Easthampton,  1871-89.  East- 


Taught  in  A  damn  five  years  (except  one  term  in  Reading);  Ansonia,  Conn., 
one  year  private  grammar  school,  with  superlntendency  of  lower  school ;  Ben- 
nington,  Vt.,  five  terms;  Longmeadow,  five  terms.  Married,  Oct.  21,  1878, 
F.  II.  Hayes,  Derby,  Conn.,  "tradesman  and  manager  of  steam  laundry;" 
three  sons.  Holyoke. 


GIBBS,  JOSEPH  F., Agawara. 

Greely,  Colorado. 


ALLEN,  ELIZABETH  L., West  Springfield. 

Taught  in  Cleveland,  O.,  1868-89,  —  twenty-one  years.    Merrick. 

ARMS,  ELLEN  L., Greenfield. 

Married  John  Sheldon,  Greenfield. 

BLANCHARD,  EMILY  E., Pownal,  Vt. 

CADY,  ELLEN, Stafford,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Stafford,  Conn.,  six  years;  in  Whitinsville,  Mass.,  three  years;  in 
all,  nine  years,  four  of  which  since  graduation.  Married,  December,  1874, 
Stockwell  Bettes  of  Springfield,  Mass.,  a  civil  engineer  and  surveyor;  has  three 
children  living. 


Taught  in  Davis  and  high  school,  AVestfield.  Married  Charles  Booth,  who 
died ;  afterwards  married  Mr.  Brown.  Moville,  la. 

CROSS,  MARY  A.  P.,        ...  ...    Sandy  Hill,  N.  Y 

Taught  in  Stockbridge  one  and  one-third  years;  Great  Barringtou,  inter- 
mediate school,  eight  and  two-thirds  years;  principal  training  school,  North 
Adams,  three  years;  Boston,  Mass.;  in  all,  twenty-one  years.  Boston. 

EGLESTON,  ELLA  J., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfield  three  years.  Married,  Dec.  31, 1873,  J.  G.  Robbins;  two 
children.  Westfield. 

EMMONS,  LOUISE  M., Boston. 

EVELETH,  DANA  A., Princeton. 

FARLEY,  EMMA  J., Conway. 

Married  £.  J.  Manning.    Shelburne  Falls. 

GERRISH,  HARRIET  N., Newburyport. 

GLADDEN,  MARY  W.  C., Florence. 

Taught  in  Florence,  1868-72;  Westfield  high  school,  1872-75.  Married,  Dec. 
29, 1875,  Dr.  S.  E.  Thayer,  Wenham,  Mass. 

GRAVES,  CHARLOTTE  E., Northampton. 

HANNAFORD,  ANNA  M., Hudson. 


HOLMES,  S.  ANNA, Russell. 

KELSEY,  MARY  E., Boston. 

KING,  LUCY  F., Barre. 

Married  Stuart  L.  Dermott.    Springfield. 

KING,  STELLA  M., Willimansett. 

LAMBERTON,  ELLEN,* Westfleld. 

LEGATE,  JENNIE  A.,* Monroe. 

OWEN,  SARAH  E., Springfield. 

PARTRIDGE,  SUSAN  A., Boylston. 

PORTER,  ELIZA  C., Cummington. 

Taught  eight  years,  chiefly  in  Springfield  and  Cummington ;  student  at  Training 
School  for  Nurses,  Bellevue  Hospital,  New  York,  February,  1877;  graduated 
1878;  nurse's  department  from  1878.  119  West  Forty-first  Street,  New  York. 

RAND,  MARY  A., New  Britain,  Conn. 

Taught  in  New  Britain,  Conn  ,  one  term ;  Longmeadow,  one  term ;  Fort  Scott, 
Kan.,  one  year;  Unionville,  Conn.,  three  years;  Plantsville,  Conn.,  fifteen  years; 
in  all,  nineteen  years;  C.  L.  S.  C.,  four  years'  course;  studied  Latin  and  history 
"  for  recreation."  Plantsville,  Conn. 

READ,  HANNAH  K., Colrain. 

SHAW,  ELNORA  C., Prescott. 

STOCKWELL,  MARTHA  I.,* Cambridge. 

Taught  in  Ravenna,  Worcester,  Cleveland,  O.,  Jamestown,  Indianapolis,  Ind. 
Married,  Feb.  24,  1878,  to  W.  D.  Cushman  of  Brookfield,  O.  Died  of  consump- 
tion, Dec.  18,  1884,  Ravenna,  O. 

WALKLEY,  SARAH  E., Westfield. 

Married  J.  S.  Wetmore.    Westfield. 
WILLIAMS,  SARAH  R.,* Goshen. 

Studied,  before  entering  normal  school,  Charlestown  Female  Seminary, 
Pinkerton  Academy,  N.  H.,  and  Oak  Grove  Academy,  Pownal,  Vt. ;  after  grad- 
uating, taught  at  Charter  Oak  School,  Hartford,  two  years;  West  Middle 
School,  1870-75;  assistant  Hartford  Night  School,  etc.;  summer  of  1873  in 
Europe;  left  teaching  on  account  of  ill  health;  1875-76,  California;  California 
again  in  1877;  from  latter  part  1S77  residence  near  Denver,  Col.  Died  at 
Boulder,  Col.,  Aug.  24,  1879.  Abundant  testimony  of  successful  teaching  and 
helpful  life. 

WILSON,  ANGLE  A., Springfield. 



MIDDLETON,  SAMUEL  G., Salem,  N.  H. 

Taught  Stamford,  Conn.;  Kingston,  N.  Y.;  Fairfield,  Conn.;  North  Canaan, 
Conn.;  in  all,  five  years;  Dartmouth  Medical  College,  1874;  Northampton 
Lunatic  Hospital,  1874-76;  Harvard,  graduated  1877,  M.D.;  physician  in 
Bridgeport,  Conn.,  and  microscopist  on  staff  of  Bridgeport  Hospital,  Dr. 
Samuel  M.  Garlick.  Married,  Dec.  6,  1879,  Harriet  T.  Knapp;  five  children. 
256  State  Street,  Bridgeport,  Conn. 

ROBBINS,  JOSEPH  G., Becket. 

Taught  Wesleyan  Academy,  Wilbraham,  one  year;  Kingston,  N.  Y.,  two 
years;  Peekskill,  N.  Y.,  one  year;  Bay  Shore,  L.  I.,  two  years.  Married, 
December,  1873,  Ella  J.  Egleston  (normal  classmate) ;  two  children. 


SHEPAUD,  EDWIN, Westfleld. 

Taught  Martineburgh,  W.  Va.,  two  years;  Newark,  N.  J.,  principal  of  gram- 
mar school,  1870-87.  Married  Anuie  J.  Grover,  Oct.  17,  1872;  three  children. 
Graduated  at  Newark  City  Normal  School;  studied  law  and  admitted  in  1876; 
Author  of  "  Graphic  System  of  Penmanship,"  "  Shepard's  School  Room 
Stencils,"  "  Graphic  Scrap  Book,"  and  contributor  to  school  journals. 

WINTER  TERM,    1869. 

BABER,  ELIZA  M., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfleld  nineteen  years. 


BELDEN,  MARY  E., Whately. 

Taught  in  Northampton  three  years.  Married,  Nov.  20,  1872,  Orlando  C. 
Searle;  six  children.  Southampton. 

CARLETON,  EMMA  F., West  Springfield. 

COOK,  CYNTHIA  J., Hadley. 

Married  H.  B.  Nash,  Bowensburg,  111. 

DANE,  LUCY  A.,* Whately. 

Taught  in  Hadley  and  Adams.  Married  Edward  Johnson.  Died,  1882,  in 

EELLS,  ISADORA  J., Haramonton,  N.  J. 

Taught  Northampton  four  terms;  Hammonton,  N.  J.;  Henderson,  Ky.,  three 
years;  Evansville,  Ind.,  fifteen  years  (high  school);  had  charge  of  training- 
school  department  of  high  school  one  year.  Evansville,  Ind. 

HARRIS,  MELISSA  J., Charlemont. 

HEYWOOD,  EMOGENE  H., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  primary  and  grammar  school,  Holyoke,  four  years.  Married, 
June  3,  1873,  Herbert  Lyman  of  Westfleld. 

HOXIE,  ESTHER  M., Northampton. 

Taught  in  Easthampton  two  years;  Northampton,  five  years.  Married,  in 
October,  1876,  Alphonso  Witherell;  one  son.  Northampton. 

LADD,  ADELE  E., Pownal,  Vt. 

McKENZiE,  ELEANOR  J., Westfleld. 

Taught  in   School  of  Observation,  Westfleld,  nine  years;  in  Peirce  School  in 
Brookline,  nine  years.    14  Harvard  Street,  Brookline. 
NOYES,  CHARLOTTE  L.,* Binghampton,  N.  Y. 

Died  at  Binghampton,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  6,  1878. 

PECKHAM,  MARY  M., Westminster. 

Taught  at  Westminster,  Maynard,  Westborough  and  Kingston;  fifteen  years. 
Westborough,  Mass. 

SMITH,  ABBIE  A., Montague. 

Taught  at  Montague,  Whately,  South  Hadley  Falls,  Lawrence.  48  Newbury 
Street,  Lawrence. 


ELY,  CHARLES  F.,   .        .        .                         .                .  .       Westfleld. 

HAYS,  JAMES  F., West  Springfield. 

SMITH,  D.  HERBERT, West  Springfield. 

Dentist.    Holyoke. 




ANTHONY,  ELIZA  A., South  Adams. 

Taught  in  graded  school,  South  Adams,  one  year;  in  Illinois,  one  term;  prin- 
cipal of  school  in  Milledgeville,  111.,  one  year  and  two  months.  Married,  Dec. 
25, 1871,  to  Porter  S.  Greene  of  Fayetteville,  "Wis.;  two  children.  Jefferson,  la. 

ARMS,  ELLEN  A.,* Springfield. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  three  years;  Hilo,  Hawaiian  Islands,  twelve  years. 
BKOWNSON,  ANGELA  M., Elizabethtown,  N.  Y. 

Taught  in  Ashley  Falls,  Sheffield,  four  years.  Married,  Nbrember,  1874,  to 
Rev.  W.  C.  McAllister,  pastor  (1889)  of  largest  Baptist  church  in  New  Hamp- 
shire; three  children.  160  Harrison  Street,  Manchester,  N.  H. 

BCRLINGAME,  PHEBE  A., South  Adams. 

Taught  at  North  Adams,  1870-76;  Bridgeport,  Conn.,  1876.  290  Broad  Street, 
Bridgeport,  Conn. 

CADY,  ISABEL, Stafford,  Conn. 

Mrs.  Hey  wood,  Springfield. 
COMINS,  ARABEL  A., Erving. 

Returned  for  post-graduate  course ;  taught  in  Erving,  Montague,  Orange  and 
Northbridge,  and  in  California,  ten  years;  studied  at  Wellesley  College,  one 
year.  Miller's  Falls. 

COMSTOCK,  MARIA  A., Dalton. 

Taught  at  Dalton,  four  years;  Stockbridge,  one  year.  Married,  March  19, 
1874,  to  W.  Fayette  Wharfield ;  one  son.  40  Church  Street,  Springfield. 

CUSHING,  BELINDA  W., Ashburnham. 

Taught  in  Longmeadow,  one  year.  Married,  Dec.  22, 1870,  John  J.  Greenough ; 
two  daughters.  Deerfield,  Mass. 

FULLER,  AMELIA  J., Columbia,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Sheffield,  three  terms;  Lebanon,  Conn.,  one  term;  Columbia,  Conn., 
one  year;  left  teaching  on  account  of  ill  health. 

GIBBS,  MARY  A., Otis. 

GIBBS,  SARAH  L., Agawam . 

Mrs.  Wilcox,  West  Springfield,  Mass. 
HARDING,  LAURA  C., South  Deerfleld. 

See  under  Teachers. 

HOLT,  CELIA, Stafford,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Adams,  three  years;  Stafford,  Conn.,  two  terms.    Stafford  Springs. 

JONES,  HATTIE  A.,* Westfleld. 

KING,  MARY  E., Westhampton. 

Taught  in  Westhampton,  two  years;  Lake,  Wis.,  one  year;  Milwaukee,  two 

years;  Wauwatosa,  four  years.     Married,  Oct.  30,  1879,  George  II.  Williams; 

three  children.    Milwaukee,  Wis. 


MANSFIELD,  LAURA  A.  M.,     .        .        .  .        •        •        Westfleld. 

Mrs.  Bannister,  Eastbridge,  N.  H. 

MANSFIELD,  SUSIE  E.  A.,* Westfleld. 

MARBLE,  JULIA, Northampton. 

Mrs.  Madison  Culver,  Rochester,  N.  Y. 

MARBLE,  NANCY,* Northampton. 

NIMS,  MARY  E., Shelburne  Falls. 

Taught  in  Shelburne  Falls,  fifteen  terms;  adjoining  towns,  six  terms;  North 
Adams,  one  year;  Leominster,  1  year;  Conway,  etc.,  nine  and  one-half  years. 
Married,  in  1881,  to  Alfred  A.  Newhall;  two  children.  Shelburne,  Mass. 

OSBORNE,  HELEN  E., Blandford. 

Taught  in  Blandford,  Westfield,  Lee,  Marlborough,  two  years;  superin- 
tendent  in  Great  Barrington,  ten  years. 

PETTIS,  LIZZIE, Troy,  N.  Y. 

Taught  in  Berkshire,  one  year;  Lanesborough,  six  months;  San  Francisco, 
three  and  one-half  years;  New  York  Orphan  Asylum,  one  year;  English  and 
French  School,  New  York  City,  one  year.  390  River  Street,  Troy,  N.  Y. 

PLUMB,  NELLIE  F., Westfleld 


SIMMONS,  ELLEN  P Springfield. 

Mrs.  Fenton,  Longmeadow. 

STIRLING,  BERTHA  W., Bridgeport,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Great  Barrington  High  School ;  Adelphi  Academy,  Brooklyn,  N.Y. ; 
Deaf  Mute  Institute,  New  York ;  in  all,  seven  years.  Married,  March  13,  1877, 
Lucius  S.  Boomer;  four  children.  Neville  Street,  near  Centre  Avenue,  Pitts- 
burg,  Penn. 

WHEELER,  EMMA  E., Westminster. 

Taught  in  South  Adams,  two  years,  high  school.  Married,  October  18,  1871, 
to  Charles  T.  Damon,  South  Framingham;  three  children. 

WHITE,  AUGUSTA  R., Canton,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Ashley  Falls,  ten  weeks;  Canton,  Conn.,  sixteen  weeks.  Married, 
in  1871,  D.  G.  Wilcox,  who  died  in  1883;  one  child.  Plainville,  Conn. 

WITT,  MARY  E., Granby, 

Taught  in  Monson  and  North  Adams,  Bridgeport,  Conn.,  nineteen  years; 
graduated  C.  8.  L.  C.;  studied  Latin,  German  and  English  literature.  Park 
Place,  Bridgeport,  Conn. 

BUTLER,  JASON, Wilbraham. 

Taught  in  Orange,  two  terms;  in  Wilbraham,  nine  terms;  book-keeper  and 
cashier  some  years ;  member  of  school  committee,  nine  years ;  member  of  board 
of  selectmen ;  foreman  for  a  contractor  and  builder.  Married,  May  3,  1871, 
8.  Cornelia  Perrin.  North  Wilbraham. 

HORST,  ALBERT  F., Bainbridge,  Penn. 

Taught  at  Westfleld,  Mass.,  Oxford,  N.  Y.,  one  year;  Belville,  N.  J.,  three 
years;  Mamaroneck,  N.  Y.,  three  years;  lumber  and  coal  dealer;  railroad  and 
station  agent.  Married  in  July,  1875.  Rushmore,  Minn. 

SMITH,  MIDDLETON  C., Bainbridge,  Penn. 


WINTER  TERM,    1870. 


BUCKLIN,  FRANCES  A., South  Adams. 


CLARK,  MARTHA  L., Westhampton. 

Taught  in  Williamsburg  and  Westhampton,  seven  years.  Married,  Sept.  1, 
1874,  to  Arthur  K.  Chapman.  Westhampton. 

GREY,  AGNES  E., South  Adams. 

GRISWOLD,  LUCY  J., Longmeadow. 

Taught  in  West  Warren,  two  years;  Enfleld,  Conn.,  sixteen  weeks;  Long- 
meadow,  two  years;  South  Deerfield  high  school,  two  terms.  Principal  of  girls' 
private  school,  three  years.  Married,  Dec.  10, 1884,  D.  T.  Smith;  two  children. 

HARMON,  ELLA  A.,          ....,,.         South  Adams. 
HOLCOMB,  EMILY  E.,* Thompsonville,  Conn. 

Mrs.  Charles  Bent,  Thompsonville,  Conn.    Died  December,  1876. 

HOSKINS,  GEORGIE  C., Thompsonville,  Conn. 

LEONARD,  HARRIET  E., %         Easthampton. 

Taught  at  Hadley  and  Easthampton,  nine  and  one-half  years;  Holyoke,  two 
years;  Fort  Wayne,  Ind.,  six  years.  .  Easthampton. 

LOOMIS,  EMMA  L., Hartford,  Conn. 

Mrs.  George  B.  Starkweather. 

NIMOCKS,  LUCY  H., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Southampton,  four  years.  Married,  June  18, 1873,  to  n.  C.  Loomis ; 
June  24, 1886,  to  F.  W.  Carrier.  Box  146,  Easthampton,  Mass. 

PROUT,  ELLA, Westfleld. 

SEARLE,  MARY  L., Southampton. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  Easthampton,  Southampton  and  Newton  Centre,  seven 
years;  in  all,  ten  years.  Married,  April  6,  1881,  E.  W.  Noyes;  one  adopted 
child.  Newton,  Mass. 

SMITH,  FLORA  S.,    .        .        .      '.        .        .        .        .         South  Adams. 
STAUNTON,  NETTIE  M., Wilbraham. 

ROBINSON,  JULIUS  B Mansfield,  Conn. 

Taught  grammar  school,  Ware,  one  term  ;  pastor  First  Baptist  Church,  West 




ABBOTT,  ELLA, Windsor,  Vt. 

Taught  in  Illinois. 

ALLEN,  MATTIE  S., East  Shelburne. 

Taught  in  Dalton,  six  months;  Westfield,  School  of  Observation,  four  years; 
Newton,  two  years.  Invalid  for  years.  East  Shelburne. 

ANDERSON,  SUSIE  M., South  Deerfleld. 

Mrs.  Perry. 

BAKER,  SARAH  E., South  Adams. 

Taught  at  South  Adams,  two  years ;  Springfield  (Worthington  Street),  1873-77; 
Cheshire,  two  years.  Box  82,  Chicopee,  Mass. 

BARTLETT,  ALICE  C.,* Westfleld. 

Died  Sept.  21, 1877. 

BIRGE,  ADDIE, Westfleld. 

Mrs.  Asa  Smith,  Westfield. 

CLAPP,  MARY  E., Chester. 

Mrs.  Dr.  Ellsworth  Ellis,  Meadville,  Penn. 


COOK,  HATTIE  A., Englishtown,  N.  J. 

Mrs.  J.  R.  Ambler. 

COOLEY,  NELLIE  A., Granville. 

Mrs.  Harry  Hiers,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

COPP,  ELDORA  J., East  Saugus. 

Taught  in  Longmeadow,  one  term;  Hadley,  one  term;  Saugus,  one  year; 
Richmond,  Ind.,  1873-77,  most  of  time  principal  of  building  of  eight  schools, 
seven  years.  Married,  June  14,  1877,  Burnett  F.Witt;  no  children  living,  but 
eight  grandchildren.  270  Central  Avenue,  Indianapolis,  Ind. 

FOOTE,  LUCY  E., Northampton. 

Taught  at  Westfield,  one  term.  Married  to  M.  M.  Lloyd  (normal),  1872;  one 
son.  Westfleld. 

HAMPTON,  VIRGINIA Richmond,  Ind. 

Taught  in  Greenville,  O.,  January,  1871,  to  fall  of  1872.  Married,  Oct.  17, 
1872,  Dr.  John  E.  Matchett;  three  children  living.  Greenville,  O. 

HERHMAN,  BELLE  M., Williamsburg. 

Taught  in  Williamsburg,  one  year;  Holyoke,  as  supervisor  of  drawing,  two 
yenr*;  1883,  studied  at  Smith  College,  Northampton;  painting,  five  years; 
graduated  from  art  school.  Married  E.  M.  Ferry,  1872.  Easthampton. 

HIGGINS,  SARAH  A.,* Washington. 

Married  soon  after  graduation.  Died  July  20, 1880,  leaving  two  children. 
Mrs.  Charles  Bromley,  Chester! 


HOLCOMB,  LAURA  C. , Chester  Centre. 

Taught  at  Blandford,  two  terms;  Chester,  four  terms;  Huntington,  two  terms. 
Married  H.  L.  Pomeroy,  Chester. 

HOLTON,  ABBIE  J., Hinsdale,  N.  H. 

Taught  at  Whitinsville,  one  term;  New  Hampshire  Normal  School,  four 
years;  Mobile,  Ala.,  and  vicinity,  two  years;  Kewanee,  111.,  three  years. 
Married,  March  7,  1882,  to  Charles  H.  Wood.  77  Bridgham  Street,  Providence. 

HULL,  ANNIE, Tolland. 

Taught  in  Granville  and  adjacent  towns  several  years ;  in  Westfield  Normal 
School;  taught  eleven  years,  to  1880.  Married,  March  1, 1882,  Henry  J.  Viets. 
Sandisfield,  Mass. 

LEONARD,  ADALINE  E.,* Essex,  N.  Y. 

Taught  in  New  York  State;  at  Westfield  Normal  School,  1879-80;  studied 
Latin,  German,  French.  Married,  June  15, 1882,  E.  J.  Fuller.  Died  at  Reber, 
Essex  County,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  21,  1883. 

LYMAN,  KUTH  S.,* Granby. 

Married  Willard  Taylor,  Granby,  Mass.    Died  of  consumption,  Aug.  19,  1884. 

MARVIN,  HELEN, Westfield. 

Taught  in  Southwick,  four  terms.  Married,  Jan.  1,1880, Edward  D.Olmstead, 
Penn  Yan,  N.  Y.;  one  child. 

MCNAMARA,  MARY, South  Williamstown. 

Taught  in  Whitinsville,  one  term;  Greylock  Institute,  South  Williamstown, 
one  year;  Chicago,  III.,  eight  years.  Married,  1880,  T.  C.  Decker,  Beloit,  Wis. 

NOYES,  LUCEBA  E., Binghampton,  N.  Y. 

At  home  till  married,  in  1878,  to  J.  T.  Agard.    Moved  to  California  autumn  of 
1878.    610  18th  Street,  Oakland,  Cal. 
NOYES,  SARAH  E.,* •        Williamstown. 

Taught  in  Williamstown;  MeadvilU,  Pa.;  in  charge  of  widowed  brother's 
family  in  Lee,  Mass.  Drowned  at  Lee,  Sept.  4, 1880. 

PIERCE,  IDA  F., Thompsonville,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Palmer,  two  years;  Warren,  one  year   (1873);  Enfield,  Conn., 
1874-76;  Warren,  1876-79;  West  Millbury,  1879-80;  ten  years  in  all.    Married, 
April  22, 1880,  H.  W.  Davidson,  West  Millbury,  who  had  three  children.    "  We 
now  have  three  more  boys." 
PIERCE,  ISABEL  E., Chicopee. 

Taught  September,  1870,  to  February,  1872.  Married  to  A.  W.  Bigelow,  a 
teacher.  8  Agricultural  Street,  Worcester. 

POMEROY,  ELVIRA  C., Northampton. 

Book-keeper,  Northampton,  nine  years;  fancy  goods  business,  1879-89. 


Mrs.  C.  E.  Stevens,  Northampton. 

ROOT,  MARIETTA  E., Waterbury,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Wolcott,  Conn.,  winter  1870-71;  Waterbury,  Conn.,  till  1878;  caring 
for  infirm  parents,  1878.  12J  Franklin  Street,  Waterbury,  Conn. 

STONE,  ADA  E., Stockbridge. 

Taught  in  Stockbridge  1870  to  December,  1876.  Married,  June,  25,  1877,  to 
A.  C.  Nettleton,  Stockbridge. 

STRATTON,  M.  LIZZIE,* Englishtown,  N.  J. 

Died,  1875. 


STRONG,  RACHKL  L. ,       .        .        .        .        .        .        .         Northampton. 

Taught  In  Northampton  till  1881 ;  eight  years.    176  South  Street,  Northampton. 

TORRKY,  H.  ABBIE,* Williamstown. 

Died,  1872,  of  consumption. 

VINING,  F.  ELOISE Westfield. 

Able  to  teach  but  little;  has  given  private  lessons,  and  taught  as  substitute. 

WATKINS,  FANNY  C.,* Peru. 

Taught  at  Whitinsville,  two  years;  North  Adams,  two  years.  Married,  April 
8, 1874,  William  T.  Mole,  Williamstown.  Died  July  13,  1875. 

ZELLER,  CLARA  S., Richmond,  Ind. 

Taught  in  Richmond,  Ind.;  1881,  in  Germany,  "sight-seeing,"  and  studying 

FISHER,  EDWIN  A., Royalston. 

Taught  in  Orange.    Civil  engineer.    Married  Ella  F.  Breckenridge. 

MIDDLETOX,  JAMES, Salem,  N.  H. 

Tanght  in  Royalston,  one  term;  Wilbraham,  two  terms;  Hazardville,  Conn., 
three  terms;  Black  Rock,  Conn.,  two  terms;  Fairtteld,  Conn.,  six  terms;  Yale, 
September,  1875-October,  1876.  Ill  health.  Book  agent.  New  Haven,  Conn. 


Taught  in  Kingston,  N.  Y.,  two  years;  taught  and  studied  in  Claverack 
College,  1872-73;  studied  at  Drew  Theological  Seminary,  three  years ;  graduated 
in  1877  (B.  D.) ;  taught  while  in  Seminary  at  Bay  Shore,  L.  I.,  four  months; 
Madison,  N.  Y.,  and  Middlefield,  Mass.  Married,  May  30,  1878,  Carrie  E.  Pine; 
one  son.  Pastor  of  Methodist  Episcopal  Church,  1877-89.  Bullville,  Orange 
County,  N.  Y. 

WINTER  TERM,    1871. 

AMIDON,  MARTHA  E., Longmeadow. 

Taught  in  Palmer,  one  term;  Southbridge,  one  term,|Whitinsville,  one  year; 
Worcester,  nearly  five  years ;  Sterling,  1882.  Sterling. 

BLODGETT,  ELIZABETH  S., South  Deerfleld. 

Taught  in  Palmer,  one  term;  Shelburne,  two  terms;  West  Deerfield,  two 
terms;  Deerfield,  six  terms.  Married,  May  11,  1881,  Colton  M.  Stebbins;  four 
children.  South  Deerfield,  Mass. 

BROWN,  ABBY  A., Brimfield. 

Taught  in  Bondville,  two  terms;  Brimfield;  Clinton,  Conn.,  two  years; 
Michigan,  two  years;  Athol;  Westborough,  —  in  all,  twelve  years.  Married, 
August,  1885,  Warren  8.  Whitcomb;  one  child.  293  Locust  Street,  Holyoke, 

BUTLER,  S.  ELIZABETH Williamsburg. 

Attended  school  in  Wilbraham;  taught  in  Easthampton. 


DRURY,  SUSIE  F., Royalston. 

Taught  in  Palmer,  four  terms;  Trenton,  N.  J.,  one  year;  Orange;  Athol, 
1877.  Athol. 

EDWARDS,  MARY  H., Westhampton. 

Taught  at  Easthampton,  two  terms.  Married,  April  10,  1872,  Charles  H. 
Hooker;  three  children.  Westhampton. 

HURLBUT,  ADDIE  T.,* North  Hadley. 

Taught  one  year.    Died  at  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  May  30,  1872. 


Taught  at  Bondville,  two  terms;  Easthampton,  two  terms;  Ludlow,  eleven 
terms.  Married,  April  25, 1877,  Lucien  N.  Lyon ;  two  children.  Chicopee  Falls. 

NOBLE,  ELLEN  E., Northampton. 

Taught  at  Bondville,  two  terms;  Easthampton,  one  term;  Smith's  Ferry,  five 
terms;  in  Northampton,  two  years.  Married,  June  1,  1876,  Dexter  Beals,  Jr. ; 
four  daughters.  Easthamptou. 

ROOD,  MATTIE  A.,  .         .        . Westfleld. 

Taught,  Agawam,  primary,  two  terms;  Dalton,  grammar;  Hinsdale,  high 
school,  two  and  one-half  years;  special  course  at  South  Hadley;  taught  high 
school  in  Granby,  Mass.;  academy,  Southwick,  four  terms;  high  school,  West- 
field,  eight  ye'ars.  Married  Rev.  D.  M.  Pratt;  two  children.  Corner  Grand 
Avenue  and  13th  Street,  Pueblo,  Col. 

ROYS,  LUCY  J.,  .        .        .        .        .        .        .          New  Ashford. 

Taught  in  Vermont,  one  term;  Drury  Academy,  North  Adams,  one  year; 
Palmer,  two  years  (primary  and  grammar) ;  North  Adams,  five  years. 
Bedford,  la. 

SMITH,  HENRIETTA  L., South  Deerfield. 

Taught  in  West  Meriden,  Conn.,  Miller's  Falls,  Mass.,  five  terms;  New  Salem 
Academy,  assistant;  Amboy,  111.;  in  all,  nine  years.    Wrote  for  publication; 
studied  Latin,  German,  etc.    Married,  Aug.  14,  1879,  D.  O.  Chickering;   two 
.          sons.    Enfield,  Mass. 

SWAN,  LIZZIE  A., Ludlow. 

Taught  in  North  Hadley,  four  terms;  Lenox,  three  terms;  Athol,  six  terms. 
Indian  Orchard,  Chicopee,  1879. 

COMINS,  JOHN  S -        .        •        •        •   Erving. 

Taught  in  School  of  Observation,  Westtield,  some  months;  business  man. 
Married,  June  30,  1878,  L.  D.  Browning  (normal).  Browning  Hall,  380  High 
Street,  Holyoke,  Mass. 


BRIGHT,  NELLIE  M.,* Springfield. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  eight   terms;   taught  in  Springfield,  1875.     Married. 
Died,  September,  1883. 
BROWNING,  LETTIE  D., Northfield  Farms. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  three  years;  New  Britain,  Conn,  (normal  school), 
seven  years.  Married,  June  30, 1873,  to  John  S.  Comins  (normal).  Studied  at 
Art  Training  School,  South  Kensington,  London,  Eng.  Browning  Hall,  380 
High  Street,  Holyoke,  Mass. 


CATLIN,  CAKRIK  C., Leaven  worth,  Kan. 

Married  Chauncey  L.  Knapp,  Leavenworth,  Kan. 

EDWARDS,  MARTHA  A., Westhampton. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  two  years.  Married,  March  12,  1872,  L.  A.  Cole; 
two  daughters.  Cheshire. 

ELDRIDGE,  ELDORAH  S Rockville,  Conn. 

Taught,  ever  since  graduation,  in  Wisconsin  State  Normal  School  at  White- 
watt-r,  four  years;  at  Rockville,  Conn.,  one  year;  at  Montclair,  N.  J.,  thirteen 
years.  Montclair,' N.  J. 

HAYWARD,  HARRIET  L., Whitinsville. 

HUBBARD,  ADA  M., South  Deerfleld. 

Taught  in  high  school,  Brimfleld,  one  year;  Springfield,  four  years;  Warren, 
two  years;  advance  course,  1872-73;  taught  in  Schoharie,  N".  Y.,  Academy,  three 
years.  Married,  October,  1883,  Amos  8.  Cooley,  Northampton,  Mass. 

JEWETT,  MARY  L., Hadley. 

Taught  in  Rhode  Island  Normal  School,  seven  years.  Married,  July  25, 1878, 
Charles  F.  Taylor,  Providence,  R. I.;  three  children. 

MARTIN,  SARAH  E., ' .         Florence. 

Taught  in  Berkshire,  one  year;  Northampton,  fifteen  years.  Studied  draw- 
ing, painting,  German,  etc. 

MCKENZIE,  JANET  N., Westfleld. 

Mrs.  B.  M.  Hill,  Stockbridge. 

MOLE,  S.  ELEANOR, Williarastown. 

Taught  in  Westfield  Normal  School,  1871-75.  Married,  May  6, 1876,  Rev.  J.  H. 
Barrows;  two  sons  and  two  daughters.  Educated  at  home  and  in  private 
school ;  Williamstown  High  School ;  Westfield  State  Normal  School.  2957  Indi- 
ana Avenue,  Chicago,  111.  See  Teachers. 

OSBORN,  ELLEN  A.,*        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        Westfleld. 

Taught.    Deceased. 

PAIGE,  MARY  A., Chicopee  Falls. 

PORTER,  JULIA  H., Cummington. 

Taught  in  Cnmmington,  Goshen,  Williamsburg,  Whately;  Kalamazoo,  Mich. 
Married,  Dec.  2,  1884,  Otis  H.  Buck;  one  son.  Worthington,  Mass. 

SEAUS,  AMELIA  L, West  Hawley. 

Taught  in  Palmer,  one  year;  Somerville,  sixteen  years.  20  Pinckney  Street, 
Somerville,  Mass. 

SEARS,  HATTIE  M.,* West  Hawley. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  three  years;  Somerville,  four  years;  health  failed,  ill  two 
years  of  consumption.  Died  at  her  home,  West  Hawley,  April  14, 1880. 

SEVERANCE,  MARION  L., Williamstown. 

Taught  at  Becket,  Southampton,  Williamstown,  Clarksburg,  six  years. 
Married,  March,  1879,  M.  M.  Gavitt.  Williamstown,  Mass. 

SHEPAKD,  ALICE  S., Westfleld- 

Taught  in  Hadley,  one  year;  Westfield  (Green  District),  two  years.  Married, 
Nov.  19,  1874,  E.  D.  Smith;  two  children.  Westfield. 


SMITH,  ALMA  A., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfleld,  West  Springfield,  Cambridge,  ten  years.  Married,  March, 
1881,  Frederick  E.  Caller;  two  children.  Hyde  Park,  Mass. 

STRATTON,  MYRA  M., Englishtown,  N.  J. 

Taught  at  Hoboken,  N.  J.,  1873-80.  Married,  June  9, 1880,  William  L.  Condit. 
Hoboken, N.  J. 

UPSON,  M.  FANNIE, Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.;  Westfield  High  School;  Literacy  Institute,  Suf- 
fleld,  Conn.;  Springfield  High  School.  Graduated  at  Mount  Holyoke  College, 
1873.  Married,  Dec.  26,  1883,  Rev.  Burton  W.  Lockhart,  Chicopee,  Mass. 

VAILL,  ADDIE  T., Shutesbury. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  three  years;  Vermont,  one  term.  Married,  1873, 
C.  B.  Warner,  who  died  in  1877.  Married,  in  1885,  Frank  A.  Cadwell.  Attended 
Monson  Academy.  Studied  French,  Latin,  etc.  Amherst,  Mass. 

WARNER,  ADA  A., Granby. 

Taught  in  Holmdel,  N".  J.,  two  years;  normal  school,  St.  Cloud,  Minn.; 
Longmeadow;  Monroe  Seminary,  Michigan,  two  years;  in  all,  seventeen  years. 
Attended  Vassar  College;  summer  school,  Martha's  Vineyard.  St.  Cloud, 

ALLEN,  DAVID  P., North  Brookfield. 

Taught  at  Lumberton  and  vicinity,  ST.  C.,  1876,  to  date  in  normal  school. 
Married;  eight  children. 

WINTER  TERM,    1872. 


BREWSTER,  ADDIE, Brooklyn,  L.  I. 

ELWELL,  LOUISE  F., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Red  Bank,  N.  J.,  one  year  and  four  months;  Springfield,  fifteen 
years.    294  Chestnut  Street,  Springfield. 

HADLEY,  CLARA  F.,* Chicopee. 

Taught  in  Berkshire,    Mass.;    Greenville,  N.  H.,    one    year;    Willimansett 
(Chicopee),  two  years.    Died  June  25,  1884,  after  a  long  illness. 

HASKINS,  ELLA  M., Boston. 

MORSE,  FANNIE  V.,* Westfleld. 

*     Taught  in  Springfield;  School  of  Observation,  Westfield,  several  years;  libra- 
rian of  Westfield  Athfeneum.    Died  in  Westfield,  Aug.  6, 1888. 

NORTON,  LUCIE  H., Chicopee. 


Mrs.  Davis,  Adams. 

RUGGLES,  LOUISA  K., Orange. 

Mrs.  Walter  Wells,  Fayette  City,  la. 


SIBLEY,  HELEN  S., Athol. 

TILDEN,  SARAH  J., Wilbraham. 

TUTTLE,  MAIUA  L., Hadley. 

Taught  in  South  Deerfield,  Hatfield,  Hadley ;  Windsor,  Conn.;  Red  Bank,  N.  J. 
Married,  May  8, 1878,  George  A.  Fenton;  four  children.  Cedar  Rapids,  Boone 
County,  Neb. 

UPSON,  CASSIE  P., Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Taught  in  Central  High  School,  Cleveland,  O.,  one  and  one-half  years;  editor 
of  "  Good  Cheer,"  five  years,  and  contributor  to  many  magazines  and  papers 
since  1880.  Married,  Jan.  1, 1874,  Edward  P.  Clark;  haa  three  sons.  551  Quincy 
Street,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

FLAGG,  EDWARD  W., Northborough. 

Taught  at  Glencoe,  111.,  three  years;  in  normal  school,  Potsdam,  N.  Y.,  six 
years;  graduated  at  Williston  Seminary,  Easthampton;  graduated  at  Yale 
College.  Married,  June  28,  1888,  Laura  A.  Cauble,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.  Potsdam, 

SEVERANCE,  ELMER  D., Williamstowu. 

Taught  one  term ;  superintendent  John  Russell  Cutlery  Company,  ten  years. 
Married,  1879,  Alice  C.  Lester;  1887,  Mary  8.  Graves;  two  children.  Turner's 
Falls,  Mass. 


Taught  in  Mansfield,  Conn.,  three  years;  Suffleld,  Conn.,  one  year;  Otis,  two 
years.  Carpenter,  joiner,  agent  for  farm  machinery,  etc.  Married  Sept.  26, 
1875,  Celina  B.  White  of  Westfield;  two  children.  Otis. 

SUMMER  TERM,    1872. 

ABBE,  MARY, Westfield. 

Taught  in  Westfield  and  Chesterfield,  three  years.    Married,  March  2,  1881,  to 
W.  A.  Smith,  M.  D.,  of  Ashfield,  Mass.    Ashfield. 

ALDRICH,  ELLEN  M., Northbridge. 


ARMSBY,  EVALYN  C., Whitinsville. 

Taught  in  Whitinsville,  two  terms.    Graduated  at  N"orthbridge  High  School, 
1870.    Librarian  of  Whitinsville  Library,  1879. 

BALLOU,  FLORA  E., Ashton,  R.  I. 

Taught  in  Rhode  Island,  two  years.     Married,  November,  1884,  George  D. 
Follett;  has  two  sons.    Ashton,  R.  I. 

BUELL,  SARAH  N., Westfleld. 

Married,  1880,  Henry  W.  Ely  (normal),  Westfield. 

BULLARD,  IDA  M., Westfield. 

CAMPBELL,  EMMA  L., Westfield. 

CLARK,  FANNIE  M., Hadley. 

Taught  in  Hadley,  seventeen  terms,  Holyoke,  1879.    Mrs.  George  F.  Smith. 


CONWELL,  ELIZA  J., North  Blandford. 

EDWARDS,  KATIE  A., Westhampton. 

Taught  in  Greenfield,  three  years;  Northampton,  five  years.  Married,  Nov. 
24,  1880,  M.  W.  Moakley,  Florence;  two  children.  Bay  State,  Mass. 

GRAY,  HELEN  M., Hoosic  Falls,  N.  Y. 

Taught  in  North  Bennington,  Vt.,  twenty -three  terms;  re-entered  Normal 
School  November,  1881;  remained  till  April,  1882. 

HOLTON,  ISABEL  S., Westfleld. 

Mrs.  M.  O.  T.  Coleman,  Westfield. 
LAY,  EMMA  F., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Montague,  two  terms;  Enfield,  Conn.,  twenty-five  terms.  Thomp- 
sonville,  Conn. 

LENTELL,  ADA  L., Slmtesbury. 

Taught  in  Montague,  two  terms;  Pelham,  two  terms;  Sunderland,  one  term; 
Enfield,  Conn.,  one  term;  in  all,  two  years.  C.  L.  8.  C.  Dressmaking. 

MACOMBER,  CARRIE  R., .        .        .  Con  way. 

Mrs.  George  F.  Holton. 

BOBBINS,  LYDIA  M.,        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .    Becket. 

Taught,  1872-1875,  in  Hadley,  Becket,  Middlefield.  Married,  June  22,  1876, 
John  Bennett.  North  Blandford,  Mass. 

ROBERTSON,  JANETTA  A.,* Whitinsville. 

Taught.    Deceased. 
SEARLE,  BELLE  H., Southampton. 

Taught  in  Southampton,  two  years;  Easthampton,two  years;  Palmer,  1877-84, 
seven  years.  Married,  May  20,  1885,  Edward  T.  Potter;  one  son.  Ludlow 
Centre,  Mass.  ' 

STRONG,  HARRIET  E., Northampton. 

Taught  in  Northampton,  nine  years.    278  South  Street,  Northampton,  Mass. 

WALTON,  HATTIE  P., Westfleld. 

Mrs.  J.  R.  Dunbar,  Newton,  Mass. 
WOODBURY,  IDA  E., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Montague,  three  years;  Southampton,  one  term;  Charlton,  two 
terms.  Married,  Oct.  2,  1878,  Willard  E.  Everett.  Two  children.  Turner's 
Falls,  Mass. 

WOOLSON,  GEORGIA  A.,* Cbicopee  Falls. 

Graduated  at  high  school,  Chicopee  Falls,  1868 ;  taught  at  Chicopee,  two  years ; 
one  year  at  Westfield  Normal  School ;  taught  four  years  in  "  Shaw  University," 
Raleigh,  N.  C.;  taught  high  school,  Brimfield,  1876-1882;  North  Carolina, 
among  colored  people,  to  1884;  Sioux  Falls  Baptist  College.  Married,  1882, 
F.  W.  Perry.  Died  December,  1885,  at  Sioux  Falls,  Dak. 

ADAMS,  CHARLES  F.  C., East  Brookfleld. 

Worcester,  Mass. 

ELY,  HENRY, Westfleld. 

Married,  1880,  Saruh  N.  Buell  (normal) ;  two  children. 


PARKER,  EDWARD  S.,* Northborough. 

Taught  at  Ware;  school  committee,  Northbridge;  insane.    Died  at  Insane 
Asylum,  Worcester,  Oct.  26, 1880. 

TALMADGE,  LEV:  G., Southwick. 


WINTER   TERM,    1873. 


ALDRICH,  ALICE  A., Northbridge. 

BARNES,  ABBIE  J., Pittsfleld. 

BOYDEN,  CLARA  M., Conway. 

Taught  in  Shelburne,  Whitinsville,  Conway,  twelve  years  since  graduating, 
and  still  teaching.  Married,  March  17,  1875,  Charles  F.  Allis;  two  children. 

BRAGG,  MYRA  L., Royalston. 

Taught  in  North  Brookfleld,  one  term;  North  Uxbridge,  two  terms ;  North- 
ampton, seven  terms.  Married,  Dec.  25, 1876,  John  Davis.  21  William  Street, 

BRAINARD,  MYRA  F.  D.,* Enfleld,  Conn. 

CAMPBELL,  EMMA  E., Conway. 

Mrs.  Anson  Guilford. 

CARLETON,  EVA  M., West  Springfield. 

CLARK,  KATIE  B.,    . Huntington. 

Taught  in  Chester,  two  terms;  Peru,  one  term;  Cummington,  one  term; 
Huntington,  two  terms;  Montgomery,  three  terms.  Married,  Sept.  12,  1877, 
Richmond  A.  Jenkins.  Swift  River,  Mass. 

GATES,  VIOLANTE North  Brookfield. 

GUILFORD,  MARY  P., Conway. 

Taught  in  Newton,  sixteen  years.  Married,  September,  1877,  Frank  Fanning. 
Newton  Upper  Falls,  Mass. 

KENNEY,  SUSIE  L., St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 

KNAPP,  ANNIE  E., Westfleld. 

Married.    Athol,  Mass. 

LONG,  MARY  V., Northfield. 

Mrs.  C.  J.  Bradley,  Westtteld. 

NICHOLS,  AMELIA  M., Richmond. 

PIERCE,  LIZZIE  A., South  Hadley  Falls. 

POMEROY,  FANNY  L., South  Hadley  Falls. 

Mt.  Vernon,  N.  Y. 

SIBLEY,  HATTIE  E., West  Springfield. 

Taught  in  Southborough,  Westfield  and  Orange,  thirteen  years.  Married, 
July  4,  1876,  F.  S.  Ewing;  no  children  living;  C.  L.  B.C.  Orange,  Mass. 

STEVENS,  ANNIE  M., Brattleboro,  Vt. 

Taught  in  Brattleboro,  Vt.,  one  and  one-half  years.    Arlington,  Mass. 


TOOLE,  MARY  E., Dalton. 

Taught  in  Tyringham,  one  terra;  Washington,  one  term;  Whitinsville,  1874- 
83,  grammar  department.  Married,  Nov.  15,  1883,  Eugene  O  'Neill  (classmate). 
Dayton,  W.  T. 


GUILFORD,  ANSON  B., Con  way. 

O'NEILL,  EUGENE, Stockbridge. 

Dartmouth.  Married,  Nov.  15,  1883,  Mary  E.  Toole  (classmate,  normal). 
Dayton,  O. 


AVKRY,  JENNIE  E., Westfleld. 

Mrs.  H.  N.  Kingsbury,  Westfleld. 

BAKER,  LEILA  A Westfleld. 

BLISS,  MARIA  E., Wilbraham. 

Taught  in  Tyringham,  Whitinsville,  Longmeadow,  Wilbraham,  fifteen  years. 
North  Wilbraham,  Mass. 

COCHRANE,  ALICE, Tippecanoe  City,  O. 

COGAN,  ANNIE  J.,* Leeds. 

COREY,  LIZZIE  A., Chicopee  Falls. 

Taught  in  Browuville,  Neb.,  four  mouths;  Tippecanoe  City,  1874-81;  left 
ranks  1881  (ill-health) ;  bookkeeper,  Kansas  City,  1882.  Delavan,  Wis. 

DUDLEY,  LIZZIE  M., Westfleld. 

Took  part  of  post-graduate  course;  taught  in  Westfield,  one  term;  Deerfield, 
two  years;  Granville,  two  terms;  Easthampton,  three  terms;  in  Chicago,  a 
private  school,  one  year;  in  Winona,  one  year;  in  Champaign,  111.,  two  terms; 
in  all,  six  and  one-half  years.  Married,  Oct.  7,  1884,  Dr.  Henry  E.  Gushing. 
Champaign,  111. 

ELDER,  SARAH  A.,   .         .        .        .  '      .        .        .        .       Chester  Centre. 

FAY,  MARY  A., Athol  Depot. 

FELTON,  S.  PAULINE, Gatesville,  N.  C. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  Alabama,  New  York  and  Central  America,  eleven 
years.  Willeyton,  Gates  County,  N.  C. 

FLAGG,  SARAH  E.  F., Northborough. 

Taught  in  Northbridge,  five  years;  Hudson,  1878-86;  Northborough,  1880. 
Married,  Aug.  5,  1879,  E.  O.  Greene.  Box  113,  Northborough,  Mass. 

FULLER,  ADA  F., Westfleld. 

GRAVES,  ELLA  J., Montague. 

Mrs.  Frank  Smith,  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

LATHROP,  BESSIE  C., South  Hartley  Falls. 

Married.    Warren,  Maes. 


LOVELL,  JULIA  A., Cummington. 

Taught  in  Montgomery,  Huntington,  Goshen,  Hawley,  Mass.,  one  term  each; 
the  remainder  of  eight  years  in  Ashland  and  Cummington.  Married,  Oct.  16, 
1884,  Ralph  M.  Porter.  Cummington. 

LYON,  MARIA  L., .       Chicopee  Falls. 

Mrs.  Homer  Bartlett,  Ludlow,  Mass. 

MILLER,  MATTIE  M., Blandford. 

Taught  in  Newton,  five  years;  Whitinsville,  one  year.  Married,  Oct.  1, 
1879,  Sidney  Dickinson.  A  fine  artist;  has  written  for  Boston  papers;  now 
(1889)  travelling  from  London  to  Australia  and  New  Zealand  to  spend  a  year. 

NICHOLSON,  KATK  K.,* Elizahethtown,  N.  Y. 

Taught  in  School  of  Observation  in  Westfleld;  Newton;  died  at  Elizabeth- 
town,  N.  Y.  Highly  successful  primary  teacher. 

NORTON,  CARRIE  B., West  Springfield. 

Taught  in  West  Springfield,  thirteen  years;  studied  elocution  and  music. 
Married,  May  23,  1888,  William  F.  Cook.  Box  79,  Mittineague,  Mass. 

PAGE,  EVA  L., Chicopee  Falls. 

POMEROY,  CORA  A., Westfleld. 

ROCKWOOD,  MARY  A.,* Middlefleld. 

Died  in  India  about  1881. 

ROCKWOOD,  SUSIE  A.,     . Middlefleld. 

Taught  at  Middlefield,  three  years;  Stonington,  Conn.,  one  year;  and  a  winter 
at  Granville.  Taken  Chautauqua  course;  has  charge  of  juvenile  temperance 
work,  and  fiuds  normal  principles  useful. 

STONE,  LIZZIE  N., Shelburne  Centre. 

Taught  at  Shelburne,  1873  to  1876.  Married,  Dec.  27,  1876,  Daniel  P.  Bard- 
well;  three  children.  Bardwell  Ferry. 

SHEPARD,  ADDIE  E., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  four  terms.    Westfield. 

SHERMAN,  CARRIE  M., South  Ashfleld. 

Taught  in  Ashfield,  Shelburne,  Conway,  five  years.  Married,  Sept.  25, 1878, 
Arthur  C.  Arms.  Conway. 

WELLS,  MARY  E., Shelburne. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  one  year;  in  Indiana,  three  years;  in  Nebraska,  five 
years;  in  Government  Indian  School,  two  years.  Genoa,  Neb. 

WING,  ETHIE  J.  M., Conway. 

Taught  in  Williamstown,  three  years;  Whitiusville,  Conway  and  Glen's  Falls, 
two  years.  Married,  Sept.  17, 1878,  Samuel  Graham.  Whitinsville,  Mass. 


DILLER,  J,  SILAS,     .         . Plainfleld,  Penn. 

Taught  Wextfield  State  Normal  School,  1873-77;  studied  at  Harvard  Sci- 
entific School,  1877-81;  took  degree  of  8.  B.  in  1879.  Married  Laura  I.  Paul 
(normal),  June  5,  1883.  In  1880,  secured  Parker  fellowship  at  Harvard ;  May, 
1881,  University  at  Heidelberg,  Ger.;  studied  petrography  with  Professor 
Rosenbusch,  one  and  one-half  years;  geologist  of  Assos  expedition;  seven 
months  travelling  in  Asia  Minor,  especially  in  the  Troad;  United  States  Geo- 
logical Survey,  1883.  Washington,  D.  C. 


KKLSO,  LYMAN  C., Chester  Centre. 

TRUESDELL,  LUTHER  W.,        .  Shelburne. 

WOOD,  GEORGE  W.,* Brooklyn,  L.  I. 

Studied  at  Cornell  University;  at  medical  .-chooJ ;  practised  medicine  at  South- 
ampton.   Married.    Died  at  Southampton,  of  diphtheria,  August,  1878. 

WINTER  TERM,    1874. 


CLARY,  MARY  S.,    .         . Montague. 

HATCH,  ESTHER  G., Pittsfield. 

JONES,  JULIA  A Westfleld. 

Married  Rev.  Daniel  Rogers,  Tahlequah,  Ind.  Ter. 

MILLER,  ROSALIE, Hatfleld. 

PELTON,  OLIVE  M.,          ......          Hazardville,  Conn. 

KAYMOND,  HELEN  E., Pittsfleld. 

TOWLE,  MARY  E., Hampton,  N.  II. 

Taught  in  Cambridge,  1874.    Cambridge,  Mass. 
WAIT,  IDA  L., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  nine  and  one-half  years.  Married,  June  9, 1883,  Dwight 
Kelton;  one  child.  7  East  Dwight  Street,  Holyoke. 

WARNER,  LUCIA  J., Southampton. 

WHITE,  HARRIET  F., Heath. 

Taught  in  Indian  Orchard,  January,  1874,  to  July,  1876;  Hawley,  1877;  West 
Springfield;  West  Warren. 

WILSON,  HARRIET  R., Mansfield,  Conn. 

Came  to  normal  school  from  high  school;  Willimantic,  Conn,  (graduated); 
assistant  to  Mrs.  Dickinson  in  drawing,  one  term;  taught  at  Deerfield,  gram- 
mar department,  three  years;  South  Hadley  Falls,  two  terms;  1879,  at  Griswold, 
Conn.;  Mansfield,  Conn.,  one  year;  Danielsonville,  Conn.,  two  years.  Married, 
Sept.  27,  1883,  James  P.  Northrop;  one  daughter.  517  Avenue  E.,  Bayonne, 

JONES,  THOMAS  H., Westfleld. 


BLAIR,  SARAH  A., Huntington. 

Taught  in  Montebello  Ladies'  Institute,  Newbury,  Vt.,  three  years;  Hunting 
ton,  Mass,  (public  schools),  three  years;  Eawthampton,  three  years;  C.  L.  S.  C. 
one  year.  Married,  April,  1883,  Herbert  E.  Miller;  three  children.  Gartteld, 


BROWNE,  EMELINE  A.,    .        .        .        .        .        .      West  Chester,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Springfield,  Mass.,  fifteen  years;  attended  summer  schools  at  Sara- 
toga, N.  Y.;  Niantic,  Conn.;  C.  L.  8.  O.  of  1888;  continued  study.  Box  401, 
Springfield,  Mass. 

BUSH,  EMMA, Westflelcl. 

Taught  iu  Westfield,  four  years;  Suffield,  Conn.,  three  years  to  1883;  in  all, 
seven  years.  Married,  November,  1883,  James  Hulking.  Box  247,  Suftield, 

DIKE,  MARY  S., Westminster. 

Taught  in  Valley  Falls,  R.  I.,  two  years;  Adams,  Mass.,  four  years.  Married, 
Sept.  10, 1882,  A.  D.  Wheeler  of  Westford.  Westborough,  Mass. 

DUDLEY,  IDA  E., Westfleld. 

Married  Dr.  F.  A.  Bragg,  Westfield;  two  children. 

FAY,  LUELLA  E., Springfield. 

Taught  drawing  in  Springfield,  fifteen  years.    36  Maple  Street,  Springfield. 

FISKE,  SARAH  D Conway. 

Taught  in  Conway,  eleven  years.  Married,  Dec.  31,  1885,  William  C.  Wilder. 
Conway,  Mass. 

OILMAN,  SARAH  G., West  Hartland,  Conn. 

Taught  in  School  of  Observation,  Westfield,  two  years;  West  Winsted.Conn., 
1876-79.  Married,  Sept.  14,  1881,  W.  H.  Williams,  agent  Georgia  Mortgage 
Loan  Company,  Winsted,  Conn. 

HUMPHREYS,  MAUD  M., Hartford,  Conn. 

Taught  in  School  of  Observation.  Mrs.  Thomas  E.  McClenathan,  273  Duwell 
Avenue,  New  Haven,  Conn. 

KETCHEN,  LIZZIE  E., Simsbury,  Conn. 

Taught,  fourteen  terms,  Orphan  Asylum,  New  York;  Bloomfield,  Conn., 
etc.  Bloomfield,  Conn. 

LEE,  FANNY  A., Thompsonville,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  one  year;  Agawam,  one  term;  Enfield,  Conn.,  two 
terms;  West  Warren,  1878. 

LEE,  NELLIE  A., South  Deerfield. 

Mrs.  McBurney,  247  Washington  Street,  Fort  Wayne,  Ind. 

MASON,  LIZZIE, Springfield. 

NEWTON,  LIZZIE  M., Westminster. 

Taught  in  Westminster,  two  years,  before  entering  normal  school ;  taught  in 
Adams,  Mass,  two  years;  Bridgeport,  Conn.,  nine  years;  New  Haven,  Conn., 
one  year;  in  all,  fourteen  years.  Married,  Aug.  21,  1883,  Henry  K.  Trunk  ;  com- 
pleted C.  L.  8.  C.;  studied  German,  psychology,  etc.  76  Gregory  Street,  New 
Haven,  Conn. 

PAIGE,  CLARA  J. , Chicopee  Falls. 

Taught  three  years  before  entering  normal  school,  at  Chicopee  Falls  grammar 
school;  five  years,  since  graduating,  at  Greylock  Institute,  South  Williamstown; 
is  completing  third  year  of  C.  L.  S.  C.  Married,  Aug.  15,  1878,  Charles  A. 
Mills;  three  children. 

PERRY,  SARAH  L., Centre  White  Creek,  N.  Y. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  and  New  York,  fifteen  years.  Centre  White  Creek, 
Washington  County,  N.  Y. 

PHELPS,  FIDELIA,     .         .        .   • South  Deerfleld. 


PIERCE,  JENNIE  M., Montague. 

RING,  ABBIE  L., Chester. 

Taught  in  Lanesborough,  Chester,  East  Whately,  South  Hadley  Falls  and 
Berlin,  Mass.;  in  all,  fourteen  years;  graduated^C.  L.  8.  C.;  also  read  "Seal 
Courses."  174  West  Bartlett  Street,  Brockton,  Mass. 

SANFORD,  EMMA  S., Westfleld. 

Mrs.  Q.  B.  Sackett,  58  Day  Avenue,  Westfield. 

SHEPARD,  LILLY, Westfield. 

STEVENS,  CLARA, Chester. 

Northampton,  Mass. 

TYLER,  GEORGIE  E., Westfield. 

Taught  in  Deerfield,  one  year;  profession,  dramatic;  Boston  Museum,  five 
years;  since  travelled  with  theatrical  company.  Married,  July  2,  1878,  Daniel 
Kent.  Box  1196,  Springfield,  Mass. 

WHITCOMB,  ALICE  F., Centre  White  Creek,  N.  Y. 

Newton  Highlands. 

WINTER  TERM,    1875. 

ALLEN,  DELIA  P., Prescott. 

Taught  in  Athol  and  Belchertown,  two  years;  general  assistant  in  publish- 
ing office  of  "  Science,"  and  three  years  stenographer  for  Ginn  &  Co.,  pub- 
lishers, Broadway,  N.  Y.  Prescott. 

BURT,  LILLIE  M., Longmeadow. 

Mrs.  A.  S.  Turner,  67  Gilbert  Street,  Bridgeport,  Conn. 

FREEMAN,  KATE  F., West  Darien,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Whitinsville,  four  terms.  Married,  1876,  David  Chase.  Whitins- 
ville,  Mass. 

MAYNARD,  ELLEN  F Springfield. 

Taught  in  Springfield  and  in  New  York  City,  two  and  one-half  years.  Mar- 
ried,  May  12,  1880,  William  II.  Doty.  986  Boston  Road,  Springfield. 

NICHOLS,  ADA  M., East  Charlemont. 

Mrs.  Clinton  Pratt,  Lanesborough. 

PALMER,  MATTIE  P.,        . Chicopee. 

Taught  in  Tyringham,  two  years;  Chester,  one-third  year;  Monson,  State 
Primary  School,  one  and  one-half  years;  Chicopee,  1879.    Chicopee. 
PAUL,  LAURA  I., Greason,  Pa. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  one  and  one-half  years;  in  Connecticut,  three 
years  (Lanesborough  and  Sheffield,  Mass;  Fairfield  and  Bridgeport,  Conn.); 
special  course  at  Wellesley  College,  1879-80.  Married,  June  5,  1883,  J.  8.  Diller. 
1804  16th  Street,  N.  W.,  Washington,  D.  C. 

ROBINSON,  MARY  M., Amherst. 

Taught  in  Amherst,  nine  years.    Amherst. 


SMITH,  JULIA  E., Tyringham. 

Taught  In  Cheshire,  one  year;  Waterbury,  Conn.,  one  year;  Granby,  Conn., 
eight  yearn;  in  1880,  at  Westfield  State  Normal  School,  special  student;  1886, 
Washington,  D.  C.,  studied  medicine;  graduated  at  Howard  Medical  College 
March  16, 1889;  now  house  physician  at  boarding  school  in  Washington,  D.  C., 
since  1887.  1100  M  Street,  N.  W.,  Washington,  D.  C.,  or  Granby,  Conn. 

WILDER,  EMMA  F., Keene,  N.  H. 

Taught  in  Bennington,  Vt.,  two  years;  Bridgeport,  Conn.,  one  year;  Superior, 
Wis.,  one  term.  Married,  Sept.  20,  1880,  Frank  F.  Watkins;  three  children. 
Hinsdale,  Mass. 

WILCOX,  JULIA  E., South  Deerfield. 

Taught  in  Whitinsville,  1875-81;  Holyoke,  1881-84;  William  Penn  Charter 
School,  Philadelphia,  Penn.,  five  years.  1408  Arch  Street,  Philadelphia,  Penn. 

WILKES,  ELLA  M.,  .        . Windsor. 

Taught  in  Peru,  Windsor,  Cummington,  Dalton,  Easthampton,  Ashfield  and 
Savoy;  in  all,  fourteen  years.  Married,  April,  1880,  George  M.  Bourne;  one 
child.  Savoy  Centre,  Mass. 

BALLOU,  HOSEA  S., North  Orange. 

Studied  at  Williston  Seminary,  Easthampton;  Harvard  College,  Cambridge; 
University  of  Berlin,  Germany;  College  de  France,  Paris.  President  "  Ballon 
State  Banking  Company,"  Boston,  Mass.,  Storm  Lake  and  Sioux  City,  Io., 
and  Huron,  S.  Dak.  Marrud  Mary  Farwell,  Boston.  150  Devonshire  Street, 
Equitable  Building,  Boston,  Mass. 

STIMPSON,  CHARLES  E., Mittincague. 

Holyoke,  Mass. 


ADAMS,  ESTELLA  C., Williamstown. 

Taught  in  Williamstown,  1875-82,  seven  years.    Married,  May  3,  1882,  Rev. 
T.  G.  Thompson;  two  children.    Gloversville,  N.  Y. 

BACON,  JOSEPHINE  S., Springfield. 

BEALS,  CLARA  E., South  Deerfleld. 

Taught  in  Deerfield  in  1876.    South  Deerfield. 
BISSELL,  'ALICE  C., Charlemont. 

Married,  Oct.  6,   1880,  Rev.  Henry  C.  Alvord;  two  children.    South  Wey- 
mouth,  Mass. 

BRIGGS,  CARRIE  B., Springfield. 

Taught  evening  school  at  Indian  Orchard  and  Springfield,  and  substituted 
some.    Married,  Oct.  3,  1876,  William  H.  Hill ;  two  sons.   Box  58,  Merrick,  Mass. 

COGSWELL,  FRANCES  L., Chicopee. 

Married,  May  4,  1882,  Arthur  A.  Rice.    412  West  57th  Street,  New  York. 


CLEVELAND,  HELEN  M.,  .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .          Holyoke. 

Taught  in  North  Adams  and  Holyoke,  and  State  Normal  School,  Platteville, 
Wie.,  since  graduating,  except  when  studying;  attended  Ann  Arbor  University, 
Michigan;  Berlitz  School  of  Language,  Boston,  Mass.;  revised  some  school 
books;  published  little  readers.  58  Kinsman  Street,  Cleveland,  O. 

CUTLER,  IMOGENS, Boylston  Centre. 

Mrs.  Imogene  Glazier,  West  Boylston. 

COLLINS,  B.  AGNES, Williamstown. 

Bennington,  Vt. 
DAVIS,  IDA  F. , Easton,  N.  J. 

Easton,  N.  J. 
EMERSON,  SARAH  A.,  .        .        .        .        .   Hanover  Centre,  N.  H. 

Taught  in  Fall  River,  1875.    Mrs.  A.  B.  Dimick,  Woburn,  Mass. 

EGLESTON,  NELLIE  A., Westfield. 

Taught  in  Westfield.  Married,  Dec.  19, 1882,  Walter  M.  Dizer.  Huntington 
Avenue,  Boston. 

FISK,  NETTIE  E., West  Deerflekl. 

Mrs.  Nettie  Burt,  43  Cedar  Street,  Springfield. 

Taught  in  North  Orange,  one  term;  Southborough,  one  term;  Granby,  ten 
terms  to  1880;  six  years  to  1889.  Married,  Oct.  21,  1886,  Willard  A.  Taylor. 
Granby,  Mass. 

HIGGINS,  ROSA  E., Cummington. 

Taught  in  Cummington  and  Worthington,  eight  years.  Married,  Dec.  7,  1881, 
Harry  D.  Ormsby;  one  child.  West  Chesterfield,  Mass. 

HOWE,  CARRIE  M., North  Brookflekl. 

Taught  in  North  Brookfield,  1875-82.  Married,  May  4,  1882,  Lucius  H. 
Tucker;  three  children.  North  Brookfield. 

LYMAN,  ELLA  W., South  Hadley. 

Mrs.  Joseph  R.  Dohnes,  Vine  Street,  Lincoln,  Neb. 

MAYNARD,  CORA  E.,* Daltou. 

Taught  in  Washington,  two  terms;  Dalton,  eight  terms.  Married  Edwin  8. 
Pomeroy,  Becket ;  one  son.  Deceased. 

MORLEY,  ELIZABETH Northampton. 

Taught  in  South  Deerfield,  one  and  one-half  years;  Plainfleld,  one-half  year; 
Northampton,  two  years;  Marion,  lo.  Northampton. 

MORSE,  HARRIET  A., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  three  years;  bookkeeping,  1889.  Married,  1880,  George 
B.  Smith,  who  died  in  1883.  Box  975,  Westfield. 

PRATT,  FANNIE  S., Lanesborough. 

Taught  in  Lanesborough,  1876.    Lanesborough. 

SMITH,  ETTA  J., Tyringham. 

Mrs.  Edward  Slater,  Tyringham. 

STETSON,  JEANETTE  J., Leverett. 

Taught  in  Easthampton,  one  year;  Shutesbury,  two  years.  Married,  Oct.  3, 
1878,  Frederick  F.  Adams;  two  children.  Leverett,  Mass. 


WHITK,  LILLA  J., Florida. 

Taught  In  Florida,  seven  terms;  Laiiesborough,  three  terras;  North  Adams, 
four  terms.  Married  to  M.  M.  Mowry;  two  children.  Leyden. 

WILLIAMS,  NELLIE  L., Eastbampton. 

Taught  in  Easthampton  and  Chieopee,  three  years.  Married,  Sept.  13,  1883, 
F.  \V.  Spaulding.  Adams,  Mass. 

WHKELER,  EMMA, Olyphant,  Penn. 

Taught  in  Middlefleld,  one  term.    Married,  Sept.  20,  1882,  Seth  Warner. 

WHITING,  LILLIAN  E., .La  Gro,  I  ml. 

Taught  in  Lincolnville,  Ind.,  two  years;  La  Gro,  Ind.,  three  years,  to  1880. 
Lincolnville,  Ind. 

CLARK,  D.  OLIN, Conway. 

Taught  Conway  high  school,  one  year;  special  course  Boston  University;  at 
Bangor  Theological  Seminary;  acting  pastor  at  New  Sharon,  Me.;  pastor  of 
Congregational  Church,  Stoughton,  Manchester-by-the-8ea,  Warren,  Mass.; 
taught  Bloomfield,  Conn.,  high  school,  one  year;  in  Congregational  ministry 
ten  years  to  1889.  Married,  April  26, 1883,  Battle  W.  Arnold.  Warren,  Mass. 

WINTER  TERM,    1876, 

BACHELER,  BKRNETTE  E., Northbridge  Centre. 

Taught  in  Whitinsville,  1877-    .    Whitinsville,  Mass. 

CADWELL,  FLORA  E., Enfleld. 

Taught  in  Canaan,  N.  H.,  three  terms;  Amherst,  three  terms.  Married, 
Oct.  3,  1878,  George  L.  Morse;  one  child.  Box  51,  Amherst,  Mass. 

CAPEN,  IRENE  A., Brookfleld. 

Taught  in  Brookfleld  (chiefly),  1876;  Great  Barrington,  Spencer,  Granville, 
Vt.,  Chatham,  N.  Y.,  ten  years.  Married,  April  26,  1884,  Reuben  Walker. 
Spencer,  Mass. 

CHAPIN,  MARY  D., Chieopee. 

Taught  in  Longmeadow,  two  terms;  Chieopee,  1877-89,  twelve  years. 

CLEAVELAND,  HARRIET  S.  M., Belchertown. 

Taught  in  Belchertown,  1876;  Warren,  Mass.;  New  Rochelle,  N.  Y.;  in  all, 
six  years.  Married,  Dec.  24, 1885,  W.G.  Everett;  one  daughter.  At  Wellesley 
College  took  special  course  in  English  literature,  history  and  botany,  elocution 
and  painting.  Auburn,  It.  I. 

GAGE,  FANNIE  E., Athol. 

Taught  in  Whitinsville,  Southampton,  Phillipston,  Westfield,  New  Salem  and 
Athol,  six  years.  Care  Dr.  Brown,  Barre,  Mass. 

GUIDLEY,  LAURA  C.,* .        .       Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Easthampton,  seven  terms;  School  of  Observation,  one  term.  Mar- 
ried, Dec.  11,  1878,  Frederick  E.  Lay  of  Westfleld.  Died  in  Westfleld. 


LEWIS,  IDA  F., Ware. 

Taught  in  Berkshire,  one  term;  Palmer,  five  terms ;  Ware,  1878-    .    Ware. 

NIMS,  ALICE  A., Shelburne  Falls. 

Taught  in  Shelburne  Falls,  one  term;  East  Hawley,  one  term.    Married,  May 
28,  1879,  Mason  H.  Morse.    Wrentham. 

NILES,  MARY  A.,* Southampton. 

Taught  in  Southampton,  two  terms;  Montgomery,  one  term;  West  Spring- 
field, two  terms.    Died  in  Southampton,  1883. 

PEPOON,  MINNIE  I., Stockbridge. 

Taught  in  Stockbridge,  1876. 

SMITH,  ETTA  J., Tyringham. 

Mrs.  Edward  Slater,  Tyringham. 
TEAHEN,  MARGARET  A., Great  Barringtou. 

Taught  in  Great  Barrington.    Married,  May  9,  1878,  John  B.  Maley.    Great 

WILDER,  LAURA  A., Conway. 

Taught  in  Conway,  nine  terms;  Florence,  five  years;  Uniouville,  Conn  ,  six 
years.    Unionville,  Conn. 


ALLEN,  FANNY  S., Deerflekl. 

Taught  in  Deerfield,  one  term;  Whitiusville,  1876-86.    Deerfield. 

ALLEN,  MARY  E., Deerfield. 

Taught  in  Deerfield,  two  years.    Deerfield. 

BILLINGS,  FRANCES  M  , Deerfield. 

Taught  in  Deerfield  (mixed  school),  one  year;  South  Gardner  (grammar), 
four  terms;  Deerfield  (grammar),  1879;  Whitiusville,  one  year.  Deerfield. 

BROWN,  ANNA  L., Jacksonville,  Fla. 

BUCKLIN,  HARRIET  A., South  Adams. 

BULLARD,  HENRIE  J., Charleston,  W.  Va. 

DICKINSON,  SUSIE  A., Westfield. 

DANA,  CARA  P.,* Westfield. 

Married  Mr.  Baxter,  Portland,  Me.;  one  child.    Deceased. 
DIBBLE,  SARAH Westfield. 


DOWD,  M.  ALICE, Westflcld. 

Taught  in  Montgomery,  one  term;  Sheffield,  three  terms;  Montague,  two 
years;  State  of  New  Hampshire,  two  terms;  high  school,  Feeding  Hills,  Mass., 
one  term;  high  school,  Stamford,  Conn.,  nine  years;  attended  Sauveur  sum- 
mer school,  three  sessions;  studied  Greek,  Latin,  German;  written  for  papers. 
7  Prospect  Street,  Stamford,  Conn. 

DWYER,  MARY, Hinsdale. 

Mrs.  P.  J.  Corcoran,  Hinsdale,  Mass. 


FOWLRR,  GRACE  E., Westflckl. 

Taught  in  South  Gardner,  Southwick  and  Westfield,  two  years.  Married, 
June  28,  1881,  Edward  W.  Atwater;  one  child.  234  Washington  Avenue, 
Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

GRANT,  MARY, Westfleld. 

Mt.  Vernon,  N.  Y. 

ROWLAND,  HATTIE  C., Conway. 

Taught  in  Worcester,  1876-82,  six  years.  Married,  July  28,  1880,  E.  F. 
Swan;  two  children.  30  Woodland  Street,  Worcester,  Mass. 

HKRRICK,  ABBIE, Blandford. 

KANE,  M.  JENNIE, Williamstown. 

KELLOGG,  HATTIE  M., Easthampton. 

West  Suffleld,  Conn. 
KIPP,  IDA  E.,  .         .        .         .        .         .        .         .       East  Had  dam,  Conn. 

NORTHROP,  JENNIE  H Chambersburgh,  Pa. 

NASH,  SUSAN  L.,* Williamsburg. 

Died  of  diphtheria,  at  Westfleld,  Dec.  22, 1875. 

PARKER,  LOUISA  P East  Cambridge. 

Taught  at  Cambridge  and  Westfield  constantly  since  graduating;  Cambridge 
High  School,  past  nine  years;  studying  at  Harvard  Annex.  51  Ellery  Street, 
Cambridge,  Mass. 

PATTEN,  JULIA  M.,  ........        Somers,  Conn. 

Studied  three  years  at  Woman's  Medical  College,  Chicago;  house  surgeon  at 
Woman's  Hospital;  physician  at  Holyoke.  Holyoke,  Mass. 

PIEIILER,  AGNES  J., Blackinton. 

Taught  in  Blackinton,  seven  terms.  Married,  Nov.  27, 1878,  J.  H.  Wylie,  Jr.; 
one  child  living.  Holyoke,  Mass. 

POTTER,  CHARLOTTE  A., Chicopee. 

Taught  in  Indiana,  one  term.  Married,  1878,  Andrew  G.  Calder.  34  and  36 
East  Madison  Street,  Chicago,  111. 

ROACH,  ARABELLA,  .........         Hinsdale. 

Taught  at  Hinsdale,  Dalton,  Pittsfleld,  Mass.;  Chicago,  111.,  fifteen  years.  28 
North  1st  Street,  Pittsfleld,  Mass. 

SEARS,  CLARA  B.,    .         .        .         .        .        .        .         .          West  Hawley. 

Taught  in  Savoy,  two  terms;  Plainfield,  one  term;  Deerfield,  one  term;  Haw- 
ley,  two  terms.  Married,  Jan.  15,  1879,  Theodore  Childs;  three  children.  Deer- 
field,  Mass. 

SMITH,  HARRIET  L., Auburn. 

Taught  in  East  Haven,  Conn.,  three  years;  Fair  Haven,  Conn.,  two  years; 
New  Haven,  Conn.,  two  years;  taught  without  intermission  from  graduation  till 
married,  Nov.  7,  1883,  to  Isaac  H.  Palmer,  who  died  July  4,  1888;  two  sons. 
Branford,  Conn. 

SMITH,  FLORENCE, South  Adams. 

Taught  in  Dalton,  three  years;  Whitinsville,  six  and  two-thirds  years.  Mar- 
ried, Jan.  12,  1888,  George  Gardiner.  Uxbridge,  Mass. 

SWEET,  AMELIA,       .        .  ' Shelburne. 

STEBBINS,  LIZZIE  R.,       .        . Northfleld. 

Taught  in  Marlborough,  1876-    .    Marlborough. 

WILSON,  EMMA  M., Holyoke. 



HINDS,  ARTHUR, Hempstcacl,  L.  I. 

At  Westfield  State  Normal  School,  one  term  after  graduating;  taught  in  his 
father's  school  at  Hempstead;  appointed  teacher  in  Westfield  State  Normal 
School,  1877  (September);  "full"  teacher  July,  1879,  to  July,  1880;  studied 
medicine  with  Dr.  J.  Holland,  and  taught  half  time  in  normal  school.  Merchant 
in  New  York,  1889. 

OAKES,  CHARLES  N., Westfield. 

WINTER  TERM,    1877. 

ADAMS,  JENNIE  J., West  Springfield,  N.  II. 

Taught  in  Claremont,  N.  II.,  five  terms  (primary) ;  Newport,  N.  H.,  one 
term  (primary) ;  Springfield,  N.  H.,  1878.  Married,  July  10,  1884,  Rev.  Loriu 
Webster.  West  Springfield,  N.  H. 

BEKBE,  EUNICE  M.,         ........        Westfield. 

Taught  at  North  Wilbraham,  one  term;  Lanesborough,  one  term;  School  of 
Observation,  Westfield,  five  years;  Stamford,  Conn.,  six  and  one-half  years; 
studied  at  summer  schools.  Stamford,  Conn. 

BOYDEN,  MARTHA  J., New  Braintree. 

Taught  at  Greenwich,  New  Braintree,  South  Walpole,  three  terms;  New 
Braintree  to  1885,  nine  years.  Married,  Dec.  24,  1885,  William  F.  Adams,  West 
Brookfield ;  two  children.  Gilbertville,  Mass. 

COGAN,  HENRIETTA, Northampton. 

Taught  Northampton  grammar  school,  1881-82.  Mrs.  Henry  C.  Parker,  Elm 
Place,  Somerville,  Mass. 

CLARK,  ADDIE  L., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Connecticut,  two  years;  Longmeadow,  Mass.,  four  terms.  620 
Main  Street,  Springfield. 

COOK,  MYRA  F., Hadley. 


EVANS,  AGNES  L.,* Blackinton. 

Taught  in  Bennington,  Vt.,  two  years;  Blackinton,  1879-82.  Married,  1884, 
John  H.  Lloyd;  died  Oct.  31, 1886. 

FISH,  LAURA  E., Gilbertville. 

Taught  in  New  Braintree,  one  year;  Ware,  1877-88,  nearly  eleven  years. 
Ware,  Mass. 

HARKNESS,  SARAH  L., Cheshire. 

Taught  in  Cheshire,  thirteen  terms;  Berkshire,  one  term;  New  Braintree, 
1882-83;  North  Adams;  in  all,  ten  years.  Married,  Jan.  3,  1889,  George  W. 
Fuller;  Chautauqua,  three  years'  course.  Adams,  Mass. 

HAWLEY,  HARRIET  E., East  Whately. 

Taught  in  Whately,  five  terms.  Married,  April  15,  1879,  Edward  Bardwell. 
West  Whately. 


JOYCK,  LOUISR  A., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Springfield,  in  grudcd  school,  half  time;  York  Street  primary. 
Mrs.  W.  H.  Butler,  Whitesboro,  Oneida  County,  N.  Y. 

JOHNSON,  EVALYN  M Westfleld- 

Taught  in  Colorado  Springs.    Colorado  Springs. 

KELLOGG,  HARRIET  M., Castile,  N.  Y. 

Taught  in  Canoseraga,  N.  Y.,  three  terms;  Castile,  N.  Y.,  three  terms;  Perry, 
N.  Y.,  1879-89.  Perry,  N.  Y. 

LOVELL,  LELIA  W., West  Boylston. 

Taught  in  Northbridge,  four  years;  West  Boylston.  one  year.  Married,  April 
26, 1882,  Edwin  C.  Fairbanks;  one  child.  West  Boylston. 

MURPHY,  MARY  A., Southampton. 

PARKHILL,  ANNA  E., North  Adams. 

Taught  one  term.    Married  Arthur  II.  Lowe,  Fitchburg. 

PARSHLEY,  EMMA  L., Live  Oak,  Fla. 

Taught  in  Athol;  Oquawka,  111. 

PROUTY,  MARY  E., Northbridge. 

Taught  in  Riverdale,  Whitinsville,  two  years.  Mrs.  George  P.  Tuttle,  North- 

RICKARDS,  LAURA  G., South  Adams. 

Taught  in  Blackstone,  six  years.  Married,  Jan.  14,  1885,  William  M.  Cole. 
Bridgeport,  Conn. 

lloss,  ALICE  E., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Athol,  one  term;  Three  Rivers,  eight  terms.  Married,  Nov.  25, 
1880,  Sylvester  C.  Gatchell;  one  child  living.  22  Loring  Street,  Springfield. 

SIMONS,  GERTRUDE  L., Longmeadow. 


Taught  in  Buckbind,  three  years;  studied  mineralogy;  written  for  household 
papers.  Married,  March  3,  1880,  Walter  B.  Elmer;  three  living  children. 
Greenfield,  Mass. 

BATES,  HERBERT  II., Phillipston. 

Taught  in  Royalston,  1877-81;  Canton,  two  years;  principal  of  training 
school,  Cambridge,  five  years;  superintendent  of  schools,  Canton,  one  year. 
Married,  Aug.  16, 1877,  Anna  8.  Baldwin;  three  daughters.  20  Wendell  Street, 

STRONG,  WILLIAM  T., West  Roxbury. 



AISTON,  HATTIK  E., South  Lee. 

CUTTER,  VALONA, East  Jafl'rey,  N.  II. 

Taught  in  Winchendon,  N.  II.,  two  terms;  Clyde,  Kan.,  one  term;  studied  at 
Davenport,  la.,  two  years. 

DKWSNAP,  FLORENCE, Shelburue  Falls. 

Taught  at  Buckland,  1877-80  (primary  and  intermediate) ;  Shelburne,  nine 
years;  St.  Mary's  Academy,  Memphis,  Tenn.,  one  year.  Chautauqua  course; 
German,  music,  etc.  366  Poplar  Street,  St.  Mary's,  Memphis,  Tenn.;  Shelburne 
Falls,  Mass. 


GRIDLEY,  MARY  L., Oxford,  Kan. 

HOUGHTON,  MARY  E., Putney,  Vt. 

Taught  in  Smith  Academy,  Hatfield,  1878;  studied  one  year.    Married. 

HASTINGS,  MARGARET  M.,* Southwick. 

Taught  in  Granville,  one  term;  Suffield,  Conn.,  one  term;  Granby,  Conn., 
seven  terms.  Married,  Oct.  21,  1880,  Milo  Gilbert.  Died  Aug.  19, 1881. 

JACOBS,  KATE  M. , South  Hadley  Falls. 

Taught  in  Tolland,  Hadley,  South  Hadley  Falls,  five  years;  an  invalid  seven 
years,  but  hopes  to  resume  teaching  soon.  South  Hadley  Falls. 

JOHNSON,  CORA  E  , Williamstown. 

Taught  in  South  Williamstown,  two  terms;  1'ittsfield,  1878-    . 

JOHNSON,  ALICE  C., Westtteld. 

LAWTON,  JENNIE  B  ,  Ware. 

Taught  School  of  Observation,  one  year;  Yonkers,  N.  Y.,  1878-83.  Mar- 
ried, June  12,  1883,  John  Bellows;  one  daughter.  12  Park  Avenue,  Yonkers, 
N.  Y. 

LEMOIN,  C.  ANGIE,          .......         North  Adams. 

Taught  in  North  Adams,  one  and  one-third  years.  Married,  Dec.  12, 1878, 
W.  F.  Orr;  two  children.  23  Pleasant  Street,  North  Adams. 

LOOMIS,  ISABEL, Westflcld. 

Taught  in  Granville,  one  term.  Married,  Dec.  18,  1887,  Austin  C.  Drake;  one 
child.  375  Medford  Street,  Somerville,  Mass. 

MARSH,  SARA  M., Hadley. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts,  Illinois  and  Michigan,  nine  years.  Box  98,  Hadley, 

MELCHER,  MARY Mittineague. 

Taught  in  Springfield  as  substitute. 

MORRISON,  ALMIRA, Cambridge,  N.  Y. 

Taught  three  terms  in  ungraded  school  in  the  vicinity  of  Cambridge;  in  gram- 
mar school,  Cambridge. 

KOWLEY,  JENNIE, South  Adams. 

Taught  in  Rowe,  one  term;  clerk  in  store,  Adams;  bookkeeper.  Married, 
June  12,  1883,  W.  H.  Arnold;  one  child.  Adams. 

SMITH,  LOUISE  H., Hadley. 

Taught  in  Hadley,  one  term;  North  Hadley  grammar  school,  1880-83;  Law- 
rence, Mass.,  four  years.  Married,  August,  1885,  Dr.  E.  II.  Baxter;  one  son. 
Hyde  Park,  Mass. 

SPRING,  MARY, Tolland. 

Taught  in  Massachusetts  and  Connecticut,  three  years.  Married,  1880, 
Erastue  D.  Larkin;  one  child.  Tolland,  Mass. 

STOWELL,  ALICE  T., North  Adams. 

Taught  in  Drury  Academy,  North  Adams,  1877-    . 

TAYLOR,  SOPHIA, West  Springfield. 

Taught  iu  West  Springfield. 

WILEY,  JULIA  A., •     Cooleyville. 

Taught  in  Cooleyville. 


WHITE,  MAKY  A., Amherst. 

Taught  in  Shelburne,  1877;  West  Springfield,  1878;  taken  kindergarten  train- 
ing; learned  tonic  sol-fa  method  of  teaching  music;  lessons  in  industrial  work. 
60  School  Street,  Springfield,  Mass. 

WHITK,  FLORA, Amherst. 

Taught  in  West  Springfield,  1878-89,  including  two  years  in  South  Africa; 
learned  tunic  sol-fa  method  of  teaching  music;  lessons  in  industrial  work.  60 
School  Street,  Springfield,  Mass. 


Taught  in  Florence,  two  years;  Ilolyoke,  three  years.  Married,  Oct.  12, 1882, 
Truman  A.  Cowles;  taught  State  Reform  School,  Lansing,  Mich.,  five  and  one- 
half  years.  Care  Reform  School,  Lansing,  Mich. 

BURROUGHS,  JOSEPH  B., Westflekl. 

Studied  medicine  with  Dr.  Gam  well,  one  year;  at  Syracuse  University,  1878- 
81;  practised  medicine  at  Syracuse,  1881;  Shortsville,  N.  Y. ;  discovered  that 
one-hundredth  of  a  drop  of  nitro-glyceriue  can  be  used  as  a  substitute  for 
alcoholic  stimulants  in  cases  of  emergency;  written  essay  on  the  subject, by 
special  request  from  London,  Eng.,  to  be  distributed  through  Europe;  made 
other  discoveries.  Married,  April,  1884,  Emma  M.  Qreeley;  one  son,  born  in 
1886.  Shortsville,  N.  Y. 

SMITH,  ABRAM  T., Hempstead,  L.  I. 

Studied  in  preparatory  schools  in  Troy  and  New  York  City;  taught  in  Long 
Island,  one  term;  Franklin,  N.  J.;  Canton,  Mass.;  graduated  summer  of  1882 
from  advanced  course.  Canton,  Mass. 

WARBURTON,  HENRY  M., Lawrence. 

Studied  and  taught  in  Atkinson,  N.  II.,  State  Normal  School,  1879. 

WHITNEY,  AUREN  J., Gardner. 

Taught  in  Ashby,  1877. 

WINTER  TERM,    1878. 

BARER,  FANNIE, Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  ten  years,  and  one  term  in  1889;  completed  C.  L.  S.  C..; 
taken  lessons  in  crayon  at  normal  school. 

BOOTH,  AURINDA Great  Barrington. 

Taught  in  Danbury,  Conn. 

CARTER,  MARY  L., Williamsburg. 

Taught  in  Williamsburg,  ten  years ;  C.  L.  8.  C.,  four  years'  course.  Williams- 
burg,  Mass. 

DUDMAN,  ELIZABETH  S., Yarmouth,  N.  S. 

Taught  in  School  of  Observation  (assistant);  Granville  Corners;  Hopkinton; 
New  Orleans,  La.,  two  years;  kindergarten,  Westfield,  one  year;  in  all,  seven 
and  one-half  years;  took  course  of  kindergarten  in  New  Yoik. 

GATES,  CORA, Whitinsville. 

Taught  in  Sturbridge,  one  year;  Whitiusville,  Chicopee  Falls  aud  Chicopee. 
Mrs.  William  II.  Bingley,  Barre,  Mass. 


GORHAM,  ETHEL  A., Chester,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  one  term.  Married,  Dec.  30,  1878,  John  Howard  Clark. 
Chester,  Conn. 

KILBOURN,  EFFIE  J., Westflekl. 

Dow  City,  lo. 
OSGOOD,  CARRIE  W., Granby,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Cambridge,  1878.    Chicopee  Falls. 

OSGOOD,  ABBIE  S.,* Granby,  Conn. 

Continued  study  at  Westfleld  State  formal  School,  one  year;  taught  Mon- 
tague high  school;  died  in  Boston,  Dec.  10,  1883,  after  more  than  three  years  of 

RAWSON,  MARY  B., Whitiusville. 

Taught  in  Whitinsville,  1878-80,  three  years;  1880-82,  teaching  and  study- 
ing in  Chauncy  Hall  School,  Boston,  two  years;  studied  Greek  and  Latin. 
Married,  April  5,  1882,  Harlan  P.  Amen ;  now  studying  German  with  native 
teacher;  three  children.  Poughkeepsie,  N.  Y. 

SAWYER,  CARRIE  M.,       .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .       Greenfield. 

Taught  in  Northfield  (primary  school) ;  Westfleld,  School  of  Observation, 
1878-81;  Norfolk,  Va.,  1881.  Married,  November,  1888,  J.  M.  Crump,  M.  D.; 
studied  medicine  with  her  husband.  Melrose,  Pierce  County,  W.  T. 

STRONG,  MARY  E., Northampton. 

Married,  Aug.  5,  1880,  Orion  L.  Woodward.    Toledo,  O. 

TOWNE,  ANNIE  L., Springfield. 

WINSLOW,  MARY  P., Pittsfield. 

Taught  in  Worthington,  two  years.    Mrs.  James  Starkweather,  Chester,  Mass. 


ABBOTT,  EMMA  S., Ashley  Falls. 

Married,  Dec.  22,  1880,  C.  Irving  Ferguson. 
BENSON,  SARAH  E Great  Barrington. 

Taught  in  Monterey,  six  months;  Great  Barrington,  two  and  one-half  years; 
North  Egremont,  two  years;  Davenport,  lo.,  four  years;  studied  at  Housatonic 
Hall,  Great  Barrington,  one  year;  prepared  Harvard  examination  for  women; 
St.  Catharine's  Hall,  Davenport,  lo. 

BROOKS,  MARIA  L., West  Springfield. 

Taught  in  West  Suffield,  Conn.,  one  term;  Chicopee  Falls,  1879-84;  taught 
tonic  sol-fa  system  of  music.  Married,  March  19,  1885,-Addison  H.  Smith;  one 
child.  Box  302,  Chicopee,  Mass. 


Taught  in  Lenox,  Lee  and  Tyringham,  one  year;  at  Lincoln,  111.,  in  State 
school  for  feeble-minded  children,  six  consecutive  years.  Married,  September, 
1888,  Kev.  F.  P.  Lawyer,  missionary  in  Mexico  under  Cumberland  Presbyterian 
Board.  Guanajuato,  Mex. 


CHAPMAN,  CLARA  B %        .         Agawam. 


CLARK,  SUSAN  A., .        .        .         Sheffield. 

Taught  in  Sheffield;  Salisbury,  Conn.;  Red  Bank,  N.  J.J  West  Springfield; 
Great  Barrington;  in  all,  nine  years.  Box  125,  Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

COLLINS,  ELLA  S., Williamstown. 

Taught  in  Bennington,  1878.    Bennington. 

DOOLITTLE,  ANNA  II., Winchester,  N.  H. 


ELDER,  ADDIK  S., Huntington. 

Prepared  to  enter  normal  school,  in  schools  of  Chester  and  Cambridge;  taught 
in  Chester  after  graduating.  Married,  Jan.  29, 1879,  Myron  II.  Fisk;  three  chil- 
dren ;  studied  art,  painting  in  oils,  mineral  and  water  colors.  Huntington,  Mass. 

HARDING,  RUBY  E., South  Deerflcld. 

Taught  in  Whitinsville  (substitute),  one  term;  Chicopee  Falls,  till  July,  1880; 
returned  to  Westfteld  State  Normal  School,  August,  1880,  for  advanced  course; 
taught  in  Hartford,  Conn.,  and  Springfield,  Mass.;  iu  all,  seven  years;  studied 
at  Middletown  (Conn.)  University,  two  years  and  one  term.  374  Central  Street, 
Springfield,  Mass. 

HILL,  ANGIE  E.,* North  Hadley. 

HOLMKS,  A.  ADELE,         .........          Lee. 

Taught  in  vicinity  of  Lee  till  July,  1880;  normal  school,  Tougaloo,  Miss. 
Selma,  Ala. 

HYDE,  ALICE  M., Gardner. 

Taught  in  Gardner,  six  years.  Married,  Sept.  3,  1884,  Eugene  C.  Upton; 
member  of  C.  L.  S.  C.;  partial  course  in  history  of  painting  in  "Society  to 
Encourage  Studies  at  Home." 

KKLLOGG,  LUCY  H., Sheffield. 

Taught  in  Great  Barrington,  seven  years;  Sheffield,  two  years;  Adams,  one 
term ;  in  all,  nine  years.  Married,  June  5,  1888,  John  C.  Wheeler.  Great  Bar- 

KKLLY,  ANNA  E., Allston. 

Taught  in  Tyringham,  one  term;  Westiield,  one  term;  Montague,  one  term. 

MATTOON,  GERTRUDE  C., Northfleld. 

Taught  in  Northfield,  ten  years.    Northfield,  Mass. 

NOBLE,  FANNY  E., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  1878-82.  Married,  March,  1883,  W.  S.  Bush.  West- 

ORMSBY,  ELLA  M., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Warren.    223  Hancock  Street,  Springfield. 

PRICE,  CLARA  T.,     .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .  Great  Barrington. 

Taught  in  Great  Barrington,  one  term ;  Stockbridge  (private  school) ;  Hamp- 
ton Institute,  Hampton,  Va.,  1879-83;  Hampton,  1885-86.  Married,  Oct.  6, 1886, 
Charles  Reuben  Brewer.  Great  Barriugton. 



Taught  in  Blackinton,  1878.  Mrs.  Henry  Rauzehausen,  Cornwall,  Ontario, 

PUGH,  IDA  A., Roscoe,  O. 

Mrs.  Louis  Bradford,  Omaha,  Neb.    Married,  Feb.  19, 1884. 

RUSSELL,  MINNIE, Spriugfield. 

Missionary  to  Assam,  1878-85,  at  Gowhati.  Married,  Dec.  25,  1884,  Charles 
A.  Burdette. 

RUSSELL,  EMMA  J., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Brimfield,  one  year;  Springfield,  till  June,  1886,  seven  years.  Mar- 
ried, July  6,  1886,  Charles  M.  Muraford.  P.  O.  Box  1207,  Springfield,  Muss. 

SPENCER,  JULIA  S., Westfield. 

Taught  in  School  of  Observation,  Westfield,  1878-84;  Stamford,  Conn.,  1884; 
West  Suflield,  Conn.;  in  all,  ten  years.  Box  338,  Westfield,  Mass. 

STILES,  HELEN  L.,* Southwick. 

Taught  in  Montague,  one  year;  Pittsfield,  1879-81;  Springfield,  1881-84; 
Worthington,  grammar  and  high;  Westfield  High  School,  autumn,  1884  Mar- 
ried, Nov.  27,  1884,  Frank  J.  Demond,  Belchertown,  Mass  Deceased. 

WRIGHT,  ADELINE  J Stamford,  Vt. 

Taught.    Married,  Jan.  13, 1881,  Henry  J.  Hart.    Syracuse,  N.  Y. 
WILSON,  MARY, Washington,  D.C. 

Taught  in  Quincy,  Mass.,  from  September,  1878,  to  March,  1880;  Boston,  1880. 
566  Columbus  Avenue,  Boston,  Mass. 

WILSON,  LILLIAN  E., Springfield. 

Taught.    Married,  Jan.  1, 1884,  Charles  L.  Whittemore.    St.  Paul,  Minn. 

DYER,  ALMON  J., Cummington. 

Graduated  from  four  years'  course;  taught  high  school,  Conway,  two  terms; 
entered  Amherst  College,  September,  1879;  graduated  1883;  at  Theological 
Seminary,  Hartford,  to  1886;  ordained  and  installed  pastor  of  First  Congrega- 
tional Church,  Upton,  Mass.,  June  4,  1886.  Married,  May  25,  1886,  Lizzie  J. 
Lovell  of  Cummington,  Mass.;  one  child,  born  March  10,  1889.  Rev.  A.  J. 
Dyer,  Upton,  Mass. 

LAMOUREUX,  F.  GAINS, Roxton  Pond,  P.  Q. 

Taught  in  Colraine,  one  term;  Greenfield,  three  weeks  (substitute) ;  Deerfield 
grammar,  1879-81.  Removed  from  Canada  to  Massachusetts,  1865;  used  French 
till  seven  years  of  age. 

WINTER  TERM,    1878-79. 

COLE,  ESTELLE, Worthington. 

Taught  in  Longmeadow,  one  term.    Cummington. 
DONNER,  ALMA  A., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  West  Warren  and  Pittsfield.    Mrs.  G.  A.  Bottum,  Hinadale. 


EDWARDS,  ALICE  S., Westhamptou. 

Mrs.  Austin  Ly  man.  Easthampton,  Maes. 

GRANT,  EMMA  L., Westfleld. 

KING,  GINKVRA  J., Westhampton. 

OSGOOD,  JENNIK  M., Granby,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Montague  and  Cambridge.    Married  Arthur  Melville,  Boston. 

PARSONS,  SUSIE  E., Westhampton. 

Taught  in  Southampton,  one  year  and  two  months;  Northampton,  six  years 
and  one  term.  Married,  Oct.  10,  1888,  Edward  H.  Montague.  Westbampton, 

SHKPARD,  CARRIE  L.,* Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Lee,  one  term ;  Suflield,  Conn.,  five  terms.  Married,  Sept.  14, 1881, 
Dr.  D.  M.  Wilcox,  Lee.  Died  at  Lee,  of  consumption,  June  10,  1884. 

STARKWEATHER,  S.  ANNIE, Merrow  Station,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Warren,  Quincy  and  North  Andover,  Conn.;  Manchester,  Conn.; 
Yonkers,  N.  Y.;  in  all,  ten  years;  salutatorian.  Yonkers,  N.  Y. 

TOWER,  EVA  L., East  Windsor. 

Valedictorian;  taught  at  Stockbridge,  Cummington,  Montague  (high  school 
chiefly);  Gardner,  high  school;  Waltharu,  high  school;  in  all,  nine  years; 
at  Smith  College,  one  year;  Sauveur  summer  school,  two  years.  74  School 
Street,  Waltham. 

WOOD,  HATTIE  E., Springfield. 

WOODBURY,  DELPHIA  S., Wiuchendou. 

Taught  in  Winchendon,  Templeton,  Hubbardston,  Gardner,  Marlborough  and 
Brookfield;  in  all,  nine  years.  Brook  field,  Mass. 


ARNOLD,  LIZZIE  A., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  ten  years;   studied  music,  drawing  and  painting.     116 
Walnut  Street,  Holyoke,  Mass. 

BARROWS,  LIZZIE  B.,* Springfield. 

Died  at  Springfield,  January,  1881. 

BARTLETT,  LILLIAN  M., Springfield. 

BUCKLIN,  MARIA  A.,* Cheshire. 

Taught  in  New  Hampshire;  Pittefield,  Mass.    Married,  June  1,  1881,  Rev.  F. 
E.  Jenkins,  Charlton.    Died  in  Coventry,  Conn.,  September,  1882. 

CLEVELAND,  CLARA  M., Holyoke. 

CLARK,  MARY  A., Lee. 

Taught  in  Warren  and  Lee,  four  years;  stiuiied  stenography.    Married,  Sept. 
2,  1885,  Hubert  Judd.    174  Clermont  Avenue,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

COUCH,  ELLEN  J., Monigona,  lo. 

DONKERSLEY,  ELLEN  E., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Brimfield,  two  terms,  and  in  West  Springfield. 


GOULD,  EMMA  A.,   .  Hardwick. 

Taught  in  Hardwick,  one  year.  Married,  April  6, 1886,  John  H.  Ross.  Ware, 

HARMON,  MARTHA, Springfield 

Taught  in  Montague,  one  term;  Warren,  one  term;  Brimfield,  one  term; 
Springfield,  1881.  64  Spring  Street,  Springfield,  Mass. 

IRONS,  ELLEN, Cheshire. 

Taught  in  Tyringham,  one  term. 
McMAiN,  MINNIE  F., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Granby,  Conn.;  Westfield  high  school  till  1884.  Married  C.  N. 
Oakes  (normal) ;  studied  oil  painting,  etc.  Westfield. 

McCoy,  HANNAH  E.,       . Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke  to  1885.  Married,  December  29,  William  Slattery  (lawyer) . 
Holyoke,  Mass. 

MELCHER,  ANNIE,    .  Mittineagne. 

Taught  in  West  Springfield,  one  year  and  one  term.  Married,  Nov.  2,  1881, 
E.  F.  Cross,  D.D.8.;  one  child.  Mittineague,  Mass. 

MELLOWS,  GRACE,* Springfield. 

Taught  in  Granby,  Conn.,  five  years;  Pelham;  Longmeadow;  Hartford, 
Conn.;  studied  Latin  and  literature  to  fit  herself  for  special  work  in  higher 
grade  of  schools.  Died  in  Springfield,  May  27,  1889. 

NELSON,  EVA  J., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Montague,  two  terms;  Warren,  in  1881;  grammar  school,  Spring- 
field; promoted  to  high  school  department,  1889.  197  Hancock  Street,  Spring- 

SAVAGE,  ELLA  R., Hardwick. 

WILLARD,  MARY,     . Montpelier,  Vt. 

Taught  in  Montpelier,  two  years;  librarian  of  Montpelier  public  library,  three 
years.  68  Marlborough  Street,  Boston,  Mass. 

WOODS,  MARY  ¥., Brimfleld. 

Taught  in  Pittsfield,  one  year.  Married,  1880,  Arthur  A.  Upham.  Brimfield, 


Married,  Oct.  27, 1886,  Oliver  C.  Smith,  M.  D.,  Hartford,  Conn. 

BENNETT,  CHARLES  E., Cheshire. 

Taught  in  Lanesborough,  Adams  and  Pittsfield;  in  all, ten  years;  been  private 
tutor.    Married,  July  2, 1884,  Lucy  E.  Morin  of  Adams.    Pittsfleld,  Mass. 


Taught  in  Mankato,  Minn.,  two  years.    Married,  May  31,  1882,  Mary  E.  Shuk ; 
one  child,  who  died  February,  1889;  adopted  baby  girl.    Duluth,  Minn. 


WINTER  TERM,    1879-80. 

HEIDENRICH,  IDA  E., Westfteld. 

Taught  in  Feeding  Elills,  Enfleld  and  Westfield  to  1836,  — six  and  two-thirds 
years.  Married,  Jan.  20,  1886,  George  P.  Bailey,  M.D;  taught  private  school 
two  and  one-half  years.  46  Hilltnan  Street,  New  Bedford,  Mass. 

STEBBINS,  EVA  J., Northfleld. 

Taught  in  Northfield,  Central  Grammar  School,  three  years;  attended  North- 
field  seminary  for  music  and  painting;  been  bookkeeper,  and  is  organist. 
Northfield,  Mass. 

STEBBINS,  FRANCES  A., Springfield. 

Taught  in  East  Longmeadow,  Wilbraham  and  Springfield;  in  all,  seven  years. 
226  High  Street,  Springfield. 

ARNOLD,  BARTHOLOMEW,* East  Granville. 

Died,  July  3,  1887,  at  Ironton,  Auray  County,  Col. 

UPHAM,  ARTHUR  A., Royalaton. 

Taught  Brimfield  high  school,  eight  years;  Whitewater,  Wis.,  normal  school, 
one  year.  Married,  1880,  Mary  F.  Woods  (normal  graduate,  1879) ;  two  children. 


BISHOP,  JOSEPHINE  E., Cleveland,  O. 

Taught  in  Brimfield,  two  terms;  and  in  Cleveland,  O. 

DREW,  EMMA  I.,* Springfield. 

Left  school  several  weeks  before  close  of  school  —  summer  of  1880  (taking 
diploma)  — on  account  of  sickness.  Died,  July,  1880,  at  Ilyannis. 

EMERSON,  MARY  A., Hanover,  N.  II. 

Taught  in  West  Warren,  Chicopee  and  Springfield,  Mass.;  and  St.  Paul, 
Minn.;  is  taking  C.  L.  8.  C.,  and  has  done  work  in  literature.  79  West  Isabel 
Street,  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

FISK,  ABBIE  I., Greenfield. 

Two  and  one-half  years'  course.    Taught  at  Hoosick  Falls,  N.  Y. 

HALL,  ADA  S., Chelsea,  Vt. 

Taught  in  Chelsea,  Vt.,  one  term;  School  of  Observation,  assistant. 

HOOKER,  ELIZA  J., Springfield. 

HORRIGAN,  ELLEN  F., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfield. 


JILLSON,  ESTELLA  M.,* Fitchburg. 

Two  and  one-half  years'  course;  occupied  in  caring  for  her  mother  and 
sister  till  the  death  of  each ;  then  sick  with  consumption  herself  till  her  death, 
Sept.  19,  1886,  at  Waltham,  Mass. 


Valedictorian.  Taught  in  Westfleld  high  school;  studied  at  Wesleyan  Uni- 
versity. Married,  Dec.  7, 1887,  David  B.  Furber.  Westfleld,  Mass. 

MARSHALL,  ISABEL,*        .......         Mianus,  Conn. 

Died  Aug.  13,  1880. 

MITCHELL,  ALICE  W., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke. 

MORRISSEY,  JULIA  A.,* Westfield. 

Two  and  one-half  years'  course;  taught  in  School  of  Observation.    Deceased. 
PERRY,  LIZZIE  H.,   .        .*        .        .         .         .        .        .        .     Springfield. 

Taught  in  Westfleld;  School  of  Observation  (assistant),  three  years;  Spring- 
field, three  years;  as  substitute  in  Bridgewater  normal  school,  six  months; 
Chelsea,  one  year;  studied  in  Massachusetts  Normal  Art  School,  Boston;  super- 
visor of  drawing  in  Chelsea,  1889.  Ill  Pembroke  Street,  Boston,  Mass. 

SEARLE,  ROSA  E., Eastharapton. 

Taught  in  Eastharupton,  1880. 

SIMONS,  ANNIE  T., Longmeadow. 

Continued  study  at  normal  school  till  July,  1881;  taught  iuJIolyoke,  Mass.; 
Granby,  Conn.,  one  year.  Married,  Jan.  17, 1883,  Alvan  L.  Fowler  of  Westfleld, 
Mass.;  three  children.  Longmeadow,  Mass. 

SMITH,  AGNES  J.,    .        .        . Stockbridge. 

Taught  in  Florida,  Mass.,  three  years;  West  Stockbridge,  three  terms;  in  all, 
four  years;  1884-89,  Stockbridge  post  office  (two  years  as  assistant  and  three 
as  postmaster).  Stockbridge,  Mass. 

SMITH,  MARY  A., Glendale. 

Two  and  one-half  years'  course. 

STREETER,  CORA  M., Winsted,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Montague,  1880-84.  Married,  July,  1887,  H.  H.  Root.  Montague, 

WEEKS,  EMMA  L., Ware. 

Taught  in  Ware,  two  years.    Married,  Sept.  13,  1882,  Henry  O.  Robinson; 
two  children.    Ware,  Mass. 
WILSON,  JULIA  M., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  one  year.  Married,  Aug.  25, 1881,  Howard  Kendall;  one 
child.  43  North  Street,  Springfield,  Mass. 

DEAN,  SAMUEL  H., High  Bridge,  N.  J. 

Harvard  College  (Board  of  Education  scholarship),  two  years;  taught  iu 
Austin,  Tex.,  to  1886. 

SCOTT,  RUSSELL  L  , Westtield. 

Teller  in  First  National  Bank,  Westfield. 


WINTER  TERM,    1 880-81. 


EWING,  SARA  M., Southampton. 

Taught  in  Northampton  and  Haydenville,  two  years;  Southampton,  four 
yeara;  Florence,  Mass.,  five  years;  in  all,  eleven  years.  Southampton. 

EWING,  A.  JENNIE, Southampton. 

Taught  in  Southampton,  one  year;  Florence,  one  year  to  December,  1883;  at 
Brimfield,  one  term.  Married,  Dec.  13,  1883,  Charles  O.  Lyon;  two  children. 
Southampton,  Mass. 

GOULD,  ALICE  E., Hanover,  N.  H. 

Taught  in  Hanover,  N.H.,  one  year;  Lebanon,  N.  H.,  seven  years.  Lebanon, 
N.  H. 

HERRICK,  FLORENCE  M., Madison,  O. 

Taught  in  Brimfield,  one  year;  Warren,  one  year;  bookkeeper,  Warren,  to 
1886.  Married,  October,  1886,  Edward  J.  Spencer,  Warren,  Mass. 

JOHNSON,  BELLE, Warrensville,  O. 

Taught  in  Cleveland,  O. 
MAYO,  REBECCA  S*., Winchendon. 

Taught  in  Egremont,  two  terms;  Brimfield,  two  terms;  South  Natick,  assist- 
ant in  grammar  school ;  nine  years  in  all.  South  Natick,  Mass. 

MORRIS,  J.  LIZZIE, Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Tyringham,  one  year;  Dalton,  one  year;  Brattleboro,  Vt.,  one 
year.  Married,  Oct.  29, 1884,  Charles  A.  Harris;  one  son.  Music  and  painting 
in  oils  have  been  her  special  studies  since  graduating.  Brattleboro,  Vt. 

POMEROY,  ALICE  L.,* Easthampton. 

Taught  in  Granville,  one  term;  Berkshire,  one  term;  Dalton  and  Holyoke  to 
1886;  Westfield,  1888.  Married,  Aug.  10,  1886,  Charles  C.  Porter  of  Weetfield. 
Died  at  Westfield,  Feb.  2,  1889. 


BROWN,  ELLA  S., Dalton. 

Taught  in  Miller's  Falls,  Tyringham  and  Pittsfield  to  1884;  State  Institute  for 
Feeble-minded  Children,  Lincoln,  111.,  1884.    Lincoln,  111. 

Fox,  AGNES  M.,  . West  Springfield. 

Taught  in  West  Springfield,  1881. 

FOLEY,  NELLIE  E.,  .  Mittineague. 

Taught  in  West  8pi infield,  1881. 


GLADWIX,  HELEN  P., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Montague,  1881-82;  Westfield,  1883-86.  Married,  Oct.  14,  1886, 
Charles  8.  Plumb;  two  children.  Knoxville,  Tenn. 

HARRIS,  PRISCILLA  E., Westfield. 

Taught  in  Montague,  one  and  one-half  terms;  telegraph  operator  at  Chester, 
Westfield  and  Hartford,  Conn.  Married,  Feb.  2, 1886,  James  L.  Root,  Jr.  1323 
Chapel  Street,  New  Haven,  Conn. 

HAYDEN,  LIZZIE, Westfield. 

Taught  in  Westfleld,  four  and  one-half  years.  Married  J.  Vaughn ;  one  child. 
Bradford,  Mass. 

HOISINGTON,  ETTA  A., West  Springfield. 

Taught  in  West  Springfield,  seven  years.    Merrick,  Mass. 

KENYON,  ESTELLA  F., Woodstock  Valley,  Conn. 

Taught  In  Wilbraham,  Mass. ;  Thomaston,  Conn. ;  Southbridge,  Mass. ;  Wood- 
stock, Conn.,  five  years  and  one  term.  Married,  June  22, 1887,  Sabin  8.  Carpen- 
ter; one  son.  Putnam,  Conn. 

LUDDINGTON,  BATHE  A., New  Haven,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Turner's  Falls,  two  terms;  North  Adams,  training  school,  one 
year;  New  Haven,  two  months;  normal  school,  training  department,  at  New 
Britain,  Conn.,  1883.  New  Britain,  Conn. 

PYLES,  MARIAN, Washington,  D.  C. 

Valedictorian.  Taught  normal  school,  Randolph,  Vt.,  1881-82;  Chicago,  1882 
to  Jan.,  1883;  treasury  department,  Washington,  D.  C.,  six  years;  studied 
chemistry  and  medicine,  1886-88;  graduated  from  Howard  University,  Wash- 
ington, D.  C.,  1888;  attending  (1889)  medical  lectures,  Columbia  College, 
Washington,  D.C.;  taken  Chautauqua  course  (diploma),  four  years;  studied 
stenography.  Revenue  marine  division,  treasury  department,  Washington,  D.  C. 

RuDDy,  LUCY  E., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  two  years;  Los  Angeles,  Cal.,  two  years.  Married  E.  E. 
Ilarriman,  June,  1888.  Box  17,  Station  B,  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

STEVENS,  ELLA, Hoosic  Falls,  N.  Y. 

Taught  in  West  Stockbridge,  1882;  Hampden,  1883.    Pittsfield. 

SULLIVAN,  JOANNA  R., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke  (Sargent  Street),  eight  years.    31  East  Street,  Holyoke. 

THURSTON,  CARRIE  A., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Enfield  and  Springfield. 


BROWN,  GEORGE  M. North  Dana. 

Salutatorian.  Taught  in  Hubbardston,  one  term;  Cheshire,  to  1883;  student 
at  Harvard  scientific  school,  two  years;  laboratory,  assistant  Prof.  Michael, 
Tufts  College.  Tufts  College,  Somerville,  Mass. 

TOWNEND,  SHELLEY  K., Florence. 

Taught  in  Egremont,  three  terms;  Sunderland,  one  term;  West  Stockbridge, 
April,  1883.  Fitchburg. 


WINTER  TERM,    1881-82. 

ASHLEY,  IDA  C.,' Westfleld. 

Taught  in  high  school,  Milford,  Mass.,  and  in  Minneapolis,  Minn.  802  3d 
Avenue  South,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

BOONE,  JENNIE  A., West  Meriden,  Conn. 

Took  advanced  course;  taught  in  Meriden,  Conn.,  high  school  (Latin,  Greek 
and  drawing),  seven  years.  13  Columbia  Street,  Meriden,  Conn. 


MANGAN,  LUCY,* Pittsfleld. 

Taught  in  Pittsfleld  to  1886.  Died  of  inflammatory  rheumatism,  March  10, 

WALTON,  LILLIAN  M., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  West  Stockbridge. 

WILDER,  FANNY  A., East  Charlemont. 

Taught  in  West  Warren,  parts  of  two  terms.  Married,  Dec.  4,  1882,  J.  F. 
Brown  of  Fitchburg;  lived  in  Fitchburg  till  February,  1889,  when  moved  to 
Newton;  Ralph  Wilder  Brown,  born  May  31,  1885;  Karl  Fenner  Brown,  May 
30,  1887.  18  Baldwin  Street,  Newton. 



BACHELER,  ALICE, Whitinsville. 

Taught  in  Northbridge  and  Whitinsville,  two  and  one-half  years.  Married, 
December,  1885,  Charles  B.  Gore  (normal);  two  children.  1043  3d  Avenue, 
New  York  City. 

BARTLETT,  THERESA  C., East  Windsor,  Conn. 

Taught  in  SntVield,  Conn.;  Greenwich,  West  Brookfleld  and  Cambridge;  in 
all,  seven  years.  Harvard  School,  Cambridge,  Mass. 

BARTLKTT,  MABEL  C., East  Windsor,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Egremont,  one  term;  Greenwich  and  North  Brookfleld,  Mass.; 
South  Windsor,  Conn.;  Vernon,  Vt.;  East  Windsor,  Conn.;  four  years.  East 
Windsor.  Conn. 

BROWN,  ANNA  P., Mount  Hope,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Granby,  Conn.,  Montague  and  Whitinsville,  Mass.,  Lake  Geneva, 
Wis.,  Springfield,  Mass.;  in  all,  six  and  one-half  years.  184  Chestnut  Street, 
Springfield,  Mass. 



Taught  in  Westford,  Mass.,  and  Manchester,  N.  H.,  seven  years.  104  Lowell 
Street,  Manchester,  N.  H. 

DRENNING,  FRANCES  S., Greenfield. 

Valedictorian.    Taught.    Married. 

OILMAN,  ADDIE  T., Winsted,  Conn. 

Taughtin  West  Stockbridge,  Mass.;  West  Stratford  and  Stratford, Conn.;  teach- 
ing in  Hartford  (north  school),  Conn.,  in  1889;  in  all,  six  years.  Hartford,  Conn. 

IRWIN,  ELIZABETH  M., Northampton. 

Taught  in  Northampton,  1882. 

LYNCH,  BRIDGET,* Holyoke. 

Died  of  consumption  at  Holyoke,  Feb.  9, 1887. 

MANSFIELD,  HATTIE  E., Westfield. 

Taught  in  Montague,  two  years;  Winchester,  two  years.  Married,  Oct.  7, 
1886,  John  N.  Mason.  Winchester,  Mass. 

MINER,  IDA  E. , West  Leydeu. 

Greenfield,  Mass. 

MORIARTY,  MARY  A., Granby. 

MOSELEY,  CARRIE  A., Westfield. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  five  terms;  Granby,  Conn.,  two  terms;  Northampton, 
two  terms;  in  all,  three  years.  Married,  Jan.  3,  1888,  Godfrey  Haas.  66 
Brinkerhoff  Avenue,  Utica,  N.  Y. 

MURPHY,  ELIZABETH  F., Westfield. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  seven  years.    Box  513,  Westfield,  Mass. 

NEWELL,  ANNIE  B., Springfield. 

Salutatorian.  Taught  in  Chicopee  Falls,  one  year;  Springfield,  two  years. 
Married,  October,  1885,  Edwin  J.  Smith;  one  child.  108  Franklin  Street, 

PILLSBURY,  ANNETTE  E., Montclair,  N.  J- 

82d  East  81st  Street,  New  York. 

BAND  ALL,  ELLEN  C., Westfield. 

REARDON,  JOSIE  A Holyoke. 

WELLER,  CARRIE  C., Westfield. 

Taught  in  Orange,  high  school,  five  years.  Married,  Nov.  19,  1884,  George 
Everett  Bates.  Orange,  Mass. 

DIGNAM,  MICHAEL  A., Lawrence. 

Studied  in  New  York  college  of  dentistry;  Boston  dental  college;  practised 
dentistry;  D.D.S.    295  Essex  Street,  Lawrence,  Mass. 
SMITH,  ABRAM  T., Rockaway,  L.  I. 

Studied  in  preparatory  schools,  Troy  and  New  York  City;  graduated  from 
advanced  course;  taught  in  Long  Island,  one  term;  Franklin,  N.  J.,  and  Can- 
ton, Mass.    Canton,  Mass. 
WHITE,  MARCUS Farnumsville. 

Taught  in  Holden;  Enfield  high  school,  1883-85;  studied  at  Oberlin  College, 
1882;  graduated  at  Wesleyan  University,  1888;  taught  in  William  Penn  Charter 
School,  Philadelphia,  Penn.,  1888-89.  1735  Pine  Street,  Philadelphia,  Penn. 


WINTER  TERM,    1882-83. 

BARDIN,  ANGIK  E., Dalton. 

Taught  in  Dalton,  1883-84;  Westfield  State  Normal  School  till  June  29, 1886, 
taking  then  second  diploma;  taught  in  Southampton,  Pittsfield  and  Needham  ;  in 
all,  four  years;  studied  stenography  at  Albany  Business  College,  four  months. 

BURR,  MARIA  L., Holyoke. 

Married,  Dec.  25,  1883,  Caseius  8.  Lyman;  two  children.  Thompsonville, 

HARDING,  EMILY  T., Norfolk,  Conn. 

KNOWLES,  CAROLINE  K., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  General  Armstrong's  school,  Hampton,  Va.,  five  years;  Mr. 
Moody's  school,  Mt.  Hermon,  Mass.,  1888.  Mt.  Hermon,  Mass. 

MILLS,  MARGARET  T., Springfield. 

HEED,  LOTTIE  M., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  East  Longmeadow,  Somers,  Three  Rivers,  Springfield, 
four  and  one-half  years.  44  Spruce  Street,  Springfield,  Mass. 

ROTH,  HATTIE  A.  P., Hinsdale. 

Taught  in  Pittsfield,  Mass.,  one  term;  principal  grammar  school,  Stonington, 
Conn.,  one  year;  West  Springfield,  one  term;  principal  Shaw  Intermediate 
School,  Wellesley;  principal  Lincoln  school,  Somerville,  1887-89.  Principal  of 
city  training  school,  Newburyport,  1889. 

STEVKNS,  NETTIE  M., Westford. 

Taught  in  Lebanon,  N.  II.,  one  year;  Westford,  Mass,  district  school,  one  year; 
Westford  academy,  four  and  one-half  years.  Amherst  summer  school,  1886. 

COUCH,  ALMON  W., Lawrence- 


CLARK,  ELLA  F., Sheffield. 

Taught  in  Sheffield,  Mass.;  Dover  Plains,  N.  Y.;  Salisbury, Conn.;  inall.five 
years;  C.  L.  8.  C. 

COBB,  MARY  E., Florence. 

Taught  in  Northampton,  one  year;  entered  Smith  college,  1885 ;  graduated 
from  music  course,  1888,  degree  Mus.B.;  studied  German,  two  years;  Latin,  etc. 
Four  years' course;  teaching  music  in  Florence,  Mass.,  1889.  Florence,  Mass. 

CROSS,  ESTHER  H., Greenfield. 

Taught  in  Enfield,  one  and  one-quarter  years;  Orange.  Married  at  Greenfield, 
Dec.  24, 1884,  Charles  F.  Dow ;  three  children.  Orange,  Maes. 



Taught  in  Holyoke,  five  years.  Married,  Aug.  29,  1888,  M.  J.  Griffin.  17 
Brooks  Avenue,  Holyoke. 

GIBBS,  KATE  F.,  . Westfleld. 


Taught  in  Fitchburg  to  1887;  member  normal  school,  summer  term,  1887;  taught 
in  Montclair,  N.  J.  Married,  March  5,  1890,  Edw.  W.  Raymond,  Boston,  Mass. 

HINDS,  JESSIE  E., Hempstead,  L.  I. 

Taught  in  Hampton  Institute.    Married. 

HOWES,  GERTRUDE  E., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Ashford,  four  years;  C.  L.  8.  C.,  class  of  1889.    Ashfield,  Mass. 

INGALLS,  MAY  D., Cheshire. 

LOWREY,  FANNIE  S., ,        .    North  Egremont. 

Taught  in  Alford,  one  year;  West  Stockbridge,  three  terms;  North  Egre- 
mont, one  and  one-half  years;  Tarrytown  Heights,  N.  Y.,  two  and  one-half 
years;  in  all,  six  years.  Tarrytown  Heights,  N.  Y. 

LOWREY,  MRS.  S.  B., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Granby,  Conn.,  one  year;  Westfleld  (Green  district),  five  years; 
attended  young  ladies'  school,  Philadelphia,  Penn.;  studied  music,  German, 
French,  Latin,  painting  in  oil,  etc.  Married,  1871,  Arthur  Lowrey  of  New  York; 
Oct.  5,  1888,  Willard  M.  Hatch ;  one  child,  Mabel  E.  Lowrey.  32  Summer  Street, 
Hartford,  Conn. 

MANN,  B,  REGINA Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke  grammar  school,  six  years.  35  Hampden  Street,  Holyoke, 

MORROW,  JENNIE  A., Pittsfleld. 

Taught  in  Pittsfield  till  1885.  Married,  Jan.  19, 1885,  Hudson  Maxim.  Box 
1029,  Pittsfield,  Mass. 

MURPHY,  ANNA  M., West  Springfield. 

NOBLE,  ISABELLA  P., East  Saginaw,  Mich. 

SESSIONS,  ELIZABETH, South  Wilbraham. 

SMITH,  EVANGELINE, Brattleboro,  Vt. 

Taught  in  Becket  and  Huntington,  three  years;  C.  L.S.  C.,oue  year.    Married,  1887, 
William  Benton  Barlow ;  two  children.    Peru,  Mass. 

TAFT,  NORA, Brattleboro,  Vt. 

TENDLER,  ANNIE  M., Cambridge. 

Taught  in  Cambridge,  September,  1883,  to  February,  1887.  Married,  Feb.  17, 
1887,  Rev.  E.  P.  Hoyt;  two  children.  Lake  Village,  N.  H. 


EWINS  GEORGE  S., Salem,  N.  H. 

GRIFFIN,  HENRY  P  , Granby,  Conu. 

Taught  in  Stockbridge,  two  years;  in  St.  Luke's  school,  Bustleton,  Philadel- 
phia, Penn.,  1888;  attended  Wesleyan  University,  1884;  graduated,  class  of  1888, 
from  Latin  scientific  course.  Peekskill,  N.  Y. 

PHILLIPS,  JAMES  S., Millville. 

SEARS,  CHARLES  H., •        •        Brewster. 

Taught  in  normal  school,  Cheshire,  Penn. 


WINTER  TERM,    1883-84. 

BURROUGHS,  HELEN  L., Westfleld. 

Left  school  to  teach  In  spring  of  1880 ;  returned;  taught  three  years ;  graduated 
January,  1884.  Married,  February,  1884,  W.  H.  Durang  of  East  Hartford,  Conn. 
Lansingburgh,  N.  Y. 

DEWEY,  JULIA, Sheffield. 

HOLLISTER,  ANNIE  E., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfield  to  spring  of  1886.  Married  Russell  L.  Scott  (normal), 
Oct.  13,  1886.  Westfield." 

HUMPAGE,  FLORENCE  B., Springfield. 

16  Marble  Street. 

LAWLEY,  MARY  E., Williamsburg. 

Taught  four  years  before  graduation  and  five  years  since  graduation.  266 
Maple  Street,  Holyoke,  Mass. 

Low,  ANNA  S., Westfleld. 

Columbia  College;  grammar  school,  New  York. 

MINER,  ALICE  B., West  Leyden. 

Taught  in  Greenfield,  three  years.  Married,  July  26,  1888,  James  Simpson  of 
New  York.  75  East  113th  Street,  New  York. 


BOURNE,  ANNIE  A., Lenox. 

Studied  at  the  normal  school,  1884-85;  taught  in  Hatfield  and  West  Brookfield. 
Married,  1887,  Benjamin  F.  Moore.  Riverside,  Cal. 

BOURNE,  MINNIE  E., Lenox. 

BROOKS,  HARRIET  F., North  Adams. 

Taught  in  North  Adams,  four  years.    17  Frederick  Street,  North  Adams. 

BROWN,  LILLIAN  A.,* Springfield. 

Taught  three  years  in  Springfield.  Married  Henry  N.  Bowman.  Died  of 
consumption  Aug.  8, 1888. 

CARR,  BERTHA  M., Whitinsville. 

Taught  in  Northbridge  to  December,  1887.  Married,  Jan.  18,  1888,  Arthur 
DeWitt  Mclnty  re .  Putnam ,  Conn. 

DAWLEY,  SARA  J., Whitinsville. 

Taught  in  Whitinsville  since  graduation  in  1884;  C.  L.  8.  C.,  three  years. 

DOWNEY,  ANNA  M., East  Granville. 

Taught  in  Russell  and  Granby,  five  years;  continued  study  in  English  litera- 
ture, music,  history  and  methods  of  teaching;  written  exercises  for  school  use, 
occasional  poems,  etc.  Granby,  Mass. 


DOWNEY,  ELLA  J East  Granville. 

Taught  in  Westfield  from  1885,  four  years.    Westfield,  Mass. 

FREEMAN,  MARY  G., Mill  River. 

Taught  in  Montague,  three  and  one-half  years;  Attleborough,  one-half  year; 
Great  Barrington,  one  and  one-half  years. 

HOFMAYER,  ANNIE  A., Stockb ridge. 

Taught  in  Turner's  Falls,  two  years;  Whitinsville,  three  years;  C.  L.8.  C., 
three  years.    Whitinsville,  Mass. 

HOWES,  ELIZA  B., Westfleld. 


HUMPHREY,  LOUISE  S., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfleld,  1884-89.    22  Washington  Street,  Westfleld,  Mass. 
JUDD,  MARY  B., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Winthrop  and   Thompsonville,  Conn.;    East    Longmeadow  and 
Springfield,  Mass.;  in  all,  four  years.    37  Central  Street. 

LEARNED,  MINNIE  M. .        .        .         Florence. 

Taught  in  Bay  State  schools,  four  years;  resigned  on  account  of  poor  health; 
bookkeeper  for  Palmer  Wire  Manufacturing  Company,  Palmer,  Mass. 

MCCARTHY,  BRIDGET, South  William.stown. 

Taught  in  Williamstown,  three  years. 
McCLiNTOCK,  ANNIE  E., Indian  Orchard. 

Taught  in  Ludlow,  one  year;  in  Springfield,  four  years.    Married,  Aug.  7, 
1886,  James  B.  Haviland.    Ludlow. 

MAHONEY,  CATHARINE  A., South  Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  four  years.    269  Park  Street,  Holyoke,  Mass. 
TILTON,  HELENS., South  Deerfleld. 

Taught  in  Deerfield,  Whitinsville  and  Springfield;  in  all,  four  years.     184 
Chestnut  Street,  Springfield,  Mass. 

WINTER  TERM,    1884-85. 

ABBE,  FLORENCE  E., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Chicopee,  three  years;  Adams,  one  year.    Adams,  Mass. 

BARTLETT,  ANNA  C., Con  way. 

Taught  in  Conway,  one  year.    Conway,  Mass. 

COOK,  LUELLA Sheffield. 

Taught  In  Ludlow,  Sheffield  and  Auburndale,  Mass.,  and  Plainrteld,  N.  J., 
four  years.  129  Central  Avenue,  Plainfield,  N.  J. 

GILBERT,  NELLIE Chicopee  Falls. 

Taught  in  Chicopee  and  Springfield,  four  yi-am.  Husband  died  before  she 
entered  school;  brought  her  only  child,  who  died  afterward,  nine  years  old. 
Chicopee  Falls. 

126               STATE  NORMAL  SCHOOL,  WESTFIELD. 
LEE,  GRACE, Sheffield. 

Taught  In  Montague  and  Turner's  Falls;  Riverton,  Conn.;  Wlnsted,  Conn.; 
in  all,  more  than  four  years.    West  Winsted,  Conn. 

MORRISSEY,  ANNA  C., Westfleld. 

O'CONNELL,  MARY, Holyoke. 

Tanght  in  Holyoke. 

O'NEILL,  ELIZABETH  M., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  four  years.    183  Chestnut  Street. 


CHAPIN,  LIZZIE  A., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  Montague  and  Newton;  in  all,  sis  years.  289  Walnut 
Street,  Holyoke. 

DAVIDSON,  NELLIE  R.,    . West  Springfield. 

Taught  in  West  Springfield,  four  years. 

ELY,  GRACE  R., Westfield. 

Taught  in  Turner's  Falls,  one  and  one-half  years ;  North  Attleborough,  two 
and  one-half  years.  West  Attleborough,  Mass. 

FRONK,  ANNA  F., Springfield. 

HOLCOMB,  HATTIE  A., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  four  years. 

HUTCHINS,  EMMA, Westmoreland,  N.  H. 

Taught  in  Orange,  one  term;  Turner's  Falls;  Chesterfield  and  Westmoreland, 
N.  H.,  eight  years.  Turner's  Falls,  Mass. 

LAWS,  MARA  E North  Chester,  Vt. 

Taught  two  years  before  graduation  and  three  years  and  one  term  since 
graduation:  at  Hinsdale,  N.  H.;  Westminster,  Mass.;  Ludlow,  Mass.;  North 
Pownal,  Vt.  North  Chester,  Windsor  County,  Vt. 

MARTINDALE,  JULIA  B., Greenfield. 

Taught  in  West  Boylston,  Northampton,  Mans.,  and  Great  Neck,  N.  Y.,  three 
years.  Great  Neck,  N.  Y. 

WALKLEY,  ALICE  M., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfield. 

COURTNEY,  SAMUEL  E., Maiden,  West  Va. 

Taught  in  Tuskegee  (Ala.)  normal  school,  three  years;  entered  Harvard 
Medical  School,  1888.  Harvard  Medical  School,  Cambridge,  Mass. 

NUNN,  PAUL  N., Lowell. 

Received  credit  for  most  things  in  course  on  certificate  from  E.A.Sheldon, 
Uswego  normal  school;  taught  in  Cheshire,  one  year;  in  Barnstable,  two-thirds 
of  a  year;  taken  course  in  "normal  music  series  and  methods."  Now  in  busi- 
ness in  Lowell,  Mass.  Married,  June,  1886,  Agnes  A.  Geddes.  46  Merrimac 
Street,  Lowell,  Mass. 


WINTER  TERM,    1885-86. 

ALLEN,  ETTA  A., West  Springfield. 

Taught  in  Granville,  one  and  one-half  years. 
DEAN,  SARA  E., Muncy,  Pa. 

Taught  in  Texas,  one  term;  North  Carolina,  one  year;  Bloomfleld,  N.  J.,  one 
year ;  Plainfield,  N.  J.,  1888-  ;  course  in  training  school,  Charlotte,  N.  C., "  under 
one  of  Parker's  men;"  German,  one  year,  under  Professor  Bacon,  Newark, 
N.  J.;  Berlitz  School,  one  year;  kindergarten  course;  C.  L.  8.  C.  for  1889. 
129  Central  Avenue,  Plainfield,  N.  J. 

ELY,  EMMA  N., Chicopee. 

Taught  in  West  Springfield,  four  years  and  two  terms.  Box  49,  Chicopee,  Mass. 
FARRELL,  ANNA  E., Westfield. 

Taught  in  Westfleld,  four  years;  studied  stenography,  German  and  French. 

HASTINGS,  GRACE  L., Southwick. 

Taught  in  Westfield  (East  Farms),  one  year;  Green  district,  two  and  one- 
half  years.  • 

HENRY,  JULIA  S., Waterbury,  Vt. 

Taught  in  Hoosick  Falls,  six  months;  Hartford,  Conn.,  1886.  203  Sigourney 
Street,  Hartford,  Conn. 

LANGDON,  JENNIE  E., Monterey. 

Taught  in  Auburn,  Mass.,  two  years;  Turner's  Falls,  one  year.  Turner's 
Falls,  Mass. 

MARTIN,  MARY  A., Willimantic,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Chester;  in  Willimantic,  seven  years.    Willimantic,  Conn. 

McSHEEHY,  ESTHER  C., Whitinsville. 

Taught  in  Whitinsville,  three  years. 

NORTON,  SARA  E., Westfield. 

Taught  in  Granville,  Wilbraham,  Montgomery  and  Florida,  Mass.;  in  all,  nine 
terms.  Married. 

NUGENT,  MARY  E., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  three  years.    137  Walnut  Street,  Holyoke. 


RAMAGE,  LUCY  B., Holyoke. 

REDWOOD,  MAUD  A., South  Lawrence. 

Four  years'  course;  taught  in  Orange  and  West  Springfield. 

ROBERTS,  CORA  L Riverton,  Conn. 

Taught  in  West  Brookfield,  Mass.,  one  year;  Falmouth,  Mass.,  two  years. 
Falmouth,  Mass. 
SCAGEL,  FLORA,        . Waterbury,  Vt. 

Taught  in  Chester,  Mass.,  and  in  Richmond,  Vt.,  more  than  two  years.  Rich- 
mond, Vt. 

WENTWORTH,  ELLA  M., Hinsdale. 

Taught  in  Hinsdale,  Mass.,  and  Vergennes,  Vt.,  live  years.    Vergennes,  Vt. 




BENOIT,  SELENA  F., Springfield. 

CLARK,  MARY  D., Blandford. 

Taught  In  West  Stockbridge,  Granville  and  Northfleld,  three  years.  Blandford. 
COCK,  LILA, Hampton,  Va. 

Taught  at  home  a  year  before  her  last  in  normal  school;  taught  three  years 
steadily  in  public  schools  of  Virginia  and  one  year  "  substitute  teaching."  Mar- 
ried John  Robinson,  Hampton,  Va. 

DAY,  JENNIE  M Westtleld. 

Taught  in  Westfleld. 

DEAN,  MARY  E., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Granby,  Conn.,  and  Northampton,  Mass.,  two  years.  37  Monroe 
Street,  Northampton,  Mass. 

DEMOND,  CORA  J., West  Springfield. 

Taught  in  Huntington  and  West  Springfield,  two  and  one-half  years.  West 
Springfield,  Mass.  • 

GREENE,  MARY  E., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  1886-    .    Box  640,  Westfield,  Mass. 


Taught  in  Holyoke,  three  years.    17  Brooks  Avenue,  Holyoke. 

HANNIFEN,  BRIDGET  E. , Springfield. 

HERRICK,  EFFIE  M.,        , Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Palmer,  North  Attleborough  and  Newtonville,  two  and  one-half 
years.  Newtonville,  Mass. 

HOWLAND,  ELIZA  A., Conway. 

Taught  in  Montague,  two  years;  Owatonna,  Minn.,  one  term.  Box  28,  Owa- 
tonna,  Minn. 

INGRAM,  FANNIE  F., Montague. 

JEFFERS,  FANNIE  H., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Westfield,  School  of  Observation,  1886. 

MERRICK,  LIZZIE  J., West  Springfield. 

Taught  in  West  Springfield,  three  years  and  one  term.    Merrick,  Mass. 

MERRITT,  ANNIE  C., Haydenville. 

Taught  in  absence  from  school;  taught,  after  graduation,  in  Turner's  Falls 
•and  Newton. 

NOBLE,  MARY, East  Saginaw,  Mich. 

Taught  in  Orange  and  Newton. 

O'DONNELL,  MARY  T Holyoke. 

25  Chestnut  Street,  Holyoke,  Mass. 

OSBORNE,  HELEN  C., Alford. 



READ,  LIZZIE  E., Orange. 

Taught  in  Warwick,  Mass  ,  one  term;  in  South  Attleborough,  1888.     South 
Attlehorongh,  Mass. 

REARDON,  ANNIE  M.,  .        .        .        .        .        .        .          Holyoke. 

Taught    in    Holyoke    grammar    school,   three    years.      22  Hampden   Street, 
Holyoke,  Mass. 

STODDARD,  JESSIE  D., Westflekl. 

Taught  three  years  to  1889.    Chicopee  Falls,  Mass. 
SULLIVAN,  MARY  E., Chicopee. 

Taught  in  Chicopee,  one  year;  Willimansett,  two  years.    Willimansett,  Mass. 

WHITTAKER,  JENNIE  E .,.        .......         Chicopee. 

Taught  in  Windsor,  Mass,  two  years;  Miller's  Falls,  one  year.    Miller's  Falls, 

WOODWARD,  DORA  F., Sharon,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Montague  and  Turner's  Falls,  three  years. 

MURPHY,  WILLIAM  L. ,    .         .        .        .        .        .        .    West  Springfield. 

Taught  in  West  Stockbridge,  one  year;    Westborough,  two  years.    West- 
borough,  Mass. 

SEDGWICK,  HUBERT  M., Bondsville. 

Taught  in  Palmer;  principal  of  Bondsville  grammar  school,  one  year.    Bonds- 
ville, Mass. 

WINTER  TERM,    1886-87. 

BOYCE,  N.  GERTRUDE, Orange. 

Valedictorian.    Married,  July,  1888,  Edward  Dexter.    Black  River,  N.  Y. 

DIMOCK,  CLARA  G., Westflekl. 

Taught  in  Buckland,  one  term  ;  student  in  normal  art  school,  1887-89.    Pratt's 
art  school,  Brooklyn. 

DONAHUE,  MARY  A., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  two  years.    56  Centre  Street,  Holyoke. 

ELMORE,  EMMA  R., Rocky  Hill,  Conn. 

Remained  one  term  after  graduating;   has  taught  in  Hartford,  Conn.,  two 
years.    27  Seyms  Street,  Hartford,  Conn. 

GRAVES,  CLARA  M. Southampton. 

Taught  in  Windsor,  Mass.,  two  terms;    in  Southampton,  four  terms;    in 
Miller's  Falls,  Mass. 

McKEE,  ANNIE  R., •    West  Springfield. 

SPENCER,  LUCY  E., New  Lebanon,  N.  Y. 

Taught  two  years  at  Williamstown,  Mass. 

TIFFANY,  NELLIE  F, Bennington,  Vt. 




AYERS,  MARY  E., Brattleboro,  Vt. 

Taught  at  Montague  City,  Mass.,  two  years. 

BAILEY,  ELLA  M., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Huntington,  four  terms;  in  Rockport,  two  terms,    llockport,  Mans. 

BLAKESLEE,  CARRIE  E., Westfleld. 


Taught  in  Wales  and  Monson,  five  years.    Box  114,  Monson,  Mass. 

CURRAN,  ELLEN  M., Holyoke. 

DONOGIIUE,  MARY  A., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  one  and  one-half  years.    240  Maple  .Street,  Holyoke. 

FERRY,  ETTA  I., Brimflekl. 

HALL,  CLARA  LOUISE, Ashfleld. 

Taught  in  Montclair,  N.  J.,  two  years.    Montelair,  N.  J. 

PALMER,  AGNES  L., Southfleld. 

Taught  in  Unionville,  Conn.,  1887-89.    Southfield,  Berkshire  County,  Mass. 

PKTTIS,  CHARLOTTE  E., Westfleld. 

Graduated  from  four  years' course,  1887;  taught  in  Smith  academy,  Hatfield, 
Mass.  Married,  1889,  Prof.  William  F.  Orr  of  high  school,  Springru-ld,  Mass. 

SACKETT,  CLARA  B Westfleld. 

Taught  jn  Ludlow,  one  year;  Whitinsville,  1888 ;.C.  L.  S.  C.,  two  years. 
Care  Jerome  Prentice,  Whitinsville,  Mass. 

STACY,  ALZADA  L., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Springfield,  two  years.    334  Worthington  Street,  Springfield,  Mass. 

STREKT,  ANNIE  M.,          .......     Ellington,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Enfield,  Conn.;  Williamstown  and  East  Longmeadow,  two  years. 
East  Longmeadow,  Mass. 

TIERNEY,  CATHARINE  A., Westfleld. 

VILAS,  FANNY  M., Alstead,  N.  H. 

Taught  in  New  Braintree  and  Springfield,  two  years.  36  High  Street,  Spring- 
field, Mass. 

WALKER,  MARY  A.,         ........          Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  one  year.  Married,  .Tuly,  1888,  M.  P.  Conway,  music 
dealer,  193  High  Street,  Holyoke,  Mass. 

WATERMAN,  MARTHA  L  ,         .  .....        Westfleld. 

Entered  as  special  pupil;  afterward  entered  the  regular  course;  and  graduated 
1887.  Smith  college  art  school,  1889.  .Married,  Oct.  9,  1889,  Dr.  James  S. 
Clark,  Westfield,  Mass. 


Taught  in  Adams,  1887.    Box  1026,  Adams,  Mass. 


BUTTS,  WILLIAM  H., New  Bedford. 

Taught  in  Riverton,  Neb  ,  high  school,  two  years;  iu  Appleton,  Wis.    Apple- 

WINTER  TERM,    1887-88. 

BALLOU,  SAKAII  E.,          . Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Sundcrland  and  Holyoke,  one  year.    No.  5  John  Street,  Holyoke, 

BRIDGMAN,  MYRA  B., Florence. 

Taught  in  Worthington  and  Williamsburg,  one  year.     Williamsburg,  Mass. 

CHASE,  LTLLIE, Florence. 

Taught  iu  Florence,  1888.    Florence,  Mass. 

PARSONS,  JENNIE  C., Agawam. 

Taught  in  West  Suflleld,  one  term  ;   East  Longmeadow,  two  terms.    Box  89, 
Springfield,  Mass. 

SANKORD,  A.  LULU, Westfleld. 

Taught  in  North  Leverctt,  one  term;  Westfield,  three  terras. 

SCOLLEY,   EMMA  G  , Holyoke. 

SUMMER  TERM,    1888. 

BOEHM,  ELIZABETH  M., Fitchburg. 

Taught  in  Fitchburg,  1888-89.    15  Rollstone  Street,  Fitchburg,  Mass. 

CLAPP,  SUSIE  M., Westhampton. 

Married,  November,  1889,  Mr.  Lyman,  Westhampton,  Mass. 

COLLOPY,  ALICE  G., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  one  year.    97  Kim  Street,  Holyoke,  Mass. 

COOPER,  JESSIE  M., Stockbridge. 

Taught  in  Stockbridge,  Masn. 

COUCH,  EMMA  L., Hampton,  Va. 

Taught  iu  Hampton,  Va.,  one  year. 

DONAHUE,  NOHA  A  , •      Springfield. 

ELWELL,  HATTIB  M.,       .         .      %.  -  Springfield. 

Taught  in  Springfield,  one  year.    49  Broad  Street,  Springfield,  Mass. 

FISKE,  ETTA  P., •       Greenfield. 

Taught  at  Montclair,  N.  J.,  1889.    Hillside  House,  Mpntclair,  N.  J. 


FOSTKH,  DELLIE  P., Royalston. 

Taught,  before  entering  school,  in  Uoyalston,  two  terms;  since  graduation,  in 
Greenfield,  one  year.    Greenfiel  1,  MUSB. 

GLADWIN,  ISABEL  W., Westfleld. 

Taught  one  year  in  Turner's  Falls  and  Newton,  Mass. 

GOODRICH,  LOUISE  M., Stockbridge. 

Taught  in  Mendon,  two  terras;  Montague  City,  1889. 

HUBBARD,  MARY  L., Fitchburg. 

Taught  in  Fitchburg,  one  year.    18  Kimball  Street,  Fitchburg,  Mass. 

KELLEY,  AGNES  C., Holyoke. 

Taught  in  Holyoke,  one  year.    737  High  Street,  Holyoke,  Mass. 

LLOYD,  LOUISE  E., Florence. 

Taught  in  Florence,  one  year.    Box  410,  Florence,  Mas*. 

LYONS,  NELLIE  E., Holyoke. 

Taught  grammar  school,  Holyoke,  1889.    112  Lyinan  Street,  Holyoke,  Mass. 

RIIOADES,  ELLA  L., Mill  River. 

Taught  in  Williamsburg,  September,  1888.    Williuniisburg,  Mais. 

RUSSELL,  F.  MIRIAM, Chicopce  Falls. 

Taught  in  Chicopee,  five  months.    Box  334,  Chicopee  Fulls,  Mass. 

SMITH,  ROSA  L., Buekland. 

Taught  in  Shelburue  Falls,  1888.    Shclburne  Falls,  Mass. 

SPRAGUE,  EFFIE  G., Westfield. 

Taught  in  Blandford. 

WILCOX,  EKFIE  M  , Springfield. 

Taught  in   primary  nchool,  Springfield,  one  year.     141    Main   Street,  Spring- 
field, Maes. 

WINTER  TERM,    1888-89. 

AUSTIN,  ELIZABETH  M., Westfield. 

Taught  in  term;  Granville,  one  term;  Warren,  1889;  Turner's 
Falls,  Mass. 

CAREY,  MARY  L New  Braintree. 

Taught  in  AVest  Brookfield,  1889-     .     Gilbertville,  Mass. 

CURTIS,  HELEN  I., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Shelburne,  Mass. 

FISK,  HATTIE  V., Springfield. 

Hoosac  Tunnel,  Mass. 



Taught  in  Westfield,  1889.     Box  1274,  Westfleld,  Mass. 


Taught  in  Dalton,  Mass. 

HORRIGAN,  MARY  A., Westfleld. 

Taught  in  Montague  and  \Vestfii-ld,  Mass. 
HOWARD,  BRIDGET  A., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Longrneadqw  and  Springfield,  Mass. 
JOHNSON,  JENNIE  D., Granville. 

Taught  in  West  Sufliold,  Conn.,  Southwick,  Mass.,  and  Granville,  Mass. 
Grauville,  Mass. 

JUDD,  ELLEN  M., Southwick. 

Before  entering  normal  school,  taught  in  Southwick,  four  terms;  Holyoke, 
five  years.  After  graduating,  taught  in  Rockport,  one  month;  Greenfield, 
1889-  .  Box  178,  Greenfield,  Mass. 

LUDDEN,  ANNA  F., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Springfield,  Mass. 

McSHEEiiv,  MARY  E., Whitinsville. 

Taught  in   Whitiusville,  Mass. 

MERRILL,  JESSIE  E., Nepaug,  Conn. 

Taught,  before  graduating,  in  Watcrbury,  Conn. ;  Nepaug,  Conu.;  Farming- 
ton,  Conn.,  three  years;  after  graduation,  at  Montague,  Mass.,  1889.  Montague, 

PATTISON,  CAROLINE  F., Simsbury,  Conn. 

Taught  in  Granby,  Conn. 

SUTLIKFE,  CATHERINE  G., South  Boston. 

TAFT,  IDA  A., Whitinsville. 

Taught  in  Granville,  Mass. 

WALSH,  MARY  G., Springfield. 

Taught  in  Springfield,  Mass. 

MCALLISTER,  THOMAS  K., Whitinsville. 

Taught  in  Palmer,  Mass. 

SUMMER  TERM,    1889. 


ALVORD,  IDA  J., Talcottville,  Conn. 

BATES,  GRACE  A., Rye  Neck,  N.  Y. 

BOYENTON,  CLARA  E., Hampton,  Va. 

CLARK,  EMMA  L., Springfield. 

CONNOR,  MARY  E., Florence. 

CURTIS,  LANIE  E., Talcottvill^Conn. 



DKWEY,  EMMA  A.,  . 
HUSSEY,  MAKY  E  ,  . 
JONES,  ALICE  M.,     . 

. .  Great  Barrington. 

Talcottville,  Conn. 

Lebanon,  N.  H. 

Sprague,  Conn. 





.   Stockbridge. 


.     Ellington,  Conn. 

Stafford  Springs,  Conn. 


Turner's  Falls. 



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